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Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 9.21.43 PMI finished 14th in my Cross Country Finals race. I was first for the kids from my school!

IMG_3006He said

This was one of those weeks where it was easily understandable why we arrived at the decision to add a second car in our driveway. It seemed like the entire week we were juggling schedule—going often in opposite directions. The most immediate benefit of having that car was that we said no to a lot less things this week as a result of being able to be in two places at one time. And even the couple of close shifts I had this week, failed to prevent Danielle from getting things that she needed to do in the evenings.

IMG_0002But the biggest advantage to having the car was felt this weekend when a few weeks ago invitations came for wedding showers for both of my brothers. The first was on Saturday for Testza with she and Greg tying the knot this upcoming weekend in a quiet and small ceremony in the afternoon of Halloween. The second was the family shower my aunt was hosting for Matthew and Shawn’s upcoming wedding at the end of November. With me working all weekend, and only one car, we would have either had to done some juggling to get us all where we needed to be, or – even worse – had to decline both events as we have done in the past. That was not the case having the second car.

IMG_0006My week was filled mostly with work. But, the biggest highlight of the week for me was being able to see Emelia’s run in the Thames Valley Cross Country Finals. In both of the races Emelia ran leading up to this event I wasn’t able to attend because of work. She finished 29th in her first competition ever and followed up that with a 9th place finish in the race that qualified runners for the finals. In that race the top four from her school would qualify for the finals, she was third, sandwiched between her best friends, the twins, and once again the top girl from her school actually placed first. We were elated that Emelia who was just joining the team because her friends did, ended up doing well enough to qualify for the regional finals.

IMG_0007Originally I was slated to work the Tuesday of the meet, but thankfully with the help of a couple of the other managers at the store, I was able to switch my shifts around to be able to go with Poppa out to Fanshawe Park where it was hosted and watch the race. It wasn’t until we got out there and I saw the sheer volume of kids competing in these finals that I started to get really nervous for our little girl. I was starting to feel butterflies in my tummy that I hadn’t felt since being a teenager at hockey tryouts and big hockey games.

IMG_0011When I heard the crack of the starter’s pistol and saw the sheer mass of Novice Girls take off I really started to feel the nerves. But when the herd got close enough that we could see faces there was our little girl in the front grouping maybe about 30 from the start. And she was passing girls. I could see her looking through the crowd for me and when we caught eyes and I yelled the obligatory “Go Emelia Go!”, I saw her stride find a new gear as she looked to move ahead of girls around her. And I started to feel all those feelings that parents do when they see their kids do something all on their own and do well at it.

IMG_0012I was literally shaking with the excitement and pride as I made my way over to another section of the 1500 metre course. As  I waited for what seemed an eternity to see their group approach, assuming that she might have now started to fall behind and preparing how I was going to give her an encouraging chat after about not maybe doing as well as she wanted, I was totally floored to see her with only 18 girls ahead of her and as I again chanted out “Go Emelia Go!” I saw her kick into another gear and pass the girl she was behind.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 9.22.46 PMIn the short section that remained in the race course, which involved an uphill section and a hairpin turn to bring her right up behind where I now was, she managed to pass 4 more girls and finish in 14th place! She still contends that two girls unfairly passed her at the end, when they’re not supposed to pass and she should have been 12th! I remind her every single time that 14th over all in the county is pretty darned good—even better when you consider that she finished 1st out of all the girls in her school, and ahead of the girl that was ahead of her every race previosuly.

IMG_0001I have never felt the level of feelings I had for her in that moment… or at least I haven’t had them at quite this level since she was born and I met her for the first time. I remember distinctly trying to keep myself together and not cry in the moment for the sheer pride I felt for her. But, I am also pretty certain that all the friends I ran into at that race, Dad, and all the other parents from her school too, could see the big, overwhelmed girl and the fending off tears look I had.

