A lot of change for the better

I am so excited, today mummy and I found the most beautiful grad dress today! I love it so much.

He said

The thing I was looking forward to most this year was the time off after Christmas. After I worked Boxing Day and the next couple of days I ended up with a five day stretch off because of the stat holidays and my regular days off in the week. So, from Monday when we closed the store, I was done work until today! That was a pretty nice stretch—especially considering Danielle was off the week too. So we got to spend a lot of time together this week to just relax and be together which was nice. Sleeping in was on the agenda and taking the day at a snail’s pace was too.

This week the province shifted to full lockdown but different than last March, it didn’t mean we were closing the store and I was working from home. It didn’t mean that Danielle was in a precarious position with the daycare having to close. And it didn’t mean that Emelia’s school was going to close down completely flipping to online learning. I am happy we’re able to support customers that really need it, and Danielle’s new job while not completely certain they can avoid layoffs has every intention of supporting their customers as long as the need is there. Emelia’s schooling is the one big question mark in all of this but we have faith they will make the right decision.

And on the topic of schooling, while I don’t know that I am entirely ready for it the conversation lately has been about getting Emelia ready for high school and of course her Grade Eight Graduation. She’s been searching for Grad dresses with Danielle and they may have found a solution. And, Emelia has been making some responsible decisions around deciding on what school she wants to land at. For a long time she has thought for sure it was AB Lucas. But in the last few weeks Central and Beal have popped into the conversation and we couldn’t be more delighted. Danielle & I have both long hoped that she would be open to Beal as it’s a school that fits her learning and interests in the arts. So here’s top hoping that remains in the mix.

Lastly, the fitness trend continues around the house. Danielle & Emelia have a morning routine together that is just a delight to see them bonding over this. And, my cycling has continued indoors with the trainer. We’ve taken advantage of Apple Fitness+ and I’ve built a routine with 30 minutes Cycling, 10 minutes Rowing, and then 10 minutes Mindful Cooldown. I have managed to kept a streak of closing all three rings every single day going all the way back to January 13th last year. And, I have a Move streak having consistently closed that day for 359 straight days. All of this work has resulted in 40 less pounds on my frame and a new warddrobe.

There’s definitely been a lot of change in our last year – some challenging, but a lot of it for the better!

She said

Now that we are through the new year we are hoping that this year will be a big shift for everyone and that we can refocus on health, change and happiness. Last year was such a shitshow and one of tremendous change that we are hoping that this year will eventually be different. Change won’t come quickly, we are still in the thick of the pandemic, numbers are on the rise and we are in the middle of lockdown. Emelia has been taking things in stride, it hasn’t been easy being isolated but we are making the best of things. During this second week of her Christmas break we made a point of going for long walks together, spending as much time together as possible. I love this time together but I know that she is missing her regular routine, time with her friends and sports.

With so much uncertainty we tried to focus this week on things we could decide, the shift this week was discussing her graduation and the plans for high school. This has been a hard decision for her, there are a few home school options but she has her heart on going to Lucas. What this means is that she needs to do an online application for an out of zone application. We aren’t certain how things will work this year but she’s hopeful. In the end we know she has two other home school options and we will come to that hurdle when it comes to it. She has friends at all three schools and she’s open to all options.

The other grad focus event this week was looking at her grad dress. We have a lot of challenges this year with stores being closed and even when open they are by appointment only. Emelia and I started talking about seeing what other options were out there, it was then that a thread pop up in a group I belong to on Facebook mentioning that they wanted to start a buy and sell thread for grad dresses, by morning we found the dress Emelia adored. So today we bought the dress and with some minor alterations it will be perfect. She looks so beautiful and grown up. She was over the moon and we could not be happier for her.

Next week things change, I am back to work, Emelia moves to online learning and we hope that it goes smoothly. Emelia is taking it all in stride and hope that this week goes by smoothly as we adjust to the latest new normal.

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