A pretty great week – a trend ’round here.

headerI had TWO field trips at school this week, and the MAY FAIR my favourite event of the school year!

IMG_3028He said

This week was a little less eventful than last week in terms of news around the TeeterPod 3. I had a full week of work that included a split shift on Tuesday so we could have a Manager meeting in the morning, and had me back in the store to be the closing manager for the night. I was able to fit in both a workout and a haircut in between.

IMG_3022On my day off Thursday I was up in the morning early with Danielle and Emelia for the usual school run routine we have carved out, but once Danielle was back from that, I was working on getting Wolfie attached to the Pilot. We had an appointment for her with a guy in Sebringville (near Stratford) who specializes in fibreglass repairs on vintage trailers—and especially on Boler and Trillium models like ours.

IMG_3019By ten in the morning, I was loaded up and embarked on the hour trip to Sebringville. I made great time and it was a beautiful day for the drive. When I got there I met the guy and we talked all things trailers and through the couple of repairs we needed him to look at—most notably the hinge on the trailer door that for the second time in a year has stripped loose and come apart. Thankfully he’s worked at this type of repair more than a few times and had a couple of ideas of how he would be able to tackle it. And the best part was it won’t cost too terribly much and he should be able to have it done the week before our trip to Bon Echo Park and Ottawa to see our friend Jim and his family.

IMG_3018What’s also cool about this guy is that he is a bit of a fibreglass trailer historian and buff. He has collections of parts and pieces from his connections and work he has done. I managed to get a much better spare tire bumper mount for next to nothing. And I am pretty sure we’ll be able to – with his help – sort out both the furnace as well as the battery solution so we can truly have some off-the-grid camping which will come in handy for the trip to the Wolfe Island Music Festival, where that is a must.

IMG_3017I was wrapped up and done with him and headed back home by noon. I did of course make a requisite side trip in to Stratford to get an Americano to go for the road. Thankfully one of the managers at our store lives in Stratford and was able to – over messages sent from our Watches – quickly suggest a fantastic place to get that in Revel Cafe. I got my dose of caffeine and hit the road—again to the tune of an absolutely beautiful day.

IMG_3016I was home in time to get a workout in at the gym in the afternoon and to help with Danielle with the daycare kids. Around the time that Danielle was going to head over to the school to pickup Emelia I headed off to Costco with a grocery list to help save Danielle that wonderful task that evening. By doing that Danielle was able to get a workout in at the gym, while Emelia and I were able to go for open swim at the gym. In the end It felt like a very busy, but productive day.

IMG_3014Friday was all about one thing: The May Fair at school. Emelia looks forward to this every year since the year before she started going to school. I had to work until six that day, so it was set that I was meeting up with Danielle and Emelia the second I got home from work. When I did, I found Emelia covered head to toe in pigments of the rainbow from the Colour Run activity and bouncing around with a smile ear-to-ear with all her best buds in tow. It was so great to see her living well out of her shy side and into her total comfort zone.

IMG_3008We stayed for another couple of hours until it was after eight and Danielle and I both realized we were famished and nothing at home ready for us to devour. Much to Emelia’s dismay, we decided it was time to leave the May Fair and try and find some food for Mummy and Daddy. Begrudgingly, Emelia agreed. And off to The Bangkok Pad Thai for some carry out for Danielle and I.

The rest of the weekend was work for me. In both Saturday and Sunday, I really only got time with the girls in the evening. Bonus that neither shift was one that took me past Emelia’s bedtime so we got to have the evenings together which was really nice. Tomorrow I am off and Friday as well as Sunday too!

IMG_2984Being that I got my part of the post early this week again it means chances are good that Danielle and I are going to spend a good portion of this evening catching up on Game of Thrones episodes. Seems like a perfect way and place to close out a pretty great week.


She said

This week was quite a busy one for Emelia so it certainly flew by. She had two field trips that Poppa was able to go to both, May Fair, Hip Hop class, swim with daddy and three playdates this weekend. It was a full week for sure.

IMG_1325The week started normally, this week however John had more close shifts than normal which means that I have no ability to get to the gym in the evening. So I decided that I would go back to what I did before Emelia was born and go when the gym opened. I love going in the morning, the one hour less sleep in the morning gives me the kick in the morning to get the workouts in, figure if I am dragging my tired ass to the gym that early I am going to make it worth it. Now it will take time to adjust to this new schedule but I do love how quiet the gym is that early in the morning.

By mid-week I was in a good stride getting up that early and was feeling much better during the day, more awake, more energized and less aches. So win-win all around.

