The last week of being six!

IMG_6004My birthday is January 26th which is Sunday! I went to my first Mad Science camp after school on Thursday! I have been helping Mommy plan my Pop Star Diva Party.

IMG_6057He said

Aside from a PA Day on Friday, Emelia had a full week of school which was to her liking. Especially because Thursday Emelia began an after school program called Mad Scientist which introduces kids to experimenting and discovering. A couple of school friends were enrolled in the program so we were certain she would be okay with it, but neither Danielle or I anticipated just how much joy she would get out of this program! Their first week they made periscopes which she proudly showed me the second I walked in the door after work. My favourite part was the ear-to-ear grin she was maintaining while telling me about the wonders of science.

IMG_6053It’s nice to see her take a keen interest in science, but the not the least bit surprising considering her highly curious nature and wanting to understand things. While science and how things work has become a recent priority topic with her, it still hasn’t changed her first priority music, and the desire for Mommy & Daddy to get her a violin and lessons. Thankfully experimenting is taking up some of that focus. And she’s even clamouring for DVD’s on the topic from the library as well as scouring for anything she can find on Netflix!

With me working all last week and having my ‘weekend’ on Monday and Tuesday, it felt like by this weekend, which I also worked through, Danielle and I hadn’t had much time to connect either. We do find our times in the evenings of course, but once we get into the flow of the week, sometimes those traditional weekends off together are sorely missed. Right now I am on day five of a seven day stretch that saw me adjust from taking my days off tomorrow and Tuesday to Wednesday and Thursday to make sure I was available for a couple of meetings at work. The good news is, next weekend – Emelia’s birthday weekend – I am off all weekend! So in addition to kicking in Emelia’s seventh year, I will also get time to be a family together too.

IMG_6041As for work, the first few weeks of January have been amazingly productive and enlightening. I am really starting to feel at home in the Lead Genius role and I am getting tons of great feedback as well. In the past week I have seem some huge strides forward in terms of the team and our cohesion, but I am also very excited at the work we have yet to do. This growth I am seeing leads me to believe we’ll be able to accomplish a lot more in ways even a couple of months ago I might have doubted. I have a very strong team with a lot of talent so I am thankful they see me as their leader are willing to move along in the direction we need to go.

Aside from all that, it has been all planning this week for Emelia’s 7th Birthday Party which goes down this weekend. Danielle and Emelia haven been working really hard at the planning part of her friends party, and thankfully we’ll also be able to get together with Emelia’s cousin Amy (and the rest of the Teeter family) to share in their birthdays as Amy’s falls on February 1st. This weekend should be a great time, provided I survive this seven day work stretch!

IMG_6026She said

There is not really a lot to speak about this week as it was rather uneventful. Well… other than the planning for Emelia’s friends birthday party.

About a week ago I had put a request out to friends via Facebook for ideas for activities to entertain 8 little girls for 2 hours that would keep them busy, happy and well not arguing with each other. There was a ton of amazing ideas coming around but one good friend of mine suggested a company that is in town that specializes in children’s party. After a few messages back and forth I was convinced that this might be the way to go. Well it has been so far an incredible experience and I would STRONGLY recommend Pampered Kids Company for anyone planning a party. They seriously take care of every little detail and I am amazed at their prices.

IMG_6011Sure I could have planned something, I do this every day with the daycare kids but honestly for the costs I could not do all this, add in the gas, the time, the supplies and costs I would not be able to do a party for what they are charging.

Today I had a meeting with one of the party co-ordinators and she went over all the details with Emelia and I and Emelia is beyond excited. I won’t go into too much detail and save that for next week along with all the pictures that will be coming. But let’s say this pop star dance party is sure to be a hit with all the kids, and parents too since the company takes care of all the set up and clean up as well. A win/win for sure.

IMG_6048Honestly that was it for the week that was, Emelia is back in the swing of school, she is loving all that she is learning and taking in everything. She is loving science, art, math and is really taking off on her reading and is loving taking on new stories. All in all we could not be happier with how she is doing.

So good-night for now, enjoying the end of the weekend and our last week having a 6 year old. Cannot believe my baby is 7 this time next week, where has the time gone?

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