Honour Roll for our Girl!

We’re getting ready for the first Cheer Comp of the season. I’m excited. And nervous!

He said

And sure enough, no sooner had we got Danielle her new eBike riding solution last week, than did the weather take a more winterly turn. We had loosely planned for a ride Sunday after work last week and the snow and cold weather had other ideas. And that was the theme to the rest of the week. So, Danielle made extra trips down to the basement to admire her beautiful, new eBike, but not a single trip down there this week was to get the bike outside for us to take a maiden voyage which was much to her chagrin. But, the weather forecast this week should give us one, if not two opportunities to get that first ride out of the way for her.

And speaking of the weather and this time of year, the other thing I have strangely forgotten to go on about is that I have began my 14th Movember campaign. I am already well into the moustache as well as the fundraising as I am at $405 raised. But, the other bigger goal is that this year – with any luck – I will cross over $10,000 raised for this amazing charity in my fourteen years participating. As of my donations right now, another $370 raised this year would take me to that amazing milestone. I am really hoping I can get there. I am proud of all the money I have raised – with your help – in that time.

The last couple of weeks and next week forward, Emelia and her Cheer Team have really been dialling in their preparation for their first competition of the season next Sunday in Guelph for the Breath of Life Challenge at the University of Guelph. She’s excited, albeit nervous as there’s been a lot of injury, sickness and requisite adjustment as a result. The last few weeks of practice have really showcases a lot of the effort they have been putting in as they polish and fine-tune their routine. Thankfully I was able to adjust my work schedule so I can go see it. We’re excited to see how the girls perform as they usually blow me away in how they bring it together at the right time!

Lastly, and returning to the bike-talk. This week marked the first one, where a significant part of my workouts were held inside, on the stationary as opposed to outside. I suppose that I knew this was coming but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. But that said, what I have accumulated as an indoor workout, I am happy to say has a bigger calorie burn than the outdoor bike ride alone. Thanks to the treadmill that Danielle found for us miraculously on our neighbourhood Buy Nothing group for free, and Apple Fitness, I have a routine of 45 minutes on the stationary bike, 10 minutes on the treadmill and then closing out with 5 minutes of a mindful cooldown to wrap it up. And it feels good to have something that while being stuck inside, brings a bigger burn!

She said

This was another busy and big week for Emelia. We have talked often about the challenges that Emelia has faced over the years. She has battled anxiety and ADHD add into that she has virtually no working memory, which makes traditional learning very much a struggle for her. When she was in grade 4 she was put in an intensive reading program just to get her up to grade level. Over the years we have been very fortunate to have some incredible educational supports in her life. Her life changing teacher in grade 7, to her support teacher in grade school, her incredible tutor to name a few. Add in some insane dedication and work on her part she has found her own groove when it comes to learning. With a lot of work and support she has finally been able to express what is in her big brain to grades. So when we found out that not only that Emelia made honour roll in grade 9 but to reach the level of Honours with Distinction we were beyond proud of her. She has put in all the work and we could not be happier for our girl. This Thursday we finally got to celebrate her and some of her closest friends at their honour roll ceremony.

If the week wasn’t busy enough for her she also has become involved heavily with the Student Athletic Association at school along with her friends Anna and Carissa. Emelia and Anna both worked the WOSSA Boys Sr Volleyball tournament. The boys at Lucas have gone undefeated all season so they were in a great place going into this tournament. We were able to watch the gold metal came via YouTube streaming while Emelia and Anna watched live. The boys swept the game winning gold! They are now off to Kingston for all Ontarios. We love how much she is getting involved at school and really coming into her own.

The rest of the week was a bit of a shift. Emelia unfortunatly Thursday late at night started coming down with the bad cold that is going around all over the province. She was pretty well down and out most of the weekend. She dragged herself to training today in her mask because with only one more practice before the first time, missing practice is not an option. She came out of practice whipped but laser focused on the next practice because they only have that one practice until their first comp a week today. Emelia and her friends are stressing about making a perfect routine. They have a really complicated routine so the pressure is on.

This week we hope that she can get the rest as she needs it and can get better for next week. Only 7 days until the big first challenge of her team!

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