Happy Father’s Day!

IMG_7795Today is Father’s Day. I made Daddy crafts for it, and Mommy and I bought him a new record he wanted. I also made a painting for Poppa. And I got to play with Shawn’s neice Brooklyn.

IMG_7793He said

After all the excitement of the last few weeks, this week turned out to a very uneventful week. Which was the perfect remedy as far as I was concerned.

The week was mostly bent around catching up on all the things that got tossed by the wayside last week when we had the hydro line go down, and Emelia’s sleep head in the same direction. This week we were able to have routine back to sleep and more time for Danielle and I to just connect in the evening. There wasn’t a battle of stubbornness that left us exhausted and dumbfounded to close out each evening which was a pleasant change.

I figured out with Emelia that it always comes down to a routine. So preemptively one night I explained what was going to happen: we were going to have story; we were going to have two full songs for snuggle; and then I was going to set the timer on my iPhone for ten minutes and come back and check on her. If she was still up, I would stay for one song and then set the timer again.

Rinse. Lather. Repeat as necessary.

IMG_7788And without fail, every single night this week, she has been pretty well to asleep by the second song before I leave the room. And when I come back to check on her at ten minutes to be certain, she is sawing logs, fast asleep. It’s literally turned what was a forty-five minute to hour and a half battle into a fifteen minute process that all is delighted with. I couldn’t be happier that we are past that – it was hard on Daddy’s heart strings, these last couple of weeks.

By Thursday my one day off this week it was evident that I was coming down with the sore throat that Emelia and Danielle had spent the last week and a bit with, so I spent a lot of the day vegging around the house. I had a bit of graphic design work to get done for Home County too. Between that and the cold it was a day spent doing very little that involved leaving the house. By Friday it was pretty evident the cold was grabbing full hold of my throat and sinuses. It made for an interesting couple of nights where I was hacking and coughing to the point of affecting Danielle’s sleep. It wasn’t fun.

It made Friday and Saturday at work a little touch and go, but David’s Tea Bravissimo and honey were my saving grace and got me through both days.

Thankfully I had today off. Recuperating was one reason, but the other was that it was Father’s Day too. Danielle and Emelia let me sleep in as long as I could before the hacking prevented any more morning slumber, and then I got up and enjoyed a slow paced morning together sipping coffee and eating a wonderful breakfast Danielle made me. We then spent the rest of the morning while Emelia was crafting away, having coffee, listening to records and surfing the web on our iPads—it was pure bliss.

IMG_7787The afternoon was spent over at Matthew and Shawn’s with the rest of the London Teeter’s getting together to celebrate Father’s Day with the family. It was a great time that was filled with laughter, food and relaxation—the best way to end a weekend.

As for the topic of Father’s Day. Thank you to Dad, Peter, and all of my brothers for setting the example of what a good father should be. Thank you for the inspiration and the support in convincing me that I can be just that type of Dad. And thanks most of all for being the support network I need when I am doubtful of my own ability.

As the end of the day, I don’t care to have much of a deal made about Father’s Day for me because really as I see it, it is a celebration of the gift that Danielle gave me over seven years ago which was this new name, “Daddy” and a little girl who made that name mean the world to me every day since.

That said, Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s who’ve inspired me!


IMG_7786She said

This week was unlike most of our other weeks, there was little going on. We were able to make a couple trips to the gym as a family and I was able to start full into a new program at the gym that I am loving. What I love about all the influence of John and my active lifestyle is that Emelia is fully adopting it. Last weekend we had picked up some new workout clothes for me as I didn’t have anything for the gym for the summer that fit since my weight loss. Emelia wanted an outfit that matched mine so she would have her own workout outfit. When given a choice Emelia has chosen going to the gym over staying home which is something that makes us so proud. We love the example that we set for her. She is all about being active.

