To be able to camp even more!

Next week I go back to school! Grade 7! I am excited and ready with my outfit for the first day back!

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After spending a wonderful week away camping, it is always a bit of an adjustment coming back to schedule, work and responsibilities. The focus this week shifted very quickly from relaxing to getting Emelia back to school ready. Hard to believe it, but with the second week-long trip behind us, summer is quickly coming to an end. And while this normally means that camping trips become less and less with the Imagine being four-season camp ready we can go out much later in the season and that certainly is the intent this year. Ideally we’d love to get a November trip in if possible. As it is, we have designs on doing Thanksgiving out with friends.

This week I was in for physio to find out what has been going on with my knee. Twenty years ago, I had it rebuilt as hockey injuries led to a torn ACL and tears in the MCL & PCL too. In the last couple of years, age has started to cause some noticeable limitations in mobility and the last few camp trips I have some real problems with swelling and severely limited range of motion. With Friday morning hockey season approaching and the knee not really getting much better it was time to see a proper physiotherapist to see whether I could commit to another season or needed to consider hanging up the skates. Only one treatment in the good news is there is no issue with compromised stability, it’s just some strength rebuilding that I need to get at and I am okay to play. And there’s already been a huge improvement!

The rest of the week was really work focused. And getting Emelia to and from gymnastics on the days in-betweens. Oh and we also has the joy of a larger service on the truck this week where we dropped north of $500 on making sure the brakes are in good shape, the tires are rotated and servicing the throttle. None of these were ‘something has failed‘ fixes—all of them were part of the service routine for a heavy duty vehicle that does a lot of hard work pulling the trailer all around parts of Ontario. We’re resigned to the notion that we will keep this vehicle for some time so we want to make sure we take good care of it. Mostly because I doubt I can convince Danielle & Emelia that we need to upgrade to the RAM Power Wagon ¾ Ton that they tell me is ‘ugly’ but I love.

This weekend was my weekend to work straight through. I have a stretch that started Saturday and takes me through to Tuesday before I have Wednesday off. Thursday I am in for one day, and then off again Friday. This weekend being the Labour Day weekend, I have managed to get all but 1 day of a possible 4 off. So, we’re gonna camp back at Golden Pond with friends. The plan is to take the trailer out Thursday during the day and then spend Friday to Monday out there. I have one shift on Saturday which I will drive to and from, from the campground but otherwise spend the weekend in the trailer. Should be a great weekend before Emelia heads back off to school next week!

While this time of year, mostly we’re thinking about the camping season coming to an end, this year with the Imagine being more four-season ready we’re looking forward to lengthening the season further into the fall. We for sure have three more trips reserved and are going into October, but I am super hopeful we can slip in one, if not two more and get out into November too! That would be wonderful and would further help illustrated one of the other reasons we wanted to upgrade: To be able to camp even more!

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This week was all about adjusting back into our regular routine but also shifting into back to school mentality. Once we got home from our vacation Emelia and I started her back to school shopping. We got a great start and by the end of the week we were set for the first day and even found her first day of school outfit. We have a few things to get done this week but otherwise she is ready to start back to send her off to grade 7.

The week once again was busy, John and Emelia both had physio as well as dentist appointments for both Emelia and I both had dentist appointments as well. It meant for some pretty busy nights but things that had to get done. The week flew by and before we knew it the weekend was here. It sucked that John had to work but John and I managed to fill our weekend with lots of fun. We are trying to soak in as much of the summer as we can before it is gone.

Saturday we woke up at a lazy pace and then Emelia and I got packed for the day. We were invited to spend the afternoon with Emelia’s best friends at their cottage. Although the weather we cooler and the waves were pretty high at on the lake it didn’t stop the girls from spending a good house chasing the waves and making the best memories. The afternoon flew by and it was time to say our good-byes to get home for the night.

Today was another amazing day, earlier in the week I got a call from my sister asking if we were around this weekend because she was going to be close to our place visiting other family and wanted to come back to our place on her way back home. This meant a visit for the day, overnight and a special day with her and Emelia tomorrow before she goes to gymnastics. Spending the weekend with family and friends is what we love more than anything. It has been an incredible weekend.

Next week we will pack and get ready for one more summer camping trip with friends. Emelia is so exicted for this trip back to Golden Pond but this time we are spending the weekend with the Sherwoods. It is going to be an amazing weekend and we cannot wait. The summer has flown by so we want to make the most of this last week and weekend to soak in every last minute of summer.

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