Marshall, Marshall, Marshall!

IMG_0072I finally got to meet my brand new cousin Marshall this week and I love him!

IMG_0088He said

So… yah… in the middle of the day on Monday Aunt Charlie and Uncle Todd welcomed Marshall into the world and finally gave us a name to the little boy we have been waiting to meet for nine whole months. By all accounts the birth was great and everyone was doing well, settling in to new  family  life by early evening. And Danielle and Emelia were soaking in every pic that Uncle Todd was sharing the moment they became available. And needless to say, Friday couldn’t come soon enough for any of us, as that was the day we had planned to go down to Toronto to meet him.

The rest of the week flew by in a breeze of Christmas planning, shopping and hunting for more objects for the front room. The pace at the store has definitely started to pick up as people are putting together their Santa lists and it makes for days that are over in the blink of an eye.

IMG_0112Before we knew it we were through the week and mapping out our one-day whirlwind trip down to Toronto to meet Marshall for the first time. We were up early of course at ‘Emelia O’clock’ and ready to strike out. Of course passing by Ikea wasn’t an option and thankfully we were able to grab a  couple of necessities that Charlie and Todd were needing too. By lunch time we were at their apartment with Subway for everyone and getting to know Marshall and his sleep/feeding patterns.

It’s funny the stuff you forget about fussing and fretting over as a new parent as you grow into parents of a toddler and then fiercely independent school-aged kid. I remember thinking how loud Emelia’s newborn cry was and that it must be the loudest thing the world has ever heard—that was until we hit the defiant times of two, and I was introduced to what my childhood tantrums must have felt like when Emelia turned four.

IMG_0113There are definitely some things that I miss about her as a completely dependent newborn, but there are also some things I would never want back too as once was enough. Parenting, I’ve come to learn is forever learning to love and adore the stage you are currently in, and embracing and soaking it all in because it too shall change.

We had a fantastic all-day visit with the three of them and struck out back for home in the early evening after we had some supper. By the time we got home, Emelia was zonked and while late to bed, a breeze to get to sleep. Danielle and I however had a project—putting together an Ikea dresser we bought on sale—that I foolishly decided at 10pm would be a good thing to do before getting to sleep. It was after midnight before we marked it complete, and man did I pay for that the next morning when I opened the store at 8am!

After work on Saturday Danielle planned a fun night of driving around the city to visit some of the most amazingly outrageous Christmas light displays. When they came to get me at the mall at the end of my shift, Emelia was literally jumping out of her shoes. I can’t say that I wasn’t that excited either if I am being honest. We made it to the two most notorious of neighbourhoods and got out on foot to walk around and really inspect them. It was a festive delight that ended with Danielle and I watching a holiday favourite Love Actually after Emelia was off to slumbersville.

IMG_0133And today was a bit of a surprise end to the week. Our friends The Good Lovelies were playing a Christmas Show at Centennial Hall that we had forgotten was coming up and was today. We had gotten a message that we were on the guest list, so made fast order of getting me from work and down to the show in a record time of about 15 minutes flat.

It was the perfect way to end the week. And even though it meant we’re getting to this much later than normally and will pretty much forgo vegging on the couch in lieu of going straight to bed, it was the cherry on top of a pretty amazing week!


She said

This week was packed from start to finish and with al the right things, Christmas and family!

IMG_0142Monday was the day we have been waiting for since the day my sister told me she was expecting. After waiting for the longest nine months we were over the moon excited to hear about the safe arrival of Marshall, offically Marshall James Peter (James and Peter after the two grandfathers) weighing in at 9 lbs and 5 oz. and perfect in every way. Thanks to modern technology and social media within minutes of his birth we were receiving pictures to be part of every moment of the day. I wanted more than anything to be there the day he was born but my sister said that we would not see her until later in the day and she really would rather we came down once she was home and we could really have a visit.

IMG_0133With a safe little boy arriving I finally could bring myself to buy things I had been wanting to get him. The first was for my sister. Like me she has a Pandora bracelet and I wanted her to have somethings simple to signify the moment her son was born so I found a sweet it’s a boy charm, nothing flashy or girly but understated and classic which suited my sister perfectly. I then bought him some books that were favourites the I read to Emelia as a baby. I have to admit I was quite emotional buying her things, Charlie and I are very close and I have hated that we live two hours away while she goes through this life changing event. We text daily but it hasn’t been the same. Buying books that I loved reading my daughter just made me feel like we were just that much closer to sharing the same events in our lives. I wanted to also buy books that I know our mother would have loved to give her since she isn’t here to give them to her herself.

