The revolving door at the hospital…

I got my Cheer uniform this week! I am so excited to have it!

He said

We left off last week with Dad back in the hospital, and thinking he might be there for a bit of a stay again, given that he had a significant case of shingles that had manifested mostly near his eye and nose. They wanted to see him for the length of his antibiotic prescription and that was to the 9th. However, over the course of the earlier part of this week, the antibiotic and Dad had made enough progress that the conversation turned once again of a possible discharge in the latter part of the week. And sure enough Friday morning we got the news that Dad could go back to Oak Crossing and Testza made her way to get him there.

With Dad back at Oak Crossing, we could shift our full focus back to getting their house ready for the painting and steam cleaning scheduled to start this week. It seems like every single moment we have is spent with Danielle or Danielle & I over at the house doing what we can to get it ready for sale. This week the biggest of headway was made and we’re finally starting to see what looks like light at the end of the tunnel. I had to work yesterday, but the rest of the London Teeter’s were over at the house making the most headway we have. Painting starts tomorrow. Aside from some cleaning last remnants out, we’re getting very close to the house going on the market. I will be happy when it is all over – Danielle will be over the moon.

With Emelia starting Cheer in the year of a global pandemic, we weren’t even sure at first if we would even get a season. But thankfully they were able to have the right precautions in place in order to get started. The strange thing for Danielle and I however is we haven’t been able to see one minute of her practices as rightly so, there are no spectators allowed. Finally, tonight the coaches posted a Facebook Live on the team page so that parents could take in a bit of what they are working on. And we got to see Emelia in her element and in this new sport of hers, and it was so great! I didn’t realize how much I missed seeing her do her thing.

The week ahead leaves us with less stuff to do over at Mom & Dad’s as this week we have people doing stuff for us—painting starts tomorrow and steam cleaning starts the week after. Then, it’s pretty much ready for sale. Which, given this weekend coming up we’re headed up to the trailer to celebrate Thanksgiving and Fall – obviously inside our tiny bubble. But given that it’s been over a week since we’ve been up at the trailer, the time there comes at a perfect time. Danielle will head up with Emelia on Friday, and I will head up the second I am done work on Saturday. I am so looking forward to this weekend. And I know Danielle is too!

She said

Mentally and physically this has been a very hard week. The job search for offsetting employment continues. I have found a job that I love but the hours are so limited that it is having a substantial impact on our finances. We are doing everything we can to be very mindful of every penny we spend. It’s getting hard and the market for jobs is brutally competitive. Jobs I am overqualified aren’t even resulting in interviews. Without exaggeration in the last 4 months I have applied for over 500 jobs. Mentally it is exhausting.

In between working, home, job hunting and parenting we are trying our best to get things in order for Helen and Doug’s house sale. It meant a lot of calls over the last few weeks trying to find people who would be able to do the the painting, cleaning, steam cleaning and yard clean up. As a family we have been over at the house every day, sometimes a few times a day. Each family member has put in what feels like thousands of hours of hard, long work. We are finally getting closer to the end. The entire weekend most of the family was at the house at one time or another doing a lot of hard work to do some purging, cleaning and prepping. We are all so tired.

Next week the big project is the painting, John and I have another dump run to do, we have to sell some items and a bit more packing. Once that is all done – we can finalize the staging plan. Tomorrow the painter starts, it should take the week to get that done, the following week we have the carpet cleaners in and then the professional cleaners. Then as a family we will get the house staged, landscaping cleaned up and make it ready for sale. Hopefully if everything goes as we hope the house will be on the market in just over 2 weeks.

The whole family focus has been getting this done, it hasn’t been easy in a pandemic, all masked while we work spaced out as best we can packing 30 years worth of family memories. Our hope is once Helen & Doug are done their newest quarantine that with the house almost done we can move our focus to get them settled. It has been a long road but we are so close. We got so much done this weekend, we still have a bit to get done but we are so close. Hopefully this week will bring closure and some good news on the job front. We all could use some good news and a lot less stress.

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