Through the looking Glass(es)

IMG_1621I got my new glasses this week and everyone at school loved them! Also I had two birthday parties on Saturday and an Easter photo shoot with a bunny!

He Said…

Our week started with a trip for Emelia and I down to Wallaceburg for Uncle Brian’s funeral on Tuesday. It was a beautiful service. Both his daughter Lisa and granddaughter Heather spoke during the service paying memorable tributes to Brian that didn’t leave dry eyes. They’re both shining examples of the imprint that Uncle Brian has left on the world. Gone, but certainly not forgotten.

Emelia handled the service amazingly well. She was quiet and held my hand and whispered questions to me when she had them. I am always amazed at her grasp of things at the age of 6, but I was certainly not expecting her to have started to sort out death as well as she has.

That partly might be because we’ve included Danielle’s mother in discussions — who we refer to as “Angel Grandma”. But, as we discussed things, she related it to the fish that we’ve had in her aquarium as well as other people no longer with us. I was quite surprised at how much she understood.

Emelia and I rode down with Mom and Dad, and we had absolutely beautiful weather for the trip. The sun was out and the temperatures were around 0ºC. And of course by the time we were home, Emelia was richer some new Naartje outfits from Poppa and Grandma.

Thursday, Danielle got the call during the day that Emelia’s glasses were in and so we added a trip to Costco after her Sparks meeting to pick them up. I am sure Danielle will tell you all about her first day at school with the new specs, but I just wanted to mention how proud I was of how she handled this significant change to her life. Plus she looks super cute in her new glasses — she did a great job picking a pair that suit her.

Today was perfect because we were all off together. But, also because the weather was insanely beautiful! We had temps of at least 12ºC and sunny skies. We spent plenty of time outside enjoying the fresh air as well as getting the windows open in the house to freshen up the air after the winter lockdown. It was complete bliss.

Tomorrow I am off again. As is Emelia as its her March Break. So she and I will hang out in the morning. But in the afternoon Dad and I are off to St. Thomas for a brewery tour of Railway City Brewing cause Dad bought a Groupon for and it has to be used up. I was the logical choice when it came to a beer tour!

And… by the way, we set sail in 61 days!

She Said…

The first thing I want to talk about was a huge oversight on my part. The week was absorbed with daycare interviews and Emelia’s eye appointment that I realized in the week that I had not spoken of the arrival of my belated birthday present.

It took a few months for the employee discount to be released so John could purchase my iPad mini. I had been waiting patiently for this, we had decided at one point that we would wait until we returned on our trip but John felt I had waited long enough and surprised me with the special delivery. I was so excited and as soon as John got home we had it set up and I quickly made use of my favourite feature. Ebooks! I am already on my second book and loving it!

Now on to the week that was. The biggest for us was the arrival of Emelia’s much needed glasses. We knew that the doctor said she needed much stronger glasses than he believed but now seeing how strong the prescription is I am amazed she functioned before. They warned us when we picked them up that the nature of her prescription that it will take a few weeks for her to finally adjust to them. She is doing amazing!

Friday morning I quickly sent Emelia’s teacher an email letting her know that Emelia’ would be coming in with the glasses and to let her take them off when she needed to while adjusting but to try and encourage her to wear them as much as possible.

We adore Emelia’s teacher, I could not have asked for a more amazing person to be guiding our daughter. Mrs. Marques even made a point of wearing her glasses over contacts in school to assure Emelia felt comfortable.

So we arrived at school and ALL her friends came around our shy girl and all made such a fuss. Emelia was not sure what to make of the attention but she did smile from ear to ear when her best friends told her how much they loved them. All in all we could not have asked for a better transition into this new world.

That was Friday, now we come to the insanity that was Saturday. As Emelia said in her part she had two birthday parties for three of her classmates. So bear with me, here was Saturday.

John went to work thankfully his brother picked him up, Emelia and I took apart her closet and dresser to move out some of her heavier winter clothes and make room for her spring clothes, we packed everything up, cleaned up her room, sorted out the clothes and made a bag of older clothes to give to her twin best friends who size a year behind her.

Next we got together 3, yes 3 outfits for the day and matching shoes for the various events. She got a much needed bath, we had a snack, she made the cards for her friends and we wrapped the presents, we then bagged up her library books and off we went.

