A Girls’ Weekend at the Trailer!

I had my Cheer friends stay with us at the trailer this weekend!

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One of the things I was looking forward to most this weekend was that while I was only off on Saturday my schedule on Friday and Sunday supported me getting what felt like a normal weekend with Danielle & Emelia. I done work at 5pm Friday and we all left for the trailer at the same time and even arrived together too. And then Sunday because we were doing some training in store after the store closed, I didn’t have to be to work until 2pm which meant we all left the trailer to come back to London at the same time today to boot.

But the big event for me this weekend was a team building ride for the Team Cowbell group I will be riding later in July with for the Grand Bend to London MS Bike Ride. (If you want to sponsor me, click here!) Our team was doing a ride on the G2G Rail Trail from Blyth to Walton, then to Auburn and back to Blyth. And, of course the ride ended at Cowbell Brewing for a lunch and chance to meet everyone on the team. It was about 45km on the bike total, but the real kicker was we got our team jerseys early and were able to wear them for the ride. And suffice it to say I have a new, favourite jersey.

I was done and back to the trailer to meet up with the girls who were just getting back from a trip in to Bayfield just after 1pm. Emelia had 2 of her friends (Flo & Keira) made through Cheer up for the weekend. Along with Olivia it was definitely a girls’ weekend and there was a lot of plans made that involved Danielle being the chaperone. They were having a blast and it was so great to see Emelia completely in her element and having so much fun. Given the huge tent we had gotten for Emelia and how it was the perfect solution for the weekend to give them their own space, it definitely won’t be the last time a weekend like this happens—there already was talk of other weekends.

This morning I was able to get in my daily bike ride for the usual run on the G2G to Blyth and back before it was back to the trailer for a wonderful camp breakfast that Danielle had just finished making. We made short work of the food and then began the process of getting the trailer buttoned up, the girls packed up and then the process of getting back to London, and me to work. All in all it was a great weekend for everyone—mostly for Emelia and the girls. But the best part about this what felt like a regular weekend was next weekend I have an actual weekend off starting Thursday evening, I am off right through to Sunday.

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This weekend has been one that Emelia has been looking forward to for a long time. A few weeks ago the conversation started about Emelia bringing some friends to the trailer this summer and we started planning for Emelia’s friends from Cheer to come to the trailer for the weekend and the girls had an absolute blast.

The whole week was about prepping for the weekend. Emelia had a very full week between babysitting, softball, and her return to Cheer. It was a crazy week. By Friday we were so ready for the weekend to start. Friday night our friends Fred and Marion dropped off their respective daughters so we could take off for the weekend. The entire drive up the girls were giggling and chatting the entire way up. I love the connection these girls have.

Last weekend when we got back from the trailer we bought a huge tent for the girls to share, as soon as we arrived we got them all set up and let the fun begin. The Emelia, Keira, Flo and Olivia set up all their beds and they were off for a full weekend of fun. Emelia had the entire weekend planned out, her first big request was to head to the beach to see the sunset over Lake Huron. I packed the four girls up in the car and we made it in time to see an amazing sunset. The girls were laughing, taking lots of photos and of course posting TikToks overlooking the lake. This was exactly what Emelia envisioned. Spending a summer night with some of her favourite girls. We got back to the camp and the girls laughed well into the night around the campfire. They settled in the tent to giggle and get some sleep.

The next morning on the agenda was a trip to Bayfield. We got an early start and were there as the stores were opening. Again the girls were off giggling and having the best day. They did some shopping, we got some ice cream and ended our day there again back at the beach overlooking the blue water of Lake Huron. We were back shortly after lunch so the girls could eat and then head to the pool and eventually tubing down the river. And of course at Emelia and the girls request we were back to the beach to watch the sunset. This time we went to a different section of the beach. The skies were a little too cloudy for a good sunset but they didn’t care. They were making the best memories with each other that I hope lasts a lifetime.

CyclingToday we packed up to come home, it was the weekend Emelia really hoped it would be, it was an exhausting weekend for mom but it was worth it all! This weekend was everything, one of those weekends that these kids will hopefully remember forever. Thank you to our friends for lending us the girls for the weekend, I hope they had as much fun as I know Emelia had! Thank you to all the girls for their friendship with Emelia I know she loves all of you so much.

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