IMG_1323Emelia’s calendar this week certainly kept me busy. Tuesday she had her first of two field trips. This one was to Greenview Aviaries about 1.5 hours away. Emelia was over the moon that Poppa was able to go and that she was matched up with her BFF Anna for the trip down. She loved the zoo and even more so the zip-line they had set up in the playground. The day was hot but it sounds like the kids had a great time. When I spoke to her teacher the next day she said that that was the quietest ride on a school bus returning she had even been on, a ton of the kids fell asleep on the way back. Even Emelia admitted she and Anna attempted to get a bit of sleep.

IMG_1322Wednesday was a normal school day, the weather was amazing so we spent every possible second we could outside. I had some very tired daycare kids and a tired little girl. The fresh air and lots and lots of time to run and play is certainly doing them all some good.

Friday was another field trip, this time to Western as a special playdate with the kids from another school. All year they have been teamed up with another grade 2 class from another school doing pen pals in her class. This week they finally got a chance to meet face to face in a morning of games and activities. According to another grandma that I was speaking to at the end of the day they kids had a great time. This is more of an update that I got from Miss E, which was ‘we played it was fun’. That is about much details and I can get from her most days.

IMG_1302And then we came to Friday evening, the activity of the week that she was looking forward to more than anything. Put it this way, she willingly gave up her beloved gymnastics so she could spend the evening with her friends.

And what a night, they really do an amazing job at this annual fundraiser, the kids loved the Photo Booth, colour run, face painting, games, dance party prizes and basically running around with all the freedom of sending 3 hours with their friends going from one activity to the other. Emelia wanted to be there the second it opened it was dragging her out 3 hours later when they closed the fair down. All in all it is our favourite event of the year, we love seeing a whole other side of Emelia, the amazing loving, funny and now outgoing girl with her closest friends.

IMG_1298The weekend was now upon us and John sadly had to work so it was a weekend trying to find fun activities for her and I to do to fill our weekend with fun activities. A few texts later and we had a full agenda.

Saturday after bringing John to work Emelia and I came home and got a few things done around the house before heading off to her weekly swim class. It was a battle, in spite being a great swimmer and having a lot of fun once she is there each week is a battle royale to get her there. Once there she was happily playing and learning.

IMG_2981Once class was done it was a quick trip home for some lunch and then off to three of our favourite girls. An afternoon with Komal, Dhiya & Simiya’s place to have swim in their new pool. Our three little fish happily played in the water for about an hour before the skies opened up and one of the worst sudden rainstorms was upon us. It was feirce and damaging (lots of posts online about local damage). The storm was pretty short lived and once it was done the girls were back outside playing outside. The three as a group get along amazing. They were getting along so well that the Glavin girls begged their mom for Emelia to stay for dinner. It was a great long afternoon and early evening visit with them. They really are one of my favourite families and are more like family so I adore spending as much time with them as I can.

FullSizeRenderOnce the girls reluctantly said good-bye to each other Emelia and I were off to the mall to get John from work. We had a great evening together as a family before getting a tired little girl to bed. John and I spent the night with some wine and catching up on Game of Thrones.

And now we come to today, the weather with the storm yesterday brought a sudden cold front though and the temps dropped from the 30s yesterday to a chilly and rainy 9 degrees today. A perfect day for errands, craft planning and playdates with friends.

FullSizeRender 2Originally we had a play date planned for Sunday afternoon with one of my closest friends and her daughter only. But a text while Emelia and I were shopping for craft supplies for the play date with Maria and Emma changed our plans a bit. The text was from Susan the mom of Emelia’s best friends saying they were coming back early from their weekend trip to their cottage because of the crappy weather and did the girls want to have a play together. It took no time and we had another craft play date planned. Emelia and I were off to get some different craft supplies for this play and then home for lunch.

After getting her homework done and lunch in her belly I sent a text to Susan telling her it was a green light to send the twins over for the early afternoon. The girls painted BFF picture frames and room plaques for about an hour the then moved to Emelia’s room to play and plan a dance performance to put on for me. The two plus hours few by and it took some convincing that we really had to say good-bye so we could head over to our last activity of the day.

Earlier in the week I had planned time with one of my best friends and her daughter so we could catch up and the girls could play. Maria and I have known each other for going on 20 years, we have seen each other through just about everything and right now I am trying to be her ally and friend though her life now. Maria is more like a sister to me than a close friend and all I want to do is help her through everything she is going through right now. She is an amazing strong woman, an incredible mother and a trusted friend. It was great to spend a few hours with her and just be together.

And that was basically the week that was, this coming week should be a bit quieter, the only real big thing on the agenda is appliance shopping as our washer and dryer on their last legs and all the band-aid fixes we have tried over the years has been exhausted. So as much I loathe the idea of buying replacements ones the 5+ hours it takes to dry one load of laundry and a washer that does not clean clothes anymore means that we have put this off as long as we can. So yeah more money out….

I am going to drown this in the butchery of Game of Thrones and maybe come wine. Until next week….

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