Up, up and away!

I finally finished my bedroom this weekend when we found a new-to-me bed frame!

He said

Well as quick as the dishwasher problem entered our vernacular, it left this week. Because I had a split shift on Wednesday and because the plumber we found through my pal Ryan had time in the middle of that day, we were able to squeeze the install in a lot sooner than we anticipated. The pandemic has made supplies very scarce, but it has also made it a lot harder to get tradespeople as they are incredibly busy and in high demand. We were beside the moon to find one so quick, that was priced fairly and that was able to be here this past week. He was in and out in under two hours and by that evening we were learning the nuances of how to load this dishwasher. Hopefully we get the same sort of quality and life from this one as we have all of our other LG products.

The second order of business this week was finishing up the work on Emelia’s bedroom. Last week, we found out that Emelia’s metal bed frame was significantly bent to the point that we couldn’t fix. (Who knew that it couldn’t take a 14 year old’s full-on somersault?) So the search was on this week to find a solution. After a couple of disappointments on Facebook Marketplace where Danielle just missed out on, by the end of the week we had locked down the double version of the Ikea bed frame that Emelia had just before the metal one. She was happy, we were happy. Friday after work we went and picked it up and had it installed maybe an hour after getting home. She has a few more finishing touches before her room is ready for the photo reveal, but she is happy with how it has come together. So, naturally we are too.

With me off work Saturday, the big plan of the day was to get our store room in basement sorted out. But, since for some reason I was up at sunrise, so I got the drone up for a flight and caught some amazing photos of the city as it frostily work up. I have video of the sunrise and then, got some really neat photos of the city and how beautiful it looks at this time of year. After the playing was done, with the weather being absolutely stunning I got out for my usual rip on the bike paths before hunkering in and getting the store properly organized. It took a significant portion of the day and wasn’t the most fun of jobs but it needed to be done and I am happy it now is! We still have bit more organizing to do in the main/exercise room down there, but that will be left for another time.

With the restrictions lessened again at Mom & Dad’s such that we didn’t need to get rapid tested before going in, and because Emelia has been really missing them, after they were done dinner we dropped by their place and had a nice visit with them. Emelia got to show off her school grades and fill them in on what’s been going on in her life. And then I got to show Dad what the drone was all about as we took it out for a flight off their balcony. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t great to see the child-like wonder as we zipped it around their complex in the air and showed him the camera footage it could get. My favourite moment was when he said “cool!” as he saw it lift off and go straight up out of site in the sky. It was a really fun visit and a perfect way to cap off an otherwise busy day.

She said

After a bunch of disappointments and message back and forth between Emelia and I over beds on Facebook Marketplace we finally found one she not only loved but was in budget. This is the same frame she had before we moved her from a twin bed to a double. It is in like new condition and with the addition of a bigger bedside table (also ikea and off Facebook). The room is slowly coming together. We still need to find a rug and to decide what art she wants back up on the walls. But it is coming together. Most importantly she loves it.

This week was another busy one at work, it never seems to be slowing down and the long hours are wearing thin for sure. I have a great group of people I work with but we are all getting tired with no end in sight of the long hours. We are a tired group for sure.

This weekend was less about relaxing but more about getting off another bunch of things off our ‘honey do’ list. We miss and love the trailer it has meant that small things around the house do not really get taken care of. The big project was dealing the hot mess of the storage room. After taking the old dishwasher and Emelia’s old bed frame to the scrap yard John and I took on the storage room. It was long overdue. Between the storage room purge, Emelia’s bedroom, a few closets and some of the basement today I hauled off 7 bags to goodwill and we donated a ton to our community buy nothing group. We still have a fair bit to do in the rest of the basement but after next week with the trailer moving to storage and moving some things from the basement to the trailer for the off-season we can hopefully take on more of the basement next weekend.

The other big excitement for Emelia is her countdown to cheer competition season. She and her team have been working really hard to learn and master the routine for their first competition in less than a month. Emelia is beyond excited! After the really hard year she had we are so thrilled to see her so happy, thriving and killing it at cheer! Emelia is in full on countdown mode!

That was our week, boring life chores but it felt good to knock a ton off our to do list this week.

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