Settling in to 2023

I am so excited the twins are back from Hawaii! Can’t wait to hear about their trip of a lifetime!

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I didn’t talk a lot about the specific gifts I got at Christmas from Danielle and Emelia, but there was a lot of really thoughtful gifts around – you guessed – cycling. The one gift that I was most looking for was a very thoughtful gift from Emelia: a movie date with her. As much as the movie and popcorn treat on her dime was nice, what I was really touched by was her wanting to do something with just me. That was the part that really meant something to me. Despite her thinking it was not big thing, to me, seeing her evolve so much in the last year and become independent and get a job, it was such a huge thing to me!

Wednesday I was off work and Emelia was still on Christmas break so we decided to make that movie day that day. We had a few movies in mind that we both wanted to see, but we settled on Wakanda Forever which is the second from the Black Panther movie franchise. It meant I had a bit of homework to do before (watch the first movie) to get ready for my date with Emelia. She watched it with me to help me get ready too. And then off we were! I really loved the movie, I thought it was such an empowering storyline with a lot more characters of strength being female which as a Dad of a daughter that I want to feel she has equal space in her journey is such a great message. We had a great date and it is a memory that will stick for me forever. And, we made it home in time to watch the World Juniors elimination game against the US (they won!).

The other highlight this week was both Danielle and I each had the opportunity to see Emelia working at her job. There were a couple of days where we were there to pick her up and she wasn’t quite done so we were inside the lobby waiting for her to be done. For me it was earlier in the week—for Danielle it was yesterday. I am pretty sure that Danielle felt the same way I did – it was so weird, heartwarming, and kind of overwhelming to see her in her element. She was comfortable, she was outgoing and most importantly she was thriving as she was helping guests of the theatre. Knowing that she is so shy and self conscious it was so great to see her outside of her comfort zone and more importantly looking like she was enjoying it!

Lastly this week, on the cycling front I was able to significantly move the needle on my outside ride goal. Last week I was excited to tell you that I had gotten 2 January rides in which had doubled my rides already from last year. But, the weather and my work schedule this week left a lot more opportunities to add on to that and boy did I! With having this weekend off, it meant that Danielle and could get in some big rides together with her eBike. She’s been surprised at how much she actually has been okay with riding at this time of year thanks to the eBike. So, as of today’s ride, we crossed off ride Nº 6 for January. But, also that Danielle and I knocked off back to back 32km rides this weekend on the Thames Valley Parkway closing out a 2-day total of 64km alone! Already I am at 160km ridden this year compared to my 20 kms last January!

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This week for me was taking in as much relaxation as I could for the first few days before heading back to the office on Wednesday. Emelia were lucky enough to have a few more days to hang out before I had to go back to work. I did really love having this time with Emelia and a much needed recharge but I was ready to get back to work this week. The adjustment back to work was pretty quiet as many people at work were still off. It gave me time to get some projects wrapped up before we are back to the real grind next week.

As we move into this next week it is getting us all back to a routine. John and I spent our mornings this weekend getting out for nice long (although really cold) rides together. I am still loving my eBike, it has honestly changed how I can enjoy cycling again. With long term nerve issues it has allowed me to do something I have not been able to do since before Emelia was born, riding long distances pain-free. I love that John and I can do something this together.

For Emelia she is excited that she is now getting back to routine, she had some relaxation time this break, some time with friends but honestly she was really missing her best friends who were away for the first time the entire Christmas break. The twins were on a once in a lifetime trip to Hawaii with their entire family, it was a generous gift from one of the twin’s great aunts so the whole family could experience the trip together. The girls were messaging each other the entire break but with the 5 hour time zone difference meant that they were not able to chat as much as the three girls wanted. The girls are back home safe and sound and they cannot wait to get together.

This week Emelia is back to school and training and the countdown for all the girls now is to the semi-formal at school on Friday. Emelia went out over the break with two of her close friends from cheer to pick out her dress and they cannot wait for the big event. Another big week for our girl!

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