House of ailments…

IMG_1813I have spent every single moment I have building and decorating different play areas for my American Girl Dolls. Mummy and Daddy say they’re going to have to move out of the house soon to make room.

IMG_0912He said

As the title suggests this week, it was a revolving door of ailments in our house that made it’s way through us in all manner and forms. One of the down sides of having the day care in the house is that every day we’re introduced to the germs and bugs of five other kids. But, in some ways that has actually – I think – made us, and Emelia especially, more robust when it fending off and recuperating from colds.

This week however, started out with tweaked neck muscle for me. Tuesday morning in the shower, after a not particularly great sleep I noticed a slight twinge in my neck as I was getting clean. As the day progressed on, I noticed my neck get stiffer and stiffer. By Wednesday I was hardly able to turn my neck. Which is what prompted Danielle to get ahold of Loren the RMT we visit and get me in for a rush one hour appointment on Thursday morning, before I headed in to work.

IMG_0913After an hour on Loren’s table I was immeasurably better and pretty much had my complete range of motion back. Everything was fine until I went to bed that night. Another rotten sleep later and I woke up just as stiff as I had been, and I actually made the decision not to go to my much beloved Friday morning hockey despite having my bag packed and by the front door the night before. Robax and hot showers have been what has kept it at bay for the last few days, and I have come to the conclusion that getting old sucks.

In the midst of all of this, Danielle was challenged with very upset tummy Thursday afternoon. She spent pretty much the evening having naps on the couch while Emelia entertained herself and then was in bed for the night once Emelia was off to sleep. Friday all day she felt completely spent and exhausted. After soldiering through the day we all felt a little better.

Friday evening, we all convened at different times (I worked until seven) at Mom & Dad’s to celebrate a belated birthday for our niece Amy. Her birthday is a few days apart from Emelia’s but this year we didn’t get together because it was right after my brother David’s bypass surgery. He just this week was cleared to drive so his family took the opportunity to fly the coup and get down to London. It was great to see the whole family back together—especially after this major surgery for David. We had a great time and got Emelia to bed well after her bed time completely off her rocker on sugar and excitement.

IMG_0911On Saturday it was back to battling away with this stiff neck, I didn’t notice the stomach bug creeping up on me Saturday afternoon. I worked until seven that night and by the time Emelia and Danielle met me at the store I was feeling pretty tired. Both Danielle and I decided to skip dinner as neither of us felt hungry and it was another early bedtime for the two of us. Thankfully I was off today, because I spent from two in the morning to almost five dealing with the wrath of whatever intestinal warfare was going on. I ended up sleeping in till well past eleven today and not moving much farther from the bed.

It ended up being a rotten family day for the three of us – especially when we so look forward to the times I am actually off on a weekend day to enjoy with Danielle and Emelia. While Danielle and Emelia got out of the house to run some errands and find things to do, I never left the bed.

I did start feeling a bit better by the late afternoon, and by the early evening was even able to have supper. But I will tell you one thing, I am certainly thankful that I am not starting work until one in the afternoon tomorrow. I know this wasn’t the most exciting of weeks to recount, but here’s to hoping we’re all mended up by next week and have a lot more fun than foul in our weekly post.

IMG_0907With Emelia off to bed, I am going to pass the keyboard over to Danielle and then plan our early bedtime. Here’s to mending!


She said

In spite of a not ideal week health wise I actually had a good week and so did Emelia. Emelia was home this week from school for her spring break and Emelia and I had a lot of time together which we both loved. This week I ‘hired’ Emelia to be my daycare helper and she was an amazing help around the house. She helped with crafts, games and play with the kids. The motivation of extra allowance money certainly helped!

IMG_0923Now the week for her wasn’t all ‘helping’ mommy with the daycare kids, I did my best to have some fun activities set up for her so she could enjoy her week off as well. So combined with being my right hand, on Tuesday she went to Poppa to the Pioneer Village to do a fun craft day and play helper to Poppa around the village, on Wednesday morning she and her best friends went to the Sugar Bush, on Thursday afternoon she was once again invited to play with her best friends but this time to see the new Cinderella movie, on Friday she was home with me again, we had our day filled with crafts, play at the park and hanging out with mommy and planning her doll house.

IMG_0910Now it wasn’t all roses this week, Thursday as John mentioned I woke feeling like crap, all day I was exhausted, being like I was going to be sick and generally trying to will the clock to go faster so I could crash for the night. As the last daycare child left for the day I made Emelia dinner, set her up with a movie after in the living room with me and crashed. She quietly and sweetly rested with me as I got some sleep. After a few hours it was time for me to get the energy up to get Emelia bathed and to bed herself before moving to our bedroom and resting for the night. A long sleep later I woke feeling at least a fair bit more human and back to work. The joys of being sick as a mom is that you don’t really get to be sick.

Before I knew the week was over and we were moving into the weekend. John had to work yesterday so Emelia and I took care of the errands and chores around the house after spending most of the day out. Emelia’s obsession continues to be creating a doll house for her American Girls which means my weekends between our required errands we are going from second hand store, to craft stores and basically anywhere else she might find the treasures to make her own creations for the doll house. She has been so creative with everything and I have loved working with her to create this personal fantasy land of her own making. By the end of Saturday with shopping done we were all spent and ready to be home and crashing hard for the night.

20150318_110451Today was well uneventful because poor John had been hit the hardest with the latest virus going around the city. I cannot go on Facebook without seeing half my friends themselves sick with this bug or their children with it. This late winter/early spring has been horrible for illness and our house was hit. John was up most of the night and that meant he was in bed most of the day. I had tried to keep Emelia occupied and distracted but in time she was getting punchy being trapped in the house while I got all the housework done.

So in the early afternoon I took her out to just putter around, we went to the bookshop, pet store, craft store, toy store all just looking around and filling our afternoon. By the time we got home a few hours later John was at least upright and we could spend a bit of time together before dinner and getting Emelia to sleep.

So needless to say today was not the family day we had hoped it would be, but there will be more soon and we can make up for this gong show of a week and weekend.

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