Almost halfway done high school!

I cannot believe I am almost done grade 10! I have had the best year but cannot wait until summer can finally start!

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This week I had the fortune of having Tuesday & Wednesday off of work. So, after having spent previous weekend sneaking up to the trailer on Friday & Saturday, for a trip with Danielle, I was right back up to the trailer Tuesday morning after my morning bike ride. And, because I was at the trailer and so close to the  G2G Trail, got out on the bike and rode there too. Because why the hell not? And after the double rips on the bike, I finally decided it was time to relax and take it easy. That was, of course after first sorting out the new solar string lights that we put up this year and had only had half the strong working so far. But, once that was settled I got myself cooled off with a swim in the recently re-opened pool, and then spent the rest of the night relaxing by the fire. It was very quiet at the campground as midweeks are, so I enjoyed the silence by the fire pit and the stars in the night sky.

Sleeping in the next day was a wonderful treat not because I slept terribly late, but because there was no alarms going off and I woke up when my body said it was time. After starting the morning at a relaxing pace with an iced coffee, I got back out on the trail for another ride and then had another swim before having lunch and heading back to London to pick up Emelia from school for her second last day of classes for Grade 10. It was such a wonderful midweek break, and a bonus since with this weekend’s schedule – well Emelia’s schedule to be honest – meant I wouldn’t be able to make it back up to the trailer.

Friday night, Emelia was invited to a friend’s birthday party so as soon as I was done work Friday, I was straight home to get Emelia over to the party. Thankfully, as she had to work the next day it wasn’t too late and I had her home and we both sawing logs by 11:45pm. Which was good because Emelia had to work at 10:00am and I was going to do the LCC Gravel Growler ride that started out in Ilderton at 8:30am. It was a 40km ride on the country back roads north of the city. There ended up being a lot more riders than I thought given the mixed bag forecast we were getting. But I was happy to get out and be part of the ride and the group of seven riders because the more interest the LCC gets, the more likely these rides will continue to happen in addition to the weekly road rides.

Emelia was right back to work today as was I. It’s the first week in a long while that wasn’t chock-a-block full of gymnastics, softball, school, and work. It was her last week of school and this week is the end of the evaluations, and exams which will officially wrap up her Grade 10 school year. After starting the weekend with the birthday party, and then having two back-to-back, seven hours shifts all weekend, she is noticeably exhausted and ready to just veg tonight. And more importantly ready to be done school and get a little time back to herself.

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This week for Emelia in the scheme of our normal life was more relaxed, she was busy every night but it was more from being with her friends, going to a birthday celebration and work. The biggest thing that has kept Emelia busy is wrapping things up for her grade 10 year. Emelia is busy right now as we speak putting the final touches on her science presentation for her year end assessment.

In between her work, school and time with her friends Emelia was also back at cheer. Back fresh from her tumbling and stunt techique clinic her coaches are getting right into training. I was able to finally see some of the progress of the stunting groups as they stand right now. For the last few practices Emelia has been consistently with the same flyer and is really hoping that it stays that way. She is really loving her stunt group and Ava is a very experienced flyer and is really willing to take on hard stunts and is patient and the other girls who just moved to level 3 learn all the harder stunts. The girls timing is looking good and the technique is already strong. We are so happy this year for Emelia, she comes out of every practice so happy, happier than we have seen in so long. She loves her team and tells me every night she is so impressed with not only how hard this team works but how quickly they are bonding together. She is only a few weeks out from choreography camp and that will cement her stunt group. So she is really hoping she stays with the same group of girls as some are her close friends from the last couple seasons.

As this long week moved on we were trying to navigate out the weekend. John was only going to have Saturday off and Emelia had to work all weekend and had plans for Friday night. I was hoping to head up to the trailer so once again my good friend Lauren from work went up with me for a quiet night. We had a bit of rain but it didn’t stop us from having a campfire and lots of laughs. We took Saturday pretty easy and then came home in time for dinner with the family.

Next week Emelia wraps up the last days of grade 10, it is hard to believe she is already half way through high school. She has a full and fun summer planned with her girls. We are so happy that finally Emelia gets to have the real high school experience and gets to be a normal teenager. Spending time at her friends cottages, endless hours at the beach, hours swimming with her besties and by the sounds of it lots of parties with all the friends from school. Have the best summer baby girl! Live life to the fullest and make the best memories.

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