From camp to… well… camp again!

I am nervous and excited to start my first ever week away at sleep-away camp!

He said

When we first knew that Emelia was headed this week for her first ever week at sleep-away camp, and I just so happened to have the weekend off before it, we immediately planned for a weekend together for us to go camping together as a family knowing it would be strange (more for Danielle & I) with Emelia away from the house for a whole week. We picked our ‘home rink‘ campground of Golden Pond RV Resort so we’d be close enough for the trip back home on Sunday and then off to drop her off.

Because it was so close and I had Thursday off and worked Friday, we added arriving Thursday so that Emelia & I could spend the day camping Thursday, and then we’d head back in town Friday morning so I could go to work and Emelia could do her gymnastics trainings. Originally we planned to get out to the campground early Thursday, but we changed that when the Celebration of Life for my friend and coworker Christine was set for Thursday. Emelia & I delayed our plans and went out after I got back and Danielle met us there for dinner.

Friday the trip back in town for work led to a quick day of work and before I knew it I was at the house meeting the girls so we could all head out to the park together. What I love most about this campground is that 35 minutes after leaving the house, we were at the trailer getting into our relax ready for a weekend together. The park, now more noticeably fuller was now populated with people of like mind. We got switched over to our swimsuits and got cooled off in the pool as we watched the sun get ready for one of the amazing sunsets the park is situated to see every night.

The rest of the weekend was us living free of any schedule or obligation with basically the only goal to spend time with each other and to relax. When we knew this weekend was a reality, and because it was so close to home and family, we extended the invite to any of the Teeters in town and interested in coming out and enjoy the campground. To Emelia’s delight her Aunt Testza, Uncle Greg, Cousin Zoe, and Poppa & Grandma were all game to come visit. We planned a quick dinner and chance to sit around the trailer and just enjoy each other’s company. Everyone was out the trailer around dinner time so we cooked up some food, had a meal and then relaxed after. Emelia and Zoe got time to go for a swim and to play in the park before everyone gathered up after a good evening together (again, with an amazing sunset).

This morning it was up a lot earlier, with the intent of getting packed up. Today’s itinerary called for a lot more work. We had to pack up and hitch the trailer—closing up camp for the weekend. Once we left the park it was off to put Wolfie III into storage, then to home to quickly drop off the camp from the weekend, to get cleaned up & showered, and then we were off to take Emelia to drop her off for her week at sleep-away camp. I said to Danielle as got back to London this evening in time to pick up some groceries: we started this morning at the campground, packed up, took the trailer to storage, dropped off stuff at home, got cleaned up, headed to Emelia’s sleep-away camp, dropped her off, came back home and got groceries and are now home. I am tired just thinking about it.

As for Emelia being away this week… It is going to be strange for Danielle & I for sure. There is no tech allowed which means we won’t have her only a text away. We won’t have her here in the evenings, or telling us she’s bored. And the reality is her going away for this means she’s just a little more grown up. And yet despite all those things, and the little bit of loneliness we will be feeling this week, we’re so proud she’s doing this and spreading her wings—if even just a little bit. This week will fly by and she will come back and we will get to hear all about it. And be so proud of her!

She said

This week was a blur of planning, packing and activities. And of course packing! Emelia had a full week helping me with the daycare kids, babysitting for one of my former clients daughters, three days of gymnastics training, and packing & prepping for camp—as well as packing for the camping weekend away at Golden Pond RV Resort. We were certainly very busy to say the least.

As the week progressed and the closer the weekend came the more nervous and excited Emelia was for her first sleep away camp. With packing list in hand Emelia packed and repacked her bag for camp. We had a few last minute things were picked up and by Friday before we headed off to camping she was ready to go. She was getting a bit more nervous at the idea of sleeping away from home, she was excited for the days but she has never been a great sleeper so we worried about sleeping away from home. We packed all her favourite stuffies, comfort blankets, some of her essential oils – everything to make things feel more like home. All weekend her stomach was unsettled and she slept not the greatest as the nerves kicked in.

By the end of the weekend we had a few great chats with her about how each girl there will be a bit nervous and the staff there was there to help her. We have set up daily packages to be given to her at lunch to let her know how much we are thinking of her. It will be a strange week around here for sure. Emelia has never been away from me and home this long. I know this will be a life changing week – one where she will build new friendships and confidence. We are so proud of her, we miss her already and cannot wait until Friday when we can pick her up and hear all about her week away.

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