Winter is coming!

Cheer practices is going really well and our first competition is in three weeks!

He said

Tuesday this week while one of my days off this week felt like anything but. A month and a half ago when we were planning the end of trailer season, I made the call to get the trailer winterized and to get the LP regulator replaced that was under a safety recall from Grand Design. Can Am was booked until the start of November and Tuesday was the first day we could get the trailer in to be buttoned up and officially put to bed for the season. Now Wolfie, was already in our winter storage location, but she had yet to have all the plumbing lines purged and loaded with antifreeze. That step, always puts the final nail in the coffin on the camping season.

Then a couple of weeks ago, Danielle booked her Mini in for service and to get the winter tires put on. The day she was able to get it in? You guessed it: Tuesday. So what normally might have been a more leisurely day, was becoming pretty stacked. Thankfully we were able to drop the Mini off the night before. But the next morning’s itinerary was now, get up and drive Danielle to work, then come back to the house and pick up Emelia and the twins and drop them off at school. And then, from there I had to head to pickup the trailer at storage and take it to Can Am for the work there.

At some point I also wanted to get in my daily bike ride, as well as pick up the trailer when they were done, get Emelia from school when she was done. Then, after that it was over to pay for Danielle’s car servicing and get the keys before they closed for the day, and then head to pickup Danielle from work to bring her home and then go pick up her car from the mechanic. About halfway through the day I was feeling exhausted and like I had spent way to much time in the truck navigating around the cruddy drivers of London. By the time I was finally home, I was happy to kick off my shoes and sit on my ass for a minute!

And while we’re on the topic of my biking, like the camping season, with winter approaching, the outdoor biking season is starting to wind down. We got new spin bike for our exercise setup downstairs that is going to be a huge improvement over the trainer we had hooked to an older free bike we got last year. But I am still trying to get in as many outdoor rides as I can. Last year my latest ride was November 21st before I finally moved to inside rides until the Spring, so this year I have a goal of beating that date and getting at least one (safe) ride outside after the 21st. I’ve made significant weather upgrades to my kit in the year so it’s quite feasible that I can do this. And if my ride this morning in snow and sleet is any indication, I should be able to easily beat it!

She said

This week was another really busy one with work and getting things squared away for the winter season. Not our favourite at all but must be done. Last week we focused on some major purging in the basement and closets, this week was more about getting things put back together. A couple weeks ago we painted Emelia’s room and spent the next two weeks trying to find some new to us furniture for her room to replace the broken down set she had. This weekend Emelia and I finally put some more touches on her room and it is starting to come together.

After a really long week at work it was nice to have a quiet daughter/mommy night with her. We picked up some posters for her room and got her some more clothes. We came home and had a lazy movie night and just hung out. I do love that she loves spending so much time with us—I know the days of ditching us is just around the corner but I do love her homebody nature and how much she cherishes time with her family.

Saturday John had to work so Emelia and I got a bit of a sleep in and then got up to finish putting her room back together and get a few things done around here. She had a bit of a movation to get her room done which was one of her closest friends was coming over. Danielle and Kathleen came over, we hung out, went for a long hike and had a great time. I love her friendship with Kathleen, they just adore each other and have this sweet quiet way about them. There were lots of laughs and we had a great day together.

Today Emelia had training. She came out really happy how her team practiced today, she is getting excited and nervous about their first competition that is under 3 weeks away. Today they did some full out runs of the full routine and she said it is really coming together. The countdown is really starting to her first real in person competition in over 21 months!

That was the week that was, next week should be a pretty low key one, settling into the colder season.

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