Spring starts when a heartbeat’s pounding

I am really excited about my gymnastics competition this Friday!

He said

We’re still watching (or being forced to watch) a lot of hockey around this house. And while that no longer includes our beloved London Knights as they final tempted the game seven and overtime gods one too many times and lost to Erie in a nail biter of a game Tuesday night in OT. That left us with one team to focus our playoff allegiances on in the Toronto Maple Leafs. They’re in tough against the Washington Capitals but doing a lot better than anyone thought they might. As the time of typing this, on our usual Sunday deadline, I’m watching the afternoon Boston, Ottawa in their game as the precursor to Toronto and Washington doing the same tonight. It’s been an exciting and surprising first round of the playoffs—especially considering no one pegged the Leafs to make it. They’re down 3 games to 2, so we’re really hoping for a win tonight to force a game 7 on Tuesday.

With the weather turning beautifully into Spring we’ve spent a lot more time outside. One of the focuses outside this year for us is the deck and patio. When we moved in the backyard had a deck that we knew one day would need to be redone. We’ve managed to squeeze far more years than we thought we might, but now, we can’t put it off any longer with some of the boards in pretty bad shape. As its behind the house and a less traffic-ridden area, we’ve been able to avoid it. The steps for the front porch and our fence was the priority a two summers much like the deck is this year. As much as we don’t want to pay for it,  we’re kind of excited about having something we like that was our idea and not the original owner.

Danielle and I have been back, forth and all over on what we want to do with the yard. While for many of the ideas we weren’t on the same page, we finally came to an agreement on something we both think will work perfectly for what we need/want. Behind the house and across the length of the back end of our property, we’re thinking we will put larger, square patio stones. That will give us a good base for the wood playhouse we just got, as well as the BBQ and a new, bigger shed that will give us more storage. And then we will take out what was the patio at the back end of the yard and have a wood deck, tied in to the fence posts that are already there. It will be a little platform, big enough for a seat set, and will be just elevated from ground level.

Oddly enough because of the layout of our yard in relation to our side and back neighbours, this will give us a little more secluded place to sit, but will also allow us to see and have conversations with people on the front porch for those rare times that we may have bigger gatherings at our house. The added bonus is it will give Danielle a much better place to see all the daycare kids at play in the yard or porch as they spend as much of the days they can outside when the weather is nice enough to.

So with the idea of what we want to do finally settled on, we’ve had some people we know who do this sort of work come over to look and measure while we explain what we want to do. We’re hoping our ideas aren’t too expensive to have come to life. And that it can be done sooner than later as we’d like to have a place to set up the propane fire pit Danielle & Emelia got me for Christmas and have some evening campfires just like we love to do camping.

Emelia this week has been focused on two things: practicing her routine for her upcoming gymnastics meet this weekend in London; and, earning allowance whatever way she can so she can get this mermaid tail bathing suit thing she has not stopped talking about for months. Both are going well. The mermaid tail costs $140 so we have encouraged her that the only way she was going to get it was by saving her money that she gets for allowance and as gifts until she has enough. She’s got a good portion of it set aside not far off from what she needs, but it’s been a really good lesson in the cost of things and what you have to do in order to get things. I’m impressed with her focus because quite honestly I expected she was going to lose interest a moth ago but she hasn’t.

We have Emelia’s competition this Friday and it’s in London so we’re excited that family that wants to, will be able to come see her perform. We’re excited of course to see what she learned from the last competition and how she dials it in for this one. We’re all off all next weekend so we will have a great weekend together to look forward to after the competition. And hopefully this time next week, we’re still talking about the Maple Leafs in the playoffs!


She said

For a short week it was crazy busy. Between some pretty squirrelly kids some pretty crazy weather and lots going on it was a week that was packed from start to finish.

The entire week was lots of fun learning and teaching surrounding the wellness business. This has always been such a passion for me and to be able to do this is a natural wellness support is really a dream come true. The week was packed, I am always learning, in addition to my online learning I am also taking an incredible course about self awareness and how we know how to coach and lead while dealing with our own limiting beliefs in ourselves. It has been incredible and really eye-opening.

The learning and all the support around the essential oils was the central focus for me this weekend. After a long work week with the daycare I was happy to shift gears to share and learn with some incredible women. I have been so inspired by the women in John’s extended family and they have been so supportive. I was invited on Saturday to an appreciation and share afternoon at Lisa’s farm. Lisa is John’s first cousin and my wellness mentor. I am so grateful for her continued support. I knew that she was opening her home to many but to see so many women in our family there was incredible. I was able to catch up with so many family members and Emelia got to spend the afternoon with her cousin. It really was a perfect afternoon.

Today we shifted gears and I had my first class here in London. Lisa along with another advocate came down to London to support and help me with this first class. I was a bit stressed about it just because this is out of my normal comfort zone but once we all started chatting and sharing it was so natural that all the nerves of speaking to a group went right away. I am in awe of Lisa’s knowledge and thought I feel I know a lot I know that it is always growing, learning and evolving. The class was fantastic!

Before I knew it the weekend was nearly over so I will wrap up quickly because I want to squeeze the last few hours out of this beautiful day and spend time as a family before we are back to the grind tomorrow.

Next week is a shorter week because Emelia has her next gymnastics competition on Friday so I know this will be another whirl-win week for sure!

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