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I am finally over this tummy bug!

Editor’s Note: Since it is Mother’s Day, we’ve given Danielle the night off the blog.

We said

Normally when Emelia gets sick, shes’ very much like me in that she gets the bug and it cycles through her in 48 hours. In the middle of that there, there sure is some crappy feeling but the time we’re sidelined is pretty minimal. That’s why when Emelia was still feeling like crud come Monday, and we kept her home from school again, it started getting a little concerning. She had absolutely no appetite and even less energy.

By Monday night she was starting to show a little bit of energy and was starting to get a tiny bit of appetite. Knowing the next day at school was the school Track & Field meet, Emelia started asking if she could go back to school so she could compete. Since she was finally showing energy and appetite we very conditionally said yes, provided she got a good night of sleep, ate well that evening and in the morning. She did both of those so off Danielle was with Emelia in the morning to talk with her teacher to make sure that she didn’t overdo it, giving her the greenlight to send home at the slightest sign of her not feeling well. She did end up making it through the whole day, however she came home just exhausted. She went straight back to bed and spent the rest of the evening there.

Wednesday she was back home for the day and with that Danielle and Emelia were off to our Family Doctor to make sure this wasn’t anything serious. They ordered some precautionary blood work and stool testing to be certain, but our Doctor was very confident it was just the stomach virus going  knocked down with it over a week. Thursday was a bit more of the same but by the time the evening rolled around she was finally showing some appetite again, and more importantly energy. For the first time in a week Emelia and Danielle got out of the house in the evening, coming to the mall to visit me on my dinner break. We finally were seeing smiles and laughter from which was a huge reassurance to us! And she was ready to go back to school!

So, Friday finally she was back to school, did the whole day, came home and was ready for gymnastics. The 5 pounds she lost, and I am sure strength too, was noticeable at gymnastics, but like a trooper she make it through the entire three hour practice and said aside from feeling a little more tired than normal, she felt well! So the rest of the weekend her food intake returned, as did her energy and her personality. Mind you I worked all weekend, but Emelia and Danielle were up to all of the weekend routine without incident. It’s so good to see her back!

Now for Danielle… This week has been the epitome of everything I love about the mother she is. The second Emelia became sick, she – like she always does – effortlessly shifted gears immediately to taking care of her without hesitation. As much as I try and help out and ask as much as I can, there is so much more that she does because that’s just who she is and who she learned to be from her mother. I am in awe of energy & care and just how selfless she is. But the best part is, that I know in my heart that her mother would be so proud and amazed by her too. It sucks that Danielle doesn’t get that validation, but I hope that she knows how much she reminds me of all the great things about her Mom. Thank you Danielle, Happy Mother’s Day!

And my Mom… When People learn that I am one of four boys, the reaction is always the same: ‘Your poor mother!’ and I’d always respond with ‘you’re right’. But those of you that know our family and how tightly knit we are, also know exactly where that comes from. We’re sure to look out for each other and make sure we’re always included and together. And that all goes back to Mom and the job she did with us growing and to this day – dividing a Toblerone chocolate bar right down to the last morsel to ensure no one kid got equal and no more than the other. Thank you Mom, Happy Mother’s Day.

And to all the other Mothers out there: Happy Mother’s Day!

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