IMG_0034Thursday this week was Danielle’s birthday. And in true Danielle fashion, she wanted zero big deal made about her birthday. We long ago agreed that the espresso maker was our combined birthday/anniversary gift to each other. But, in her practicality I couldn’t even convince her that we could go out for dinner. She was much more content to have dinner at home together then then spend the gift card she was given by one of her friends at the mall on the sweaters she’s wanted. I can’t say that I’d argue with her on it being a great way to spend the night. It was a nice quiet evening together and those are some of my favourite memories I have had with her. So, Happy Birthday Danielle—here’s to many more non big deal days!

The rest of the week was really a blur of work for me. As I mentioned I worked all weekend and didn’t really see too much of my girls as we were all headed in different directions. Which is why I am ending my part here, so I can squeeze the last little bits of this weekend with them and some hugs and kisses.


IMG_0029She said

This week was an insanely busy week. As John has already mentioned Emelia had her big race for cross country. There are many huge advantages of running a home daycare when it comes to being home for Emelia but it was days like Tuesday that I would have loved to have an office job I could have taken an afternoon off to see our girl in her big race. I was a track runner in school so this is an activity that she has taken an interest in that is really close to my heart. I hated that I wasn’t there but so was so excited that John and Doug were both there able to get me lots of photos and videos of the race. I am so proud of her, she took on something new that she was unsure of and not only did she work hard she did amazing in her races. We are both so proud of her.

IMG_0429Thursday was my birthday, nothing exciting, just another year. We had a normal day and went out after dinner to the mall so I could pick up a little dessert treat and do a bit of shopping. I had received a gift card from one of my daycare families and with that I went and got myself a new sweater I had been wanting. It was a low key birthday which was pretty well what I wanted. A couple calls from family and time with Emelia and John and it was a perfect day.

The week was over in a blur, we had so many things going on that by the weekend we were pretty spent and it was only the beginning of all that was going on. This weekend was go-go-go from beginning to end. It was a great busy, all about celebrating the people we love and their upcoming marriages.

IMG_0426Greg and Testza are having a small intimate Halloween themed wedding next weekend so yesterday there was a small shower for Testza that was hosted by her mother. Perfectly fitting for Testza it was a halloween themed party. After bringing Emelia to Helen and Doug’s place in the later afternoon Testza picked me up and we made the hour or so ride first to Chatham to pick up her brother and his girlfriend and then on to Dresden to her mother’s place.

In Chatham we made a very brief pitstop as it turns out Testza’s brother John lives a block away from my last childhood home that we had a as a family. I snapped a quick picture and sent it off to John and my sister. The house didn’t feel at all like our home, it felt so different and looked so different. It was a little surreal being there as it has been about 10 years since I could bring myself to drive by it. It was a quick stop and then we were off for the shower.

IMG_3001The shower was a lot of fun, sharing stories with her family and getting to know Testza even more was incredible. I was so honoured to be there for our family and to welcome her more officially to our family although she has been family now for over 5 years. We are all pretty excited for this wedding next weekend, everyone is planning out their costumes and it is going to be amazing.

IMG_3010Now being an evening shower start about 1.5 hours away leaving Dresden then through Chatham after 12:00 meant that we didn’t get back to London in bed until 2:00 in the morning. The alarm (coupled with Skylar deciding last night was the night she would play a game of how many times can I meow to get on the bed) came FAR too early today. John had to go to work but I had to get up and get things going to get Emelia picked up to meet Greg, Testza and Vaughan early so we could do another drip down the 401 this time to Wallaceburg.

IMG_3013Today we had a larger family shower for Matthew and Shawn. This was a large extended family gathering at Aunt Bonnie’s in Wallaceburg. The most of the family was there, both extended family on both the Burgess and Teeter sides of the family. It was an amazing, loud, fun and incredible afternoon. We got to catch up with all the cousins, the next generation cousins got to play together and it was a perfect way to celebrate another wedding of two incredible people. Matthew and Shawn’s wedding is at the end of next month and they are in the tick of all the last minute details.

So as you can now see why I said the weekend was busy but in the best way possible. On that note I am going to crash, I am a little tired from all the driving back and forth and the later nights. So good-night for now. Next week we will have lots of pictures from the costume party wedding, we cannot wait!


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