Birthdays and Back to School

I am so happy! My best friends Anna & Grace are in my class again this year!

He said

What first seemed like a relatively quiet week on our radar got really busy before we knew it. I mean, as much as you think the week your daughter returns to school, you have your own birthday—as well as your neice’s, and… your wife’s aunt & uncle are visiting from BC and want to take you out for dinner. Of course I was being facetious about it being a quiet week, but originally we thought it would be just back to school.

Tuesday was Emelia’s first day back to school, and I had a shift that meant I had to kiss her goodbye and then head off to work. I got the play-by-play from Danielle at home via text. She was excited and a bit nervous but overall just very excited about the back-to-school outfit which is really what it’s all about. But, shortly after 9am I got the best news of all – after stressing all summer about the possibility of the twins being split up in classes and which one she might be paired with, she found out they were together. And she was with them!

That out of the way, the next priority was a visit from Danielle’s aunt & uncle in from BC and wanting take us out to dinner Wednesday. Originally we thought my schedule meant I would miss them, but thankfully Leigha, one of the managers at the store switched shifts with me so I could make it. We haven’t seen Paul & Sue since before Emelia was born. They’re from Danielle’s mother’s family (Paul was Danielle’s mother’s older brother). It was so great to see them and revisit some family memories that we just don’t get to as much with Danielle’s mother being gone. There was lots of laughter and some great reconnection, it was a great evening.

Friday was the next big day on our agenda. Aside from it being my birthday, I also had the day off work which meant a Chiropractor appointment, and a referral appointment for Emelia to a special dentist to see if she needed a partial labial frenectomy (which is basically a scalpel snip of the thing that connects from your upper lip to the gums between your two, front teeth). If they decided she needed it, they would do it then and there. They did, and given the choice of having it done now and getting it over with, or waiting to closer when she would need braces – I am so proud of her – she chose to get it over with! She was in a little pain the first day but since then – aside from some moments here and there – she has been fine.

We closed out my birthday with a nice glass of whiskey and, some fancy ice cream and watching the documentary of the last Tragically Hip tour which was fittingly being broadcast on The Movie Network for my birthday. After Emelia got off to bed, Danielle and I watched the reminder of what a truly remarkable thing their last tour was given that their singer Gord Downie was battling incurable brain cancer. It really brought Canadians together, and solidified a country’s love for the band and the national identity they reminded us to be proud of. There was no more perfect way to spend my birthday I am concerned.

And, on the topic of birthdays, it didn’t stop there. Tonight, we were over to Mom & Dad’s to gather with the family to celebrate our niece Zoe’s birthday. It was a bummer that Linda wasn’t feeling well enough to make the trip down with David & the kids, but we can appreciate as she is in her own battle and we want her to feel better. The rest of the family gathered and we had Zoe’s favourite (and mine too): Tacos! Greg & Testza did a wonderful job of the food and as usual we did a wonderful job of singing Happy Birthday in a way that almost scares the birthday child – it’s tradition. As usual there was lots of laughter, good food and family. It was the perfect way to close out a week that had so many milestones and moments.

She said

I am convinced that we just do not like to have a quiet week. Emelia had a week of training so I figured hey let’s do a million things every single night of the week. Starting out the week was getting Emelia off to grade 6, yes I know how did that happen? I swear yesterday we were taking her off to JK and now she is in grade 6. She carefully picked out her first day of school outfit and hairstyle perfectly reflecting her exact style. She was nervous the weeks leading into school, first was the worry which of her friends she was going to be separated from, second was grade 6 and being able to keep up with the school work. Thankfully so far both haven’t been a problem.

We walked with her best friends the first day of school and watched the girl reconnect with all their friends. The girls all stood there nervously making small talk until they saw the two grade 6 teachers approach with their clipboards. The girls walked up and were so happily surprised that most of their group of friends were able to stay together. Much to the happiness of Emelia, Anna, Grace and Evelyn they were all in class together. Their friends Hayden and Nika were in the other class but have spent every recess together all week. So the girls are very happy.

With the first day of school in the books Emelia rushed off quickly to the twins house to celebrate their youngest sister’s 5th birthday. I was able to join them at the end before having to rush off to an eye exam for both Emelia and I and then after off to order her new glasses. We arrived back home exhausted and ready to call it a night after such a busy first day.

Wednesday was another busy day with chiropractic adjustments for both Emelia and I before rushing off to Under the Volcano to visit with my Aunt Sue and Uncle Paul. I have been looking forward to this dinner for ages, Aunt Sue had contacted me months ago saying she was going to be in Ontario following my cousin’s wedding and wanted to touch base with both myself and my sister. Throughout the almost 25 years since my mum passed away my Aunt Sue has always kept contact with me, we talk often and she has always been there for me in the darkest of the days and years following my mom’s death and everything else life threw at John and I leading to becoming parents. She was always there whenever I needed a family connection. So needless to say she is beyond special to me. Sadly with the costs of flights across the country we haven’t seen my Aunt Sue and Uncle Paul since my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary in 2005. So they have never met Emelia and have only met John once.

The visit was incredible but too short of course. We shared lots of laughs, caught up and most important to us is they got to meet Emelia and listen endlessly to her stories about gymnastics. Thanks so much Aunt Sue for taking the time to always be there for me when I really needed you, it means more than words can ever express.

In a blink of an eye we were at Thursday which was meet the teacher night and other trip to the mall to get things settled away on Emelia’s glasses order and start shopping for all the birthday celebrations this weekend.

Friday was a special day, but so busy I feel like we didn’t really get a chance to celebrate John. The biggest thing that side-railed his celebration was the fact that Emelia had to get some minor dental surgery that took front stage that day. From what John had said she handled it like a trooper, she was sore after obviously but took everything in stride. The week was over before we knew it, and two tired parents and a sore and tired little girl were ready to take it really easy. John got to enjoy the whiskey we got him for his birthday and we settled in for the night.

Saturday John had to work but Emelia and I were busy again, finishing the birthday shopping for Zoe and getting a few other things done before we headed over to her gymnastic’s besties birthday celebration. It was perfect low key party with just Emelia, Olivia, Kathleen and Olivia’s best friend from school. The girls had a great time before the parents returned after for a glass of wine and to hang out before heading home.

Today we started our new normal, back to the grind of gymnastics. We are now on the new school year schedule so nights after school will become very busy. I was finally able to see her train for the first time since June and wow the progress is amazing in such a short period of time. She just loves her team and coach and all the new routines. Once training was wrapped up Emelia and I quickly packed things up, met John at home and off we went for Zoe’s birthday celebration at Helen and Doug’s.

Tonight was all about Zoe and family. I cannot believe our wee girl is turning 2!!! She is becoming such a little ham full of personality. I adore watching Emelia with her, the girls just adore each other. I love seeing their connection. The night went by so fast and before we knew it it was almost 9 and we had two very tired girls who really needed to get home and to bed.

I would like to say that next week will be quieter but that’s not likely going to be the case for a long time. Life is busy but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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