Nothing much to write home about

We had Science Fair this week and Mummy & Daddy got to see my project!

He said

This week really was not all that eventful. With Thanksgiving being last week, the shorter work week flew by in a hot minute and before we knew it, we were looking at the weekend. Mind you Danielle was looking at a weekend, I was looking at two days of work what with the luxury of having a couple other weekends where I had a day off. This was the weekend I was on all weekend.

That said there was something exciting for all of this week on Wednesday night. A friend of ours, Tim, has gotten in to hosting house concerts at his place. And, Thursday night he was hosting one of my all-time favourite musicians in John K Samson (of The Weakerthans fame) at his house. It quickly sold out last August, but we were smart and got tickets early for this super intimate show with one of the best songwriters Canada has to offer. Emelia had gymnastics, so Danielle had to pick her up and they missed a bit of the show. It was a perfect night of music and was just the right sort of thing in the middle of an otherwise quiet week!

The other exciting bit of news this week, came from an email from our friend Jill Barber inviting us to her show this week at The Aeolian Hall as her guests. Such a thoughtful gift from a friend of ours for over ten years. We’ve seen her career blossom in that time and Emelia still listens to Jillber every night at bed time. In fact, the album that Emelia fist connected with Chances turned ten this week! So, Friday night we will be going to see her at The Aeolian Hall for the first night of her two nights there. To thank her, we’re going to make a donation in her name to her charity of choice, Girls Rock Camp Vancouver.

As I said that was really it this week – more gymnastics practices, school and every day life. And a weekend spent at the store followed by stealing as many moments as I can with Danielle & Emelia in between. Next weekend will be a lot more exciting as we have Jill’s show Friday night, and then Saturday is the neighbourhood festive gathering at our friends The Grants. As for this week, there was nothing much to write home about.

She said

The short week meant the week went by in a flash. We still had a lot going on so it meant before we knew it the weekend was here. We had very little going on this week other than our normal activities (gymnastics, ballet, and contemporary dance).

The one big highlight for the week was an open house at Emelia’s school so the kids could show off their recent science experiment. Emelia and her best friend Anna had been working hard on this project for a couple weeks, it was quite a complex project that involved the girls making their own instruments that interacted with the computer to make a sound. They chose to make a drum set and it was amazing, you could really see how hard they worked and how much attention to detail they put into every aspect of it, right down to the presentation. The girls worked as an equal unit and their hard work really showed.

The only other big thing on this week for our family is the continuing saga of Emelia’s stomach problems. We are on the end of two weeks off dairy 100% and this expensive experiment didnt improve things a lot. She is still having random attacks and it is taking its toll on her. We just want answers for her and to give her some releif. This week we are back to the doctors to see what the next steps are for her and getting some answers.

That was honestly the week that was, the weekend was busy, John had to work so Emelia and I had a fair bit on, between a house warming party at my best friends place, we also fit in seeing the twins first hockey game of the season, a playdate with the girls after at our place, a run this morning with her friends and then off to gymnastics training this afternoon. Needless to say a quiet week in this house is never really that quiet.

Hopefully this time next week we can post an update for Emelia and hopefully on the route for some more solid answers.

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