Missing a front tooth!

photoI got to go pick apples with me and Mommy’s best friends at Apple Land Station. We went to see Wreck It Ralph in the park on Friday night. And I also lost my front tooth!!

IMG_4404He said

One thing that has happened as of late that I haven’t talked about yet, is that we did get confirmation of the location for my Genius training. I am going to spend three weeks in Cupertino at Apple HQ. And while it was my first pick for obvious reasons, I would have also been happy with the other two locations: Austin or Atlanta. But, going back to mothership is truly something I am very happy to have the opportunity to do!

It will be three straight weeks away which will be difficult to do without my two girls, and it is sure flying up upon us in a hurry — I leave in two weeks. I am sure it will fly by and I will have a ton of fun, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t also dreading it in a very small way. We’ll make plenty use of FaceTime during those weeks I am sure — it was what helped the last trip there.

IMG_0040This week was a much calmer one than last… our dance card much less busy. I worked straight through to Saturday – finally really diving into my Lead Genius role which was exciting and all sorts of fun. And while I worked this week, our street started slowly looking like we were nearing a finished project with sidewalks being poured which means the road itself can’t be much further along!

As for Emelia, her big exciting event of the week was the wobbly front tooth of hers that had been swinging around now for a few weeks, with some assistance from Emelia finally came out today while we were in the car driving across town. We had anticipated it might come out today, and oddly enough she triumphantly proclaimed from the back seat as we drove, “My tooth came out!” and held up the evidence.


Never mind the fact that when she wears the pink cowboy boots with real cowgirl heels she is closer to my height than I care to admit, but coupled with the conversations we have, the pictures she draws now, and the depth at which she figures things out these days, there is absolutely no doubt our baby is becoming more little girl each day. It’s amazing! Soon I will be able to put her to all the hard-work-chores-for-allowance that we parents have kids for!

IMG_4452And as short-winded as this seems, that really was the week that we had. It was a welcome change to all the stuff we were up to last week, and allowed us to reconnect and rekindle in the evenings. Tonight marks the last episode of a Breaking Bad – a show both Danielle and I have become completely entrenched in. I am very excited to see how it ends, but I will also will miss it when it is over.

Since Danielle still has her piece still to write, I am going to turn the keyboard over to her, and let her recount her week, before we settle in to the edges of the couch to see what Walt and Jesse get up to.


She said

I will make this short and sweet because we have an appointment with the couch and the final episode of one of our favourite shows.

IMG_4456This week for me personally was a gong show, the construction mess was very disruptive as they had torn out the sidewalks entirely, had massive holes still on our lawns and the plumbing work to replace the lead lines was done on the house. Needless to say I will be more than happy when we finally get our street back. I know construction can be frustrating but the fact that we were literally house bound as a result has been a bit frustrating for the daycare kids and their parents. But apparently we are only just over a week away from the end and it cannot come soon enough.

So Wednesday this week we had the plumber in, we managed to work our way down the middle of the street with the daycare stroller to get out of the house while they drilled through our wall to replace the pipes, to say it was loud would be a mass understatement. The kids were once again troopers and as we have been doing for the last almost 3 months we have been rolling with it.

IMG_4464Friday proved to be the most interesting to say the least since this was the day they were pouring the sidewalks, what this meant was we were actually trapped, I could not cross the sidewalks, could not get down the grass with the stroller and the kids because of the holes. Thank goodness John had a later start and Poppa could come to the rescue and pick up Emelia because the construction workers idea of building me a bridge to get out of here with the kids was a single small and narrow plank that wouldn’t fit any stroller.

By Friday night I was more than ready to get the heck out of dodge. Thankfully the school had emailed out that the Health Unit was sponsoring a movie in the park on Friday. So Emelia and I packed up and walked downtown. We managed to meet up with two of her closest friends and their family. Add in my friend Sarah and her kids meeting up and we had quite the little gathering. The movie started later than we thought so we didn’t make it to the end of the movie but Emelia had a blast nonetheless.

IMG_4441We then came to Saturday, a very busy day for me. John had to work from 10-7 so I had to boot my butt after we dropped him off to get the first stage of groceries done, then rush home to put things away and the fly over for Emelia’s swim class which is now a 10:30 start. After swim we made it to the next store for groceries, home for a quick lunch, pack a snack and then off to my friend Komal’s house for our afternoon’s activities.

With John working so many of the weekends I try my best to keep Emelia entertained while staying in our strict budget. This week we decided on apple picking, a favourite fall tradition. Komal had called me earlier in the week wanting to do something with all the girls together. So off we went, all 5 of us in her truck and the girls giggled and talked our ears off from the back as we made our way to Apple Land.

photoI have known Komal since Emelia and her daughter Dhiya were newborns. She has become one of my most treasured friends and I know that the last almost 7 years of my life has been even more special since we have been able to share our daughter’s childhoods together. I have said time and time again, I don’t know what I would have done without my mommy group. They were some of my rocks in those early mommy days and some of the moms are even all these years later some of my closest friends.

The girls had a blast, Emelia and Dhiya (along with her little sister Simiya) had a great time running up and down the sand mountain, taking off on us in the maze and loved apple picking. I have never seen Emelia eat so many apples in such a short period of time. They just loved every moment of it and didn’t want to leave even hours after arriving.

photoWe finally made our way home and I got Emelia supper and then we were off to the mall to get some shopping done for her and to pick up John from work. John and I made a quick stop at the LCBO for a bottle or two of wine and then settled in for a quiet night just the two of us.

Today we took things at a very slow pace, perfect! By the afternoon we decided we should at least do something and eventually made our way over to visit Poppa and Grandma and catch up with them.

That was the weekend that was. Busy and filled with family and friends.

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