Closing the rings!

I got to go to the gym and workout with Daddy. I got to show him my routine too!

He said

With the Fitness Challenge in full swing, this week the focus for me was really about ensuring I was closing the rings every single day by getting in the exercise I needed to, to do so. As much as I have great distaste for going to the gym after my work day because mostly I just want to be home with my ladies to relax and unwind, I needed to get past that notion because some days that was the only time in the day I could get to the gym save for getting up at some ungodly hour before work and hoping I didn’t sweat the first hour I was at work. Thankfully, we’re a week solid into the challenge and I haven’t missed a single day closing the rings. And some days I even get joined at the gym by Danielle and Emelia to boot!

And while it is a bit early to get focused on the weigh scale looking for results, I did take a step on it Thursday afternoon just to get a pulse check of where I was at. I had weighed myself just prior to beginning the challenge so that I had a starting point that I could compare to at the end of the month. I had no hopes when stepping on the scaled to see much of a difference because in reality, I was only nine days into the challenge. So I was a little surprised to already see a positive impact in my weight direction. Already I was eight pounds less than I was when I started the challenge. I know I have been working my butt off every day to close the rings, but it was pretty reassuring to have some results already to show for it!

After our great visit with Charlie, Todd and Marshall a few weeks back, we decided that we would look into taking one of our camping weeks in Wolfie up to their neck of the woods. Being nestled in Muskoka which is a prime camping and cabin area of our province made it an easy decision. It also helped that there is a beautiful provincial park about forty minutes from their house that more than a few friends have raved about. Our week at Bon Echo in August was not up for debate as The Wolfe Island Music Festival will be back this year so those plans are all but cemented. What was open for a change was our camping week during the week Canada Day falls. So last week, we regretfully lacked to mention that we booked a week at Arrowhead Provincial Park in the heart of The Muskoka’s. We’ll be close enough that we visit Charlie, Todd & Marshall, and being that it is cottage country not short of amazing scenery and things to do.

The fact that we’re starting to finalize plans for our summer camping trips and thinking about Wolfie being back in our driveway ready to hook up and escape leaves me a little optimistic that this winter we’re knee deep in will soon be over and gone will be shovels and snow, boots and in their place sandals and campfires! And there’s no better thought because as I type this a blizzard outside is blowing and laying down and thick blanket of snow that I will undoubtedly have to get up earlier tomorrow to shovel the driveway clear from. At least that will help me close a few rings!


She said

Fitness was the focus for sure this week, we have always been an active family and tried to have Emelia involved as much as possible but this week we took it to the next step. With John in full fitness challenge mode it was the perfect kick in the ass to get myself back on track to fitness. I had admittedly been pretty lax over the last few months about getting to the gym and my energy level was really feeling it. As the winter drags on it is so important that we keep ourselves busy and active.

The next step for us making fitness part of our family’s day to day was to get Emelia even more involved. This week after chatting with the staff at the gym we found out that Emelia was old enough finally to be part of the youth fitness program. After bringing her with me to work out on the cardio machines earlier in the week I had her signed up for the full orientation. She was able to learn how to use a few of the weight machines and have a program set up set for her including cardio, metabolics and weights. She loved it! It has not been a struggle at all to get Emelia to the gym with me at all this weekend and we got to have 4 days together working out and she even pulled a double gym day when she went with her daddy last night after being in the pool for class earlier in the day. She is an active little girl and I hope that we have set her up to be active throughout her life.

With some great workouts under our belt this week we all felt great and were ready to take on the world. John unfortunately had to work all weekend, but with the gym some errands and a long play date with her besties we filled our weekend quickly. The big event for Emelia this weekend was the last step of her birthday party. On Friday I got a message from the art studio we had her birthday letting me know that her canvas was ready for pick up. After getting a few other errands done we made our way over to the studio to pick it up. And its perfect! The colours were amazing and its perfect in her room. We are about 90% done on her room, we have a few more touches to put on but it is the perfect transition room – it is a blend between girl and pre-teen.

That was the week that was, this week is going to be another busy one but we are all focusing on the upcoming long weekend – this coming weekend is family day weekend and we have 3 whole days off together – I cannot wait!

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