Post Olympic Hangover…

IMG_6390Yesterday I got a stuffed pug doll. Her name is Puggy. Today, I went tobogganing and my friends walked by. They went sledding with me. It was lots of fun!

IMG_0145He said

Well… the post Olympic hangover has already started to settle in. And here they just ended today – this morning actually – with an amazing gold medal hockey game in the men’s where Canada blanked Sweden 3-0 to claim the gold. The women’s team pulled off a stunning come-from-behind win in overtime defeating the US 3-2 for their gold. Both the men’s and women’s teams had captivated the country’s interest, and especially this household. Now, Danielle and I are trying to sort out what to do now that the Olympics are over—it’s always sad to put them to bed.

IMG_0140We had the first taste that Spring may not just be a figment of our imaginations and actually something that may occur with temperatures that the right direction from 0. The inch-and-a-half ice under the snow we’ve been constantly shovelling was melted away from our driveway making it far less the hazard highway it had been earlier this week. The sidewalks in our neighbourhood on the other hand are still death traps of icy ankle breaking fun. But both the sun is staying up later, and the temperatures are headed in the right direction. It looks like we have one more blast of frigid cold, and then I declare no more winter! (Let’s hope I am more accurate than the weatherman).

IMG_0136Rainbow looming continues to be Emelia’s main activity. She does it from the moment she gets up in the morning and second she gets in the door from school. In fact tonight for the better part of two hours when we got home from tobogganing, she proceeded to put on a rainbow loom clinic in which she insisted I sit beside her so she could explain how and what she was doing. She even tapped my hand every time my eyes wandered to my iPad. She made both Danielle and I charms and we’re both in the midst of growing collections. What I love most about it, aside from the ‘her time‘ it gives her is that it’s teaching her how to deal with the frustration when they don’t turn out or when one of the bands breaks. She’s gotten much better about starting over, and retrying.

IMG_6380Danielle has been researching and searching in earnest for camping supplies for Wolfie. We’re definitely getting much closer to going and picking her up from storage, and all this talk of things we’re going to do with Wolfie and the places we’re planning on taking her, certainly is the remedy for the cabin fever we’ve gotten this winter. We’re hoping to get her out the for the first time on the Victoria Day long weekend in May. Danielle, Emelia and I can’t wait for that day!

IMG_6368And as Emelia mentioned in her bit tonight, we did take her tobogganing today. We figured since she has been asking all winter long, we had better make good on a promise before the snow was all gone. We’re lucky that a block from our house, there is a park near the hospital Emelia was born at, that is sunken into landscape which makes for three sides with natural, amazing toboggan slopes. We had a ton of fun, and what made it even better was Emelia’s best friends, the twins happened by and she got to play on the hills with them for a bit. She was in heaven.

Aside from the Olympics, that really is the week that was. This was another weekend off for me with the girls, and probably the last in a while. So, I am going to soak up the last bit of it with Danielle before we launch into the work week, proper.


IMG_0132She said

The week days and nights were all about the Olympics, even the daycare kids got into the action. They had a blast planning their future olympic careers, the children have several sports that they would copy and of course win a gold medal in. It was adorable. Emelia has decided that she is going to be either a snowboarder, ice skater or bobsledder, she hasn’t quite decided which she loved most.

But the events are all done, Canada did amazing placing 3rd overall in the medal totals there was a lot to brag about. I have to admit I miss the Olympics and it makes me sad when it is done. I love how the events bringing together the entire country, it was a pretty great day to be Canadian!

IMG_6332This weekend we had a nice little family weekend, John had another surprising weekend off and we tried our best to take full advantage of it. We spent some time as a family at the gym, time watching the Olympics this morning and John and I even managed to have some time to ourselves on Saturday.

Saturday was a special event day for Emelia. It was World Thinking Day (I know stupid name). Basically they were coming together with 300+ girls who are Sparks, Brownies and Girl Guides around the city and having a day of celebration, friendship and crafts. Emelia along with two of her best friends, Anna and Grace spent much of their Saturday afternoon at Victoria Park making crafts, playing in the snow, singing songs and basically having a blast with their Sparks troop. With a family history on John’s side deeply involved in both the Scouts and Guides it certainly makes us happy that she loves it so much and cannot wait until next year when she becomes a Brownie.

IMG_6361This morning was a up at the crack of dawn for John, with beer in hand and his little girl at his side John and Emelia watched the very early start time for the Olympic Gold Medal game. Myself being a bad little Canadian slept in a bit and just as the second period had started joined John and Emelia to watch the rest of the amazing game. A great start to our Sunday and a great end to the 2014 Winter Olympics.

That is honestly it for me this week, I am pretty tired and just want to sign off and spend the night watching boob-tube with John after two days of working out and an hour of tobogganing with Emelia. This girl is tired and wants to relax to prepare for next week.

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