Happy Father’s Day

We had our year-end Field Trip to the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto. I had so much fun!

He said

This week we were all wrapped up in the Toronto Raptors who were in the NBA Finals for the first time ever in their history. Heck, the whole of Canada was wrapped up in this championship. I had even been getting some friendly-fire text messages from our cousins in California (Burlingame, near San Francisco) who were rooting for the Golden State Warriors. Up 3-1 in the series last weekend the Raptors had three chances to close it out. The first opportunity was Monday night at home in Toronto and Golden State put the kibosh to a home celebration. The second chance came Thursday night back in Oakland and the Raptors won! The game was incredibly exciting and went back and forth right down the very last play. The country that got captivated by the run were rewarded, and our Cali-cousins politely conceded defeat sending messages about how much they enjoyed the series.

Friday Emelia was headed down to Toronto for her end of year Field Trip to the Ontario Science Centre. I was excited for her as I have been there a couple of times—one of them even when she was a wee girl and didn’t really remember. But, it is so fun there with all the hands-on learning you can do. When, I asked Emelia what she was most excited about, true to 12 yr old fashion, her response was, “the bus ride with my friends!“. Thankfully when she got back Friday night we were able to glean some information about the trip and it did sound like more than just the bus ride to the city was fun, and she actually enjoyed the Science Centre too!

This past week, we finally got all the extra pieces shipped to us to put the third rail on the bike rack for the trailer. They arrived in time as this coming weekend we’re headed out down Niagara way to camp to camp near the Welland Teeters for the weekend as Linda’s Celebration Of Life is on Saturday. We decided to make a camping weekend out of it in hopes that the some (or any) of the Welland Teeters may come out to the camper to enjoy a fire pit with us one of the evenings on the weekend. We’re leaving Friday afternoon and will be coming back Sunday in time for Emelia’s year-end Gymnastics BBQ. This will be the second trip out in the trailer and we’re super excited to be camping again.

Finally, the week started with unplanned excitement that ties into how it ended, with Father’s Day. Tuesday morning I got a call from that Dad had a fall and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I rushed over to meet him and be with him through the examination. Turns out, for the second time in three weeks, Dad not feeling dizzy, light-headed or passing out, lost control of his leg and fell down. Thankfully this time as with the last one in Welland he wasn’t hurt in the fall, as he was near his bed to cushion the accelerated sit-down. But, this time there was a throbbing in his right temple that was concerning enough to him to get it checked out.

We spent a good portion of the day in Emerg and all the tests came back fine. He had CT of his head, Doppler of his heart and numerous EKG’s done and they all came back saying he was in good health for a 79 year old man. He was discharged by the time we wrapped up everything after dinner, and they asked him to come back for some followup the next day. That followup gave him more of the same diagnosis, however the Doctor that saw him that day felt the culprit to his fall, the slowness he’s had in healing from leg/vein surgery and the subsequent infection was stemming from the amount of water he was retaining. She doubled down his dose of water pills and asked that he take it extra easy for the next while. A few days into that doubling down on the water pill and he’s seeing some much better results in his leg.

Which brings us to today: Father’s Day. I was allowed to sleep in today. And when I got up treated to a wonderful eggs, bacon & home fries breakfast. And then I was given the most wonderful handmade keychain from Emelia! She printed her handprint onto a shrinky-dink and made it into a key chain for me, along with a little heart pendant to go with it. Those immediately went on to the backpack I take with me to work to remind me every day I work who I miss and am working for. After that was done and Emelia’s gymnastics practice was over, we went over to Mom & Dad’s to celebrate Father’s Day and Vaughan’s birthday together. It was really great to see David and Aaron making the trip from Welland and to be together as a family. And it was a much better way to end the week, than the way that we started it in Emerg!

She said

Remember when I said oh this week would be quiet for us. Well that went in the tank when Doug had another set back with his leg healing. He is the heart of our family so we all rally around as fast as we can to make sure he is taken care of. I know that his level of frustration for the speed of this recovery is starting to wear thin. This coming week will be more appointments with the hope of more answers and some updates with his recovery.

This weekend was full focus all about the dads in our lives. First of course for our family is John. Emelia and I spent time yesterday with her best friend here and the girls crafted away including the craft Emelia chose for her dad. A handprint keychain. Like Mother’s Day she planned the whole craft out. In the scale of crafts this was certainly much simpler but as much from the heart. She was so proud this year that she came up with all the craft ideas for this years Father’s and Mother’s Day presents.

Today was all about John. Emelia and I got up a bit earlier to let John sleep in, we got breakfast together and started our day at a nice lazy pace. A morning just the three of us was just about perfect. After our late breakfast we started getting ready for the rest of our day. We brought Emelia to gymnastics and enjoyed watching all the new tricks they are already working on for next season. This season has flown by and we are beyond amazed on Emelia’s progress and are continued to be amazed at the skills she is building for level 6. The girls will have to work really hard this season to leap up two levels but they are all ready and up for the challenge.

We chose to pull Emelia a bit earlier from training today because we were getting together with John’s side of the family. Today was all about the dads! We got to spend the day with Doug, Greg, David and John – some of the most dedicated father’s I know. Each of them give every bit of their heart and soul to their kids. They are all champions of their children (and grandchildren for Doug). They are all incredible role models of how fathers should be, how they are to be their kids rocks, champions, and first loves. I am beyond proud to be part of this family and how they are always there for each other in the good and the bad times.

And to John. Thank you for being the rock of our family, the one who is there for your family no matter what. We love you more than words can express. Thank you for taking this crazy ride of parenthood with me, your girls love you very much!

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