Happy Mother’s Day!

We got Mummy a new patio set for Mother’s Day. Now we need the new patio.

He said

We’ve given Danielle the week off the post since today is the day that is meant to be all about her. Though we got off to a bum start with our dinner plans. Initially we thought we’d treat Danielle to some takeout from one of her favourite places Bangkok Pad Thai and then meet up virtually with the rest of the Teeter Family for Mother’s Day Dinner together. We had our order placed and the pickup time gave us plenty of time to get home and set up for the dinner together. Only trouble is when we arrived to pickup, there was a hefty line of people there waiting already and we found out that many of them still waiting for pickup times quoted for thirty-plus minutes earlier.

We decided to wait it out in hopes it wouldn’t be too crazy. Thirty minutes later we joined the family FaceTime from the parking lot still waiting. We continued to wait. And wait. By the time we decided we’d had enough FaceTime and ended the call, Danielle and I made the call to give up the wait, call in cancel our order. We headed home empty handed (and stomachs) and quickly threw the Instant Pot into high gear and made some spaghetti and meatballs. It wasn’t how we intended dinner to go, but in the end it’s comfort food and we get to enjoy it together.

As Emelia alluded to in her preamble, with the upcoming deck and side yard upgrade Danielle said since we were planing on getting a new patio set anyway, whatever we were thinking of, could instead be part of that and she would happy. So we found a set that we love that will give us somewhere comfortable to sit that won’t give us slivers. And the best part was it was on a significant sale and a style that we both loved. It was ordered and on our doorstep in 3 days flat which was surprising given the times we now live in. And it wasn’t too hard to assemble – they sit in the basement awaiting the side/backyard revamp.

Lastly given that our current shed is not far off the same decay the deck is undergoing and knowing that it would not survive being moved out and back while the concrete is poured and cured, we have started shopping for it’s replacement. Given that stores have reopened, tons of outdoor/seasonal things are on crazy sales. And one of the sheds we had our eye on was reduced by $300 until the end of the week. But the bigger rush on this, and as we have found a lot of stores without stock, there was only 1 in stock at 2 of the 6 Canadian Tire stores in London. So while it was way ahead of when we wanted to get one, we couldn’t pass up the savings. And we’ve easily more than doubled the amount of storage compared to the old shed.

So as I said we’ve given Danielle today off the post with it being Mother’s Day and all. There is so much I want to say about how she is everything I think about when I think of mother. Most notably how proud of her, her mother would be. She works her ass off, gives more than she ever takes, and is there for any way she is needed to her friends, family and me – but most importantly – her daughter. Nothing has surprised me at how she has stepped up in this strange and unfamiliar time and given even more. It’s hard work, and super trying at times, but continually I am amazed by her ability to soldier through. And what I love most about her is that it’s not always effortless. And she’s honest about that. She’s an inspiration to anyone that knows her. And I love her for the picture she is painting for our daughter.

To all the mothers out there in my life and otherwise, thank you and hope your day reminded why you do what you do! Happy Mother’s Day!

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