Spring Break!!!


This week was my March Break! I had a whole week home with Mommy and my Daycare friends. But, also, I got to have two sleepovers with Poppa and Grandma. And go on a brewery tour with Daddy and Poppa!

He Said…

So, as you can see, TeeterPod3 looks significantly different. You may have even noticed – if you’re an ardent follower – that the site even disappeared completely for a day or two.

As I had nerdily mentioned a few entries back, I have been in a bit of a quandary of how to post while we’re away at Disney. I had tested an app called Log Me In that purported to allow me to control my iMac over the web. And while it sorta worked and was cool, it was also kinda unreliable as it caused iWeb to crash. I gave up on that and came to the conclusion that the best solution was going to be WordPress. It was fully supported and easy to install on our GoDaddy hosted site. And better yet, WordPress has a stand-alone app that would allow us to post from the iPad. And that is in fact just what I am doing right now!

The down side to this is that there really isn’t an easy, seamless way to take all of the posts we have done (once a week, since 2006 — over 360 entries) in iWeb and bring them into these new digs, formatted and with the pictures we had. There isn’t a red pill.

So, while the going forward in WordPress provides a ton of new options, and gives us a lot more of freedom to how we can post, I am not looking forward the long process of moving the posts over one-by-one. But, since Apple no longer supports iWeb this was something that had to be done eventually anyway. One of the neatest features to come of using WordPress is that we will be able to easily create a printed, bound book copy of this blog which we can give to Emelia when she is old enough to read and to want such… Which is the reason we started this blog in the first place: we wanted her to see how much she made our life more complete. So, baby girl, if you’re reading this some time down the road, just know how much we loved you. And, of course how amazing and funny your Daddy was.

So, maybe I should talk a little about the week too, I guess? The sad thing is, that while it was March Break for Emelia, I was in the unfortunate position of being embroiled in a seven day stretch at work. It started Tuesday and as of right now I am in day six. Tomorrow is the last day and then I have two days off. One of them, I plan to hardcore veg. The other I will lock down and spend some solid hangout time with Emelia.

IMG_1648On Monday this week – the only day I had off – Dad, Emelia and I headed out to St. Thomas to Railway City Brewing Co. to partake in the Groupon that Dad had purchased for a Brewery tour and taste test. Emelia was chomping at the bit to do something, and this trip with Daddy and Poppa was the perfect recipe. And despite it being a boring (to her, not me) brewery tour, she said she really liked it. She had a keen interest in the hops and barley bags. And I had a keener interest in the beer we tested.

Other than that, that really was my week with my girls… I mean we did manage to get out Tuesday night and say goodbye to our friend Steph who was moving to Calgary. And Friday night again to help our friend Derek celebrate his birthday. But that was really it — the week was a blur.

This week aside from the fact that I have Tuesday and Wednesday off, and Friday and Saturday off, Danielle and I are also going to Stars on Tuesday night. I am very excited about that! But I am probably as excited about the days off!

And… by the way, we set sail in 54 days!


She Said…

This week was a blur for me as well, it started last weekend. As I have spoken about quite a bit lately I am taking my health very seriously and with that I have been working out. Working out means a combination of running, weight training and metabolics. What I added in this month was burpees as part of a challenge my friend had posted. So I have been plugging along, and then just over a week ago as I was finishing my burpees, sudden pain. My old back injury flared up and I was in a fair bit of pain. I plugged through the week until I could get to the chiropractor. Can I say how much I love my chiropractor? She had me feeling soooooo much better and by Friday was was feeling closer to myself.

The week was long, the daycare kids all had some form or other of an illness so needless to say I was happy when the week was over an

d we got a chance to go out with friends and I could spend the night with John and other adults.


We were out celebrating our friend Derek’s birthday that is tomorrow. We had an amazing time at a local dive. The night was full of music, bad pool playing skills and as always lots of laughs. We had intended on staying only for a drink since I was recovering from a pretty shitty week but good times with friends took over and before we knew it it was after midnight.
The week was not all about a crappy back, it was my week home with Emelia. Unlike the weeks around Emelia’s birthday her behaviour lately has been so much better, she wants to help with everything. She loves to help me cook, bake for the kids and even wants to help with chores. She just wants those moments with mommy and I certainly cannot complain. All in all it was a great week with her, the kids were quite squirrley at times because we had a week of crap weather but having my little helper home was a real blessing. I know it is a week I will cherish.

The other highlight for me is still on the theme of taking care of myself and my health. As we have mentioned a few times I have lots a fair bit of weight over the last year or so. I have taken my health so much more seriously and with finding I cannot eat gluten it has led to a complete lifestyle change.


With this change has come support from friends. A good friend of mine told me about myfitnesspal. It is an online support and database for tracking your food intake as well as your fitness levels. Now it is not perfect, it does not have a lot with weight training but the information on food intake has made a huge difference in how I have been cooking. So over the last week or so I have made even more changes and it is having an immediate impact. With proper portion control and watching my other choices I have lost even more weight this week putting me at a weight I have not seen since university. I am pretty proud of myself!

All-in-all it was a flip-flop kind of week – it made me grateful for the amazing weekend Emelia and I had together. We spent lots of time together, some time with friends and she was an amazing little girl to be around all weekend. I love these kinds of weekends. I cannot wait until next weekend so the three of us can spend it together! I miss our weekends with our family of three.

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