Making the best we can with what we get!

I am getting super excited for Christmas! I got to pick up presents for Mummy and Daddy this week!

He said

I’m still working through the shoulder and neck pain I whined about last week. I’ve seen both my physiotherapist and chiropractor multiple times last week and the adjustments, stretches and acupuncture have helped but they have yet to completely clear it up. I definitely have more range of motion in my neck and head which is welcome but I would love nothing more than to be done with the numbness and tingling in my fingers. That part really sucks. Hopefully this week we will make more progress as I have a couple more appointments with my chiropractor and hoping to also see my physiotherapist too.

My Movember progress this year saw my donations grow from third all-time highest to second all-time overall. With two days left in the campaign, it is conceivable that I could eclipse the all-time highest campaign I ever had, when I raised $1,305.12. As of right now, I am only $126 off beating that number! I’ve participated for 12 years and every year I am blown away at the support I have received. To think that two years I have managed to raise over $1000 boggles my mind. Thank you to everyone who has supported me. And if you still want to there is time! Click this link and donate away!

Today we managed to get the very last of the last work needing to be done at Mom & Dad’s house. After David and his kids cleared out there stuff there was just a bit more stuff that needed to get cleared out that we all kind of put off out of the fatigue/exhaustion of getting the house ready for sale. With the house closing and transferring hands in just over a week, we needed to finally get the last stuff done. Today was that day. It wasn’t easy or fun work, but it is now, done! The largest pain in the keister was removing Dad’s old behemoth of a metal desk that needed to be taken apart to get it out of the house. No one wanted it – including the new owners – so it had to go.

Today we also finished the Christmas-ifying of the house by getting up the decorations inside. With us in full swing of shopping for Christmas presents, it felt like it was finally time to get in the spirit of the season. It is sure going to be a different year what with the restrictions due to COVID-19 starting to pick up again with the resurgence of cases. While it will be a much quieter year, and we won’t get to see our family face-to-face, we have vowed to make the most of it. We’ll maximize FaceTime visits and use the time together just the three of us to really take advantage of being together as we know there are lots that don’t even have that luxury.

It has been the greatest of years, in fact it many ways it was a very challenging one. But. Just like our camping situation this summer, we’re going to make the best we can with what we’re able to do, and focus on each other!

She said

We are starting to get into the Christmas spirit—well trying to at least. This year will be a very strange one. This past year has been so stressful for so many reasons, tops of course is a world-wide pandemic but in the middle of this we have had to make some big decisions. The pandemic forced me to change careers, it has changed how Emelia sees her friends and family, how she does school, and how we all function in our day-to-day. This year we saw John’s dads health deteriorate to the point we had not choice but to move them into a retirement apartment. What this means is that we would be celebrating Christmas different for the first time in almost 30 years. But with this year we aren’t even able to see family. It has been hitting the entire family how much has changed.

Today we spent the day together as a family… sort of. After a few delays we were able to co-ordinate moving the last of the stuff out of Helen and Doug’s house. It was a very busy day – we all went over masked and did what we could to make a safe move out. We got out what Greg and Testza needed to move to their place, John and I were able to get out the last of the things we had in storage there, and we moved out the last of the furniture to new homes. It was a busy day.

Next weekend we will have one last social distance visit in the house to say our final good-byes. It’s going to be a sad day for sure, so many memories that home.

As John said we are trying to move things along for Christmas, this weekend I was able to put a good dent in the Christmas shopping and was able to bring Emelia with me to choose something for her dad for Christmas. It was a jam-packed weekend and even more to still do. As I wrap up the post we are going to start putting the tree up together, that means Christmas is almost here.

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