Home for a rest!

I am counting down the days to Halloween! I’m planning out my costume!

He said

For the first time in quite some time our plans for the week didn’t involve getting out of town and up to the trailer this week. Partly because there was a lot going on here this week and partly because it’s getting to the end of the season and a lot colder. We’re getting to the time and place now where the trips up will be will be focused on packing up and getting ready to pull out Wolfie III to bring her home for the winter. That will be the focus of next weekend and week. As much as it’s sad that the season has come to a close, we had so many great memories there this year, that we’re already counting down to the season open next year.

The other reason we didn’t get away this week was Danielle who went from hunting for a full time job sending out a million resumes and interviewing for half as many for months was navigating a week where she was wrapping up a part time job she loved, and starting a full time that she was excited to begin. Being that they wanted her to start with the training at her the new job that they offered to have her in part time and worked around her last week at Montessori. As much as it was bittersweet, she was relieved and happy to have something full time. But I will let her tell that story.

And if that’s not enough this week there was also a sprint to the finish with Mom & Dad’s house. The painting wrapped up last week and we were on to getting the carpets steam cleaned and then the whole house deep cleaned. And then in the meantime there was also the mountain of paperwork that needed to be shredded. The lion’s share of this organizing and work was handled by Shawn, Matthew and Danielle. We finally feel like we’re getting there and Thursday the “Coming Soon” went up in front of the house. Tonight after work I went over to pressure wash the deck because tomorrow the photos are being taken because – finally – the house goes on the market Wednesday! It feels like this has been never-ending and a lot of work. And that’s because it has! But soon enough it should be all over.

So our week was a lot of stuff for sure. Some was about wrapping up. Some was about new beginnings. And some of it was a lot of work. But it all culminated in us spending more time at home than we have in six months. And as much as it is odd to say that we needed time away from our place ‘away‘, with all that we had on our radar this week, it just made sense that we needed home for a rest.

She said

What a week of change and progress. As I spoke about last week, I have finally secured full time appointment. What did that mean? It meant that I was balancing both jobs, training at Bristol Sinks in the morning and Montessori in the afternoon. Thursday was my last day at the school and it was a sad day for sure! The kids were so sweet, making me crafts, lots of hugs and questions as to why I wasn’t going to be their teacher anymore. It was a very had decision to move on from the school but sadly there was little choice. So Thursday I said my final good-bye to the kids, teachers and the school.

Friday I was able to put my first full day in at the new company. So far I am very happy there and know this was the right decision. The staff and owners are all very nice, the job will keep me very busy. I am happy to finally have my own office, own space and a big challenge ahead of me. Change is good and this is the right change for me. It has been a big adjustment for our family. The first time in Emelia’s life I am working outside the home. Emelia has adjusted well and has been very supportive of the new dynamic in our lives.

Along with balancing the two jobs and settling in we still had a lot to deal with around the selling of John’s parents place. This week we had the steam-cleaners, professional cleaners and confidential shedding company all taking care of things. Thursday the ‘coming soon’ sign went up just in time for me to get the outdoor fall plants in place and cleaning up the front of the garden. With the house cleaned all we had left was staging. Matthew and I met up Friday night and got everything staged. The house looks so different and as ready as we will be for the house to go on the market.

Monday the photographer comes to take the photos for the listing and we can finally put the house on the market on Wednesday. It has been such a long process, but we came together as a family and got it all done. We are all going to be sad to say good-bye to the home we have known as a family for almost 30 years but we can now focus on getting Helen and Doug fully settled in the new apartment so they can finally have that feel like home. It has been a long go but we are so close.

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