It snuck up on us!

I am happy camping season is back!

He said

For the last few years we have counted down religiously to camp season—some times for months in advance. But, this year kind of crept on us and out of nowhere we were latching up the trailer to the truck to take it back to Auburn to land in our summer spot. I mean it makes sense as there was a lot going on the last few months. Emelia had theThe Canadian Nationals for Cheer a three weeks ago. Then, Danielle & Emelia managed to find COVID a couple weeks ago. And then, last week I went in my first ever bike race, the infamous Paris to Ancaster Bike Race. So, it makes sense that the camp season jumped up on us out of nowhere.

But Friday came and it was opening day for seasonal sites at Auburn. I got in my daily bike ride, and then after returning and getting some breakfast it was off to pick up the trailer from storage and bring it back to the house so we could load it up before Emelia & I headed out ahead of Danielle to get an early start on getting the trailer landed at our site. Around dinner time, I finally had the trailer landed and then the work on settling began as Danielle arrived with her work day over. We puttered around until we realized it was almost 8:00pm and we hadn’t had dinner. Thankfully Cowbell is just 7 minutes down the road, so we hopped in the vehicles and had an amazing supper there before retiring by the campfire to some drinks and laughs.

Saturday we got up when we felt like it and then after breakfast the plan was a group bike ride with Steph & Justin on the G2G down to Blyth and back. The forecast was perfect and it felt so good be back on my favourite place to ride. Steph’s was still working with reduced lung capacity so she & Justin turned back when we hit the highway, while I carried on and road into Blyth and back trying to catch them on my back. They made good time because I didn’t catch them until we got back to Auburn and the campsite. That half of the ride is always more fun as it’s downhill all the way back which made it a lot easier on Steph’s lungs.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and settling the trailer more. I won’t lie – a significant portion of my day yesterday was spent sitting by the campfire doing absolutely nothing. But after the busy last couple of months we had had, I feel like I more than earned it. Plus it just felt so good to be back at the trailer and our camp spot for the season. We had dinner at a more reasonable time and then spent the rest of the night around the campfire enjoying the company and a few grown up beverages.

This morning I was back on the G2G for a solo ride which was murderous on the way out as I was in a headwind the entire way out, but what it meant on the return was a tailwind at my back which made the ride far more enjoyable—and fast! By the time I got back to the trailer everyone had already headed back to London as the girls had Cheer practice. I buttoned up the trailer and headed back shortly after the rest of the crew. It’s good to have the trailer back in so that we have that place to get away to every single chance we get. And, it’s even better to be in at Auburn the earliest we have ever have been. We won’t be back for a couple weekends because we’re tied up the next few. But, the trailer is there and we have a place to escape to on the regular again!

She said

It was the perfect weekend. This is the first year that we were able be up at camp without any COVID restrictions. It was amazing to be back at our summer home away from home. I was able to work from home on Friday and between meetings get a few things set up in the trailer when John brought it home from storage. Once he had everything organzied he and Emelia headed up to meet Stephanie and Olivia at the trailer park. Once I was done work I made my way.

After a bit of work we had the trailer set up and level and ready to set up the camp for the season. It is a lot of work but worth it. We just love everything about our life at camp. It took a few hours to get everything in place, everyone was tired and hungry so we opted to head out for supper vs making supper. We love being so close to Cowbell and it was the perfect end to our set up day.

Saturday we did a bit more work around camp. While John, Justin and Steph went for their ride I got things more organized and did a big yard clean up. By the time we were settling in for supper and drinks around the fire we were all ready set up inside and out. We sadly left camp not able to return for a few weeks. We have some very fun and busy weekends ahead between family visits and Emelia’s last competition in Ottawa that will keep us very busy.

This coming week will be another busy week for Emelia. She has her Cheer team assessments this week. She is excited for next year but sad that her team will be done training together in the next few weeks. She loves her current team so it is a bitter sweet few weeks for her and her teammates.

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