Counting down to Christmas!!

I am counting down to Christmas! I am getting excited.

He said

This week my 2020 Movember campaign wrapped up. Last week I posted about being only $126 off my best ever campaign. And I am happy to report that by the end of the month Monday I had blown past my best year ever and have – as of tonight – raised $1,540! It’s a full $235 more than I have ever raised and cumulatively I have raised $8,045.65 in the twelve years I have participated. I am truly blown away at all the support and from how reaching it was. If you’re reading this and you donated, thank you so much for your support!

Having Monday off last week I was able to get the final Christmas projector lights up outside which completed all of the Christmas decorating on the house. The house feels sufficiently Christmas’d. And with the snow this week it is really starting to feel festive. While it has been a really crappy year, and we’re now shifting into further restrictions with the second wave of COVID, I am actually looking forward to Christmas. We won’t be able to get together at all, and despite it all I am looking forward to spending a few quiet days with Danielle & Emelia with nothing on our agenda but to be together, open a few gifts, enjoy some food & festive adult refreshments.

And speaking of COVID… Yes, we’re going in further restriction due to the increase in active cases again. As of tomorrow, London is moving to Orange–Restrict Level which means mostly tighter rules for businesses. To make matters worse we heard Friday that there was a diagnosed case in Emelia’s school. Thankfully it wasn’t in her grade and we have not yet been contacted by the Health Unit so there was no close contact concerns for Emelia’s class. And by the sounds of it, it’s because how seriously they adhere to the guidelines at her school. The good news is that the vaccine seems to be getting closer by the minute, but it can’t come soon enough. Until then, we’ll do every bit we can, and continue take this very seriously.

And yes I am still dealing with the pinched nerve in my shoulder. Getting plenty of visits to the chiropractor and that is helping but this pain is not going away enough for my liking. I have had to adjust my workouts as a result—I’ve stopped using the rower because I don’t want it to aggravate it further. I’ve switched my routine to spending 30 minutes on the bike trainer which gets me into a good enough sweat, but I have been worried if it was enough compared to my outdoor rips. I’d even actually stayed off the scale for the last week and a bit to avoid that added pressure on myself. Today I hooped on and am happy to say I am still below 200, and that the weight loss, while slower is still the trend! I am 196.4 pounds!

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This week we shifted gears and focused more on Christmas. John was able to put the final touches on the outside of the house, it makes things just that more festive. This year we are really trying to focus on the positive in a year that hasn’t been that positive.

The COVID numbers are growing and this means more restrictions, the big change for our family it means that John will be the only one who can have contact with his parents as their primary medical contact person and it now means that John has to get weekly covid testing. The pandemic is hitting closer and closer to home. We are doing everything we can to stay safe and protected. It hit even closer when on Friday evening we received an email that there was a positive case in Emelia’s school. Through the strong mom network it seems it was a child in another class and Emelia had no indirect or direct contact with the class. Her school has taken such strict measures that the kids never cross over that the big concern hits only if it turns out a positive case is in Emelia’s actual classroom. I know the teachers and staff are doing everything to keep the kids safe. It has been a hard year for sure.

With us trying to focus on Christmas we wrapped up 90% of the shopping so we can stay home as much as possible. We have always taken things seriously but we are tightening our circle even more. We can’t wait until the holidays are here so we can hunker down as much as possible and focus on the positive things in our lives – family and friends.

Stay safe everyone!

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