As the week moved along we enjoyed as much of the amazing weather as we could. On Thursday we had a slightly cooler and rainy day so that was the day that we decided we were going to work though the daycare kids Father’s Day crafts. One of my favourite activity I love doing with the older daycare kids each year is their interview about daddy. This year was once again amazing and what I love is what the children find important about their relationship with their daddies. It is always about them playing with them, loving them and just being with them. Showing me over and over again that children don’t want anything more in life other than our time. Also what I love about this ‘interview’ is the spot where the children draw pictures of their daddies. I love seeing how much they have changed since they started with me where they would just eat the crayon, to scribbles and finally around 3.5 or so in age they start making figures. And as we move to Emelia’s age you see the detail develop. It really is one of my favourite parts of daycare and being part of the kids day to day.

IMG_7785So the children finished up their crafts, their cards and their garden rocks that they had painted, put their hand print on and had ‘my dad rocks’ on it. Simple but the dad’s really seemed to love them.

By Friday night we were enjoying the end of the work week and waiting for John to get home as some of our favourite people arrived. Emelia, Anna and Grace had fixed in their minds that we were getting together after supper and well when these three girls get it in their mind there is little changing it. We had nothing on our plates so the entire crew came over less Matt (the girls dad) and we had an amazing night. It was a house of little girls, the 4 Carter girls, and Emelia. Susan (the girls mom) came over with wine in hand and we had a great night waiting for John to get home. By the time John got home it was a house full of laughter, music and dance. The girls had been working on their dance number that we had to see performed on the front lawn. It was adorable. I just adore the friendships she is making and for me the friendship between Susan and I that has resulted I just love. We are all there to support each other in this crazy path of parenting and love enjoying the ride.

We finally said our goodnights and got a very tired girl to bed. The next day was going to prove to be a very busy one so we all needed our rest.

First thing in the morning we had to rush off and get John to work, I had to quickly run a quick errand and then rush back for an appointment with the bank to speak about some financial information, then it was off to the two grocery stores, home to unpack and then back right away to Emelia’s swim class which was at 10:45. I felt like I had run a marathon before I had my second coffee. Once we were done groceries we went over to visit with Helen and to pick up some things from their house. Emelia was less than interested in coming with me to do the rest of the errands so she stayed with Grandma while I finished up the rest of my errands. I then rushed back to pick her up so we could go to Kelli and Bill’s for dinner. We settled in for a visit and then I had to go back and pick up John at work and then come back to Kelli and Bill’s for dinner.

IMG_1100Saturday night was full of laughs, great food, great friends and a few grown up drinks. The kids were off playing it was amazing that the children are all at the age that we can just let them play and we can sit back and enjoy each other company. There were LOTS of laughs and the night flew by in a blink. Before we all knew it it was after 8:30 and we had a little girl who needed to get home and get to sleep. After she was asleep, John and I settled in to watch a movie and then off to sleep ourselves.

And then we came to today, Father’s Day. The day all about John! I got up with Emelia shortly after 7:00 and let John sleep in. I would say that was the time I started prepping him breakfast in bed, but oops I crawled up on the couch after getting Emelia breakfast and fell back to sleep myself while she was watching cartoons. About an hour or so later John came down and I finally got a start on his Father’s Day breakfast. The whole morning was at a beautiful slow pace. Emelia put her final touches on the crafts she had made for John and made her painting and card for Poppa. She crafted away and John and I enjoyed our coffee. A perfect Sunday morning!

Around noon we finally got our butts going and ready for the rest of our day. Emelia gave daddy all her crafts and we made our way over to get Helen for stage two of our day. The family Father’s Day at Matthew and Shawn’s. The day was perfect, we spent the day surrounded by family. Emelia was so happy because she not only got to spend the afternoon with her cousin Vaughan she also spent the afternoon with Shawn’s niece Brooklyn who is roughly the same age as Emelia. Emelia and Brooklyn although they rarely see each other get along amazingly. And decided today that they are already officially cousins even before their uncles get married. They were both asking before we left when they can play again. So needless to say they loved playing together.

Today was about celebrating dads and for me this meant spending the day appreciating all that we have. Celebrating that we have a beautiful daughter that made us parents. This was about John, and for being the most amazing dad, being a hero to our little girl and for being my forever rock. I love you!

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