In the nick of time

I am super excited about Halloween this week! I am going as a sloth!

He said

Monday this week was a big day – It was Danielle’s birthday! I had sneakily gotten her a Apple Watch Series 4 as a surprise to both her and Emelia. Emelia ended up being a little upset because I hadn’t involved her in the decision making and getting it process but in my defence I knew Emelia would have been down for the Watch as a gift, but I needed to basically leave it till the last minute so that Danielle wouldn’t see it hit our account as our finances are all joint. Emelia was also a little disappointed that she had forgotten what day it was and I didn’t give her the advance warning she would have hoped for. In the end, Danielle was adequately surprised and I knew she would never have asked for something like the new Watch even though a lot of the necessary safety features are very practical for her daycare days. Plus now we can Walkie-Talkie!

Originally this weekend was earmarked for our last camping trip of the season. After having such a great camping season, coupled with the weather getting a lot colder and wet, we decided to call it a season. So Wednesday this week I took the trailer out to Ferguson RV World in St Thomas to have it readied for the winter. Today we finished off that project today when we headed out to where we store Wolfie Too to give it a final clean out of all the stuff that needed to come home and then to pack anything that stays with it in Rubbermaid bins for the winter. That all got done while Emelia was at gymnastics.

With this weekend being the one that we planned on camping it happened to be my weekend off this month. So, with us not going camping we were gifted with a free weekend to do with it what we wanted. Not having anywhere to be, no travel involved, or even anything on schedule, we decided to not do much of anything aside from just spending the time together. It’s been a while since we’ve had a whole weekend to just be a family together. And, the best part was having two mornings where we could sleep in and start the day at a lazy pace. Both Saturday & Sunday I don’t think we were out of our beds (Danielle & I that is) until 9am. It was pure bliss!

Being off on the weekend meant I could be part of one of the weekend things Emelia & Danielle have done the last few weeks which is going and watching her best friends’ (the twins) weekly hockey game. After we took in that we picked up our pumpkins for Halloween carving. And then we also got the fixings for a special dinner for Danielle for her birthday because I worked the close on the Monday. I made her a Rolled Roast Beef with Herb Butter served on mashed cauliflower. It turned out pretty great and then we settled in for an evening of laughing our butts off to Mr Bean which was Emelia’s first time watching.

Today we settled into the regular errands and had another whole day together. With how busy it’s been the last couple of weeks, working the whole of the last two weekends, the last three days off were the perfect remedy!


She said

As John mentioned my birthday was this past week, and as anyone who knows me knows I am pretty low maintenance and do not like a fuss being made. I was quite content with a quiet weekend home (although we were supposed to be camping this weekend) and if I could have a dinner made at home not by me and a nice glass of wine I would have been more than happy.

Well I got that and even more. Monday morning (my birthday) Emelia came downstairs and handed me a bag with a very special gift for me. A new and upgraded apple watch. John is right, I wouldn’t have ever asked for one and was quite content to keep my original one but I have to admit the new features are amazing and I absolutely love it. My birthday otherwise was like any other day. John had to work, I had to work, Emelia had school and gymnastics training so other than getting another year older it was like any other day in our busy lives.

The rest of the week was pretty low key, the daycare kids and Emelia are getting more and more excited about Halloween next week. So this week was all about crafting, prepping for next weeks big event. I ordered Emelia’s costume and it is set to arrive tomorrow. She is pretty excited and cannot wait to go out on Wednesday with her large group of school besties.

This weekend was John’s weekend off for the month and originally we were going to squeeze in one more trip out. But with the weather starting to get colder and a weekend that had rain in the forecast we happily decided that we were going to pack up the trailer for the season. We chatted and realized we would be camping for the sake of saying we got out one more time, the weather was far from ideal, we were only going the three of us so we would likely have spent the entire weekend in the trailer trying to stay dry and warm. So with our weekend plans changed we shifted to getting a ton of other things done.

With John working weekends there are a fair bit of things that get pushed to the back burner. This weekend, especially today was a lot of getting things done. The biggest thing was putting the trailer away for the season. Today while Emelia was at training John and I went out to our storage place and packed the trailer up. We got the trailer scrubbed entirely inside, put everything in totes so that come spring we can get things in order and get going.

I am sad the season is over but we had an incredible spring, summer and fall in the trailer, we had more weekends out again this year, lots of time with friends and family and most importantly time just the three of us disconnected from our daily lives just building family memories.

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