Back to the grind…

I got to spend the weekend with Presley and Reece at the trailer! I had so much fun showing them around!

He said

Well, after a week spent at the trailer, on vacation with no real schedule other than to enjoy time as we chose, coming back to a full week of well… work was an adjustment to say the least. It didn’t take long to fall back into the routine of get up go for my daily bike rip and then go to work, but by the end of the week (today), I was really feeling it an looking forward to having a day off (which is tomorrow).

With me working all weekend, Danielle & Emelia of course made right off to the trailer Friday as soon as Danielle was home from work. Our friend Norma (one of Danielle’s former daycare clients, who we’ve become close friends with) had rented a trailer at Auburn and was spending the weekend there with her son and daughter. Emelia adores Reece and Presley, and they feel the same about her! So they got to have a weekend together which was great for all of them.

I, on the other hand, spent the weekend back home working—which was to be expected after 8 straight days off at the trailer. It did mean I got the invite to have dinner with Mom & Dad at the residence last night. The restrictions have been lightened slightly so we’re allowed 3 more primary caregivers to visit, so Danielle and Emelia finally got to see the inside of their place on Thursday night. And, it also meant I could go over and have dinner with them Saturday—ordered from their catering staff. It was so great to see them be able to get back some of that hosting-the-family at their place that I know they have truly missed since moving in there in the height of COVID. Their house was kind of the meeting point for all, and I know they’ve really missed being the hub hosts.

We had a really good visit, I was fooded up with every possible thing Mom thought I needed, and was home with a fully belly last night ready to veg for a bit, and then sleep my approach to my last day of a 7-day stretch today. I was up and out the door this morning at 6:00 am to get in daily ride on the TVP. In the first 8 days of the month I have ridden 142 km towards my goal of 400 km for the Great Cycle Challenge helping to raise funds to fight Kids’ Cancer. I am also only $277 away from my fundraising goal, so if you would like to help,go here and donate. And, thanks, as every bit helps!

She said

This weekend was exactly what Emelia really needed. It was another rough week for Emelia so having the outlet of good friends, lots of fresh air and time around the campfire was just the right fit for a rough week.

Before I go into the weekend I wanted to share a bit of happy news for us, we might have found a doctor!!! We found out not that long ago that our doctor was closing her practice without warning and with no doctor to fill the practice. This is hard enough for most people but we have a child who cannot be taken off her medication and was supposed to have new meds added to her mental health support. So without a doctor we were basically screwed. I have spent the last few weeks researching every resource I could find and with a lot of calls and finding the right people who recoginized the need we had for support for Emelia we seemed to have had the stars aligned. Tomorrow I am leaving work early so we can meet our new doctor so we can get her medications renewed and build a plan to get Emelia the support she needs. So that was our little big of good news after a very stressful few weeks.

So back to the weekend. After a long and crazy week at work I was able to get out at a decent time to get Emelia and head up to the trailer. This weekend we had an extra special weekend planned. It was just Emelia and I as John had to work and the Sherwoods had a family event. Emelia and I got settled in and a few hours later Norma and the kids arrived and in very short order we were all set up and down at Norma’s cousins site who also booked for the weekend. The kids instantly (well mainly Presley) had the whole weekend mapped out and a long list of everything she wanted to do with Emelia. Emelia of course was happy to do it all – she adores both the kids and they are more like little cousins vs friends.

Saturday morning we got up earlyish and planned out our day, we did it all – float down the river, visiting the elk, playing in the forest and climbing on the tree fort in the forest, a few trips in the pool, few trips to the bouncy pillow and even a trip in town to see the sunset! It was a full day and we loved every minute of it. Honestly it was exactly what Emelia needed. Reece and Presley have been in our lives since they were both babies and they have become like family to us. It is amazing to me to think that they came into our lives over 11 years ago as clients and how close the families have stayed ever since. Norma has always referred to me as the kids bonus-mum when they were babies and I love it. I adore these kids and their family. It was so great to catch up with everyone after such a crazy year and last few weeks.

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