First to the library, then to Costco, gas up the car and then I dropped her off at Fleetway for the first of her birthday parties. She met Vittoria and her other classmates and they went for glow-golf and lunch. I left and went to go to grocery store #2, got all the groceries, came home and cleaned the house, unpacked the groceries and ate my lunch.

Then run back across town to the bank and then to get Emelia from the party, we then went from there right home and cleaned her up, changed her outfit and off we went to the next event, her spring pictures.

Weeks before I knew she would have two birthday parties yesterday I had booked her to get some spring pictures done. I hadn’t planned on it but my friend was taking Easter pictures with their family pet, a bunny, and I knew Emelia would love it. Emelia as always was painfully shy. She eventually settled in and my friend Laura at Every Little Photo took what I am anticipating some amazing photos of our cutie.

We finished up there and then made our way to United to get all our produce and spices for the week’s meals and the booted our butts home to make the last wardrobe change, move her hair into ponytails and go to the last event of the day: Gymworld where we spent the early evening with her best friends Anna & Grace, as well as her bestest school friend Marin along with her other school & neighbourhood friends.

She knows all the moms from this group very well and these are her closest friends so she ran off without a worry and I was off again… this time to go pick up John from work. We left the mall, went over to get some much needed wine and then since I had NO time to plan dinner that day we went out to one of our favourite places The Wok Box. We love it because the food is quite economical, made fresh in front of you and it has a large selection of gluten free options for me.

Once dinner was done we went back to Gymworld to get Emelia just in time to see the girls open their presents, hang out a bit with some friends and then we were off again but at least this time it was home for the night. John and I spent the night having some wine and watching a great movie Friends with Kids. We loved it, laughed a lot and would be a movie I would watch again.

Now we come to today, today was one of those days you cherish more than anything. Our time together just the three of us is rare some weeks and knowing John works all next weekend I wanted to make the most of today. Add in the amazing jump in temperatures we got to do what we love which is get out with our girl and be active.

John very sweetly took Emelia this morning on his sleep-in day and I got to sleep for a couple more hours. Now with today being ‘spring-forward’ day waking a couple hours later meant the morning was 1/2 gone when I got up. We enjoyed a quiet morning after that, made some breakfast and snuggled on the couch while drinking our morning coffee.

We wanted to spend most of the rest of our day out and about to take advantage of this amazing weather. We did start out our time out at our favourite second hand store Talize first. I desperately need new clothes, shoes and well everything since I have found that after my weight loss over the last year or so NOTHING fits. It is a good thing but for a person who is not overly comfortable shopping, on a strict budget it makes it a challenge.

Thanks to Talize however, for less than $100 I was able to get 3 pair of spring/summer shoes (one being a perfect match for my dress for the formal night on the cruise), some new make-up, nail polish for Emelia, a pair of denim capris, a new purse (brand new Eddie Bauer in the messenger style I have been trying to find for ages), a pair of slip on silver shoes for our diva, a bunch of records for John and a brand new bathing suit for John to replace the one he needed to before the trip. It was a very good day.

Not so good on my wallet but we got incredible deals! Again why we love Talize, it is a hit or miss at times but when you hit you find amazing deals.

After Talize we went out for the first of our little fun exercises for Emelia. Emelia has been dying to get out on her scooter and bike since the snow fell. She has been asking me daily if we could get out. Well today with weather warm enough for only light sweaters and jeans it was the perfect day.

She motored everywhere, a bit rusty that lead to a fall but otherwise she did amazing and we got out in the sun and fresh air. We came home got some things done around the house and then made dinner.

Well what can you have if the weather turns warm suddenly? After a long winter break John warmed up the BBQ and we had some incredible chicken, roasted potatoes and asparagus. All in all it was heaven, the windows were open and all over in the air you could smell everyone barbecuing.

After dinner we made our way out for outdoor event #2: a long bike ride for Emelia. Now she has long outgrown her current bike but for now she is making due with the bike that is a 12” when she needs a 16”.

We promised her after the trip we will price out getting her a new bike. She was great about accepting her knees hit the handlebars and made due. She loved riding for the long ride.

In the end her hope all this fresh air will mean a long sleep for her as we try and get her to adjust to the new time. I know mommy and daddy will crash early after this busy busy weekend!

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