Sad campers…

I am excited about my Field Trip to Daddy’s store this week!

He said

The week after camping is always a little glum. Especially when you’re getting to the end of the season looking at only one trip remaining before you pack away the trailer for another winter. That was this week. We officially moved into fall this week and some of our friends in other areas of the country this week experienced their first snowfall. All of that further reminds us of the impending end of the season which is a little bit sad.

The last trip will be out to Golden Pond RV Resort which will be perfectly close and give us enough to do should the weather not really be camping weather. This will be the first time we’ve gone there without the group we have gone with the past two times so it will be a test of whether we like it for the company we go with or just like it. It is the perfect distance from London which will give us the maximum amount of time camping with the least amount of travel time to and from.

Because it’s so close, I will be able to head out and set up the trailer right after my Friday morning hockey with Emelia because she has a PD day. And then Danielle can meet us after she wraps up the daycare day at 5pm and be out there with us enjoying camping before 6pm! It also works out well for us Sunday as Emelia has gymnastics practice, so where ever we chose to camp, we’d also have factor in the time to get back home, in how early we’d pack up and leave.

The week for me at work was mostly focused on the new phones we were launching on Friday. It meant for some non standard shifts that we’re used to and even some late nights. I didn’t get many evenings home with my ladies. It even meant on Tuesday, I was working a close for our wedding anniversary. We always choose to celebrate it the weekend camping at Sandbanks for the music festival so we had plenty of time to be together all last weekend doing the thing we love most with the people we most loving doing that with.

But Tuesday was the official day of anniversary. It marked 30 years since we started to date, and 19 years since we became married. I even proposed to Danielle on this day too. September 18th has been a great day for us! People are often shocked to find out we have been together so long. But they’re blown away to then find out we were each other’s first and only serious relationship too. But, like I told a friend this week, when you find the right person that makes you feel like their right person, you just know. And I am truly amazed at how lucky I was to have Danielle enter my life when she did and just how much amazing time we have already have had together by now. I am truly one lucky fella.

I didn’t get to any of Emelia’s gymnastics this week, but Danielle did. And this is the first time she’s been able to see a good portion of her practice and she was blown away at how much she has advanced this summer with her new coach and with the new skills. She even had one of the other parents we’re friends with pull her aside this week to tell Danielle just how impressed they were with her progress and her focus & dedication in every practice. Emelia was delighted to hear that. And so were we considering we know we have bias.

Hard to believe that we’re already almost through September, into Fall officially and just weeks away from our last camping trip of the season! It seems like just yesterday we were getting excited about the first trip out of the season. The good news is we have quite a few full time RV families that we follow on YouTube and we have our own videos we’ve made and posted on our Bonne Fires channel to tide us over in the winter months when it feels like the camping season is forever away again.

She said

This week has been a really busy one. John’s work schedule had him working mostly close shifts this week which meant it was great that he was home in the mornings to help with the morning rush but it meant that he wasn’t home for any dinners or after school activities.

With Emelia’s love of athletics it makes for a really busy week. As we talked about in the last post or so Emelia has advanced to the level 4 gymnastics team so this has put an extra push for all the girls to be ready for their first competition in a few months. The move up means she has to master much harder skills and since she is now on the provincial team she will be competing a lot earlier and more often than she is used to.

Since this is Emelia’s first year on a provincial team it has been a whole different pace of training. In the past there was lots of time to master tricks and clean things up. Last year her team didn’t even really practice routines until the new year and tricks were still being training right into February. This year it was very different. Emelia needed to have the strong foundation of all the big tricks before the end of the summer and as a team they are already doing routines to clean them up and make sure they are perfect for competition. Not going to lie it has been beyond impressive to see where the girls are at this point. Emelia is looking tighter, stronger and more confident than I have ever seen before. We are so proud of all the work she has put, it really shows.

I try my best in the school week to come to see the last hour or more of practice but with earlier training and it being 4 hours coming for even the last two hours I haven’t seen her on the bars in months. This was the one area she has really come the furthest and was her biggest obstacle as a clean kip is fundamental to compete at level 4. Well she has it, apparently it looks amazing according to other parents who have seen it.

We were excited today with John’s day off that we might be able to see more of her training but sadly our girl has been hit with the cold that the daycare kids have shared. She tried so hard to make it, we even made it all the way to the gym before moving around made her feel like crap so we came home and Emelia slept much of the afternoon away. She’s a strong kid and rarely sick so hopefully she kicks this fast and is back to herself fast. Going to go spend some time snuggling with my girly and watch a movie – sometimes that is the best medicine.

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