Back To School!

I am happy to be back at school with my friends!

He said

Emelia was happy to be back to school this week with her friends. And understandably she has confusion as to why she could be in a classroom with 25 of her friends but she is not allowed to have her best friends – the twins – inside the house. It doesn’t make sense to us either but whatever it takes we tell her. There was a definite return to some sense of normalcy for her this week and we were happy for her to have that. Plus, it made learning a lot less stressful for her which was an added bonus. This upcoming week she should find out of she’s been accepted at Lucas so that I am sure will bring out the nerves.

One of the things as of late that I take great delight in is how the whole household has embraced fitness and keeping healthy. Each of us have our routine favourites in Apple Fitness+ and we plan our times downstairs in the daycare-transformed-workout room so that everyone is able to get in their daily workouts in. I am partial to doing the cycling, rowing and mindful cool-downs and I know that Danielle & Emelia have their own variations of those plus some other workouts they do. It gives me such great joy that it is a part of all of our lives and we’re getting healthier for it!

Being that is February, and before we know it March, the conversation around here has slowly started to shift to camping season. So much more this year is known than unknown. Last year in March the world closed down due to Covid-19 and it seemed as though the entire camping season might be lost. From the ashes of that despair came a seasonal site at Auburn Riverside and the best summer of camping in our trailer ever. In fact we loved it so much we decided in about May last year – maybe 3 or 4 trips to the trailer in – that we were going to be back again this summer. Well, we’re closer to this summer now, than last summer to excitedly the talking about camping and planning can commence.

So, I am sorry but a lot of the blog over the next weeks and months may become sufferingly focused on camping and camp season. But, amid all the uncertainty and still problematic vaccine rollout and case active count still present, it is the one ray of sunshine and hope that we have to some form of normalcy. I cannot imagine the place we’d be right now mentally if we didn’t have that spot last summer. So maybe give us the latitude to be a lot excited about returning to campfires and floating down “The Riv”. It can’t come soon enough!

She said

As much as we are happy to embrace a bit of normalcy for Emelia it has been brought with a lot of confusion. There has been a lot of talk amongst her friends and classmates so much confusion about why we are in lockdown but they are back in school. Emelia is happy to be back in class but at the same time she had adjusted to online pretty well so she said she would be happy with a blend of the two. She isn’t keen on wearing a mask all day but she prefers to learn in person. She has been pretty open to the idea that masks aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon but she hopes that things can go back to some sort of normal sooner than later.

This week there has been a lot of talk about changes in lockdown levels, the government has been stating that there will be some sort of announcement next week about the stages to reopen the economy a bit. Our numbers are moving in the right directions and there is hope we can move to red if not orange soon enough. I know Emelia will be so happy if we can get to orange because that means we can be on a modified in person training schedule for cheer and back to some private lessons. Emelia has adjusted well to the online training but she doesn’t find it pushes her nearly enough. We are happy that she has really taken a focus to fitness and nutrition to give her a positive healthy body image. She has moved to using the Apple Fitness+ workouts, she is really loving them as much as we are. She is proud to close her rings each day staying fit and happy.

This week we are hoping for some great news for Emelia when it comes to high school. As we talked about a few weeks ago that Emelia had made a decision to apply for an out of zone high school. This week we should know if she is going to Lucas or if we have to submit her course choices to move her to Central. She has wanted to go Lucas for years, she is nervous waiting to find out. Hopefully we have great news this week for her.

That is about it for us, we are off to watch the Super Bowl together and take in some yummy food together. Until next week!

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