IMG_0162Wednesday there was another big event that John didn’t mention because this week was so packed life went by in a blur. I finished my work day and then went immediately into a daycare interview with a now new family and then the second John got home from work he helped Emelia get ready for her big night. The annual Holiday music concert at her school. For the second year Emelia is in the school’s junior choir. Wednesday was the big holiday music night that had three choirs and the orchestra performing. The small school gym was packed as it always is but we thankfully had a good vantage point to see Emelia perform her groups songs. She was so proud and we just loved seeing her sing with her friends.

IMG_0164The rest of the week was a blur until we came to Friday, Friday was really the day of the week we were all looking forward to. The day we met Marshall. As I was saying to Charlie all week, I just never thought I could love someone so much I never met. I wait each day for another photo of my beautiful nephew and I could not wait to snuggle with him. And either could Emelia. We were up early and once we got ourselves in order we were off. We made a quickish stop at ikea to get some new towels, a second dresser for our bedroom to give me some much needed storage and finally a mirror for the never ending decorating project that is the living room. Charlie also had a list she needed so we grabbed some things for them as well. After we grabs subs for everyone and a salad for me we finally arrived at Charlie and Todd’s apartment.

IMG_0169Marshall is as perfect as perfect could be. He is doing amazing, Charlie and Todd are settling into parenthood beautifully and we could not be happier. Emelia is completely in love, she wanted to hold and snuggle with him as many times as she could. And she was so sweet and gentle with him. She just adored him. I got in as many snuggles as I could as well. He is such a great baby, I am so happy for Todd and Charlie that he is seems to be such an easy going baby. Honestly I have never seen my sister happier, and for a person who I didn’t think would have children she is such a natural, and the love between she and Todd and that beautiful boy is just so amazing to see. We hated saying good bye but we had to after dinner, not only to let my sister and Todd get some rest and time with their son but also we had a very tired little girl we needed to get on the road and in her own bed for the night.

Saturday morning came very early and it was another full day. We brought John to work bright and early and Emelia and I got a ton done before we even made it to her weekly swim class. By 10:30 in the morning Emelia and I got to the grocery store, dollar store to stock up on Christmas craft supplies, to costco, back to the house, unpack groceries, pack for swim and gymnastics and get her lunch packed so she can eat before gymnastics. It was a crazy morning but it seems to become the norm for us.

IMG_0183We first had Emelia’s swim, she has advanced like crazy this term and passed through level 5 with flying colours. After swim we had our weekly trip to the library to stock up on her books and then she had lunch and then the mad dash to Gymworld. This week was a special one, this was their performance week. Emelia was so proud of their group routine. She has really blossomed in this program, our otherwise incredibly shy girl talks to her coaches with ease and just loves showing them all she knows. She flew through two levels in one term and we are excited to see what next term brings.

Once we were done at Gymworld Emelia came home with me and helped me with the chilli John needed for the work potluck and then we went to pick up John. Earlier in the day I had told her that we had a special night planned, the Holiday Express. We were going to get in the truck, put on Christmas music and venture out to see the most amazing Christmas lights London had to offer. In the end we chose two key neighbourhoods and we were not disappointed. As always Jenna Cres was amazing, the entire street goes all out, almost every house is over the top with lots and lots of lights. And the second was Guildwood Blvd where three neighbours work together to make the most incredible display that would put Griswold to shame. It was out of this world and if that doesn’t put you in the festive mood nothing will.

And finally Sunday, today Emelia and I took things at a slightly slower pace. We bought John to work and then went across the street to look at books and pick up some pet supplies. What was supposed to start out as a trip to get hay for Taffy and potentially an algae eater for the frog tank turned into getting a replacement smaller tank and a new beta fish for the daycare and moving the frogs in with Emelia’s fish. Emelia and I also got a bit of wrapping done today so we are well on our way to being ready for Christmas day.

IMG_0194After lunch she and I ventured out again but this time was to get some shopping for John. Emelia wanted to help me pick out what she was getting daddy for Christmas. And I have to say I am quite proud of myself I think I found something pretty amazing that will surprise him. Now I have to wait 10 more sleeps until he gets to open it.

And that jam packed week was the week that was. It was busy but one of the best weeks of our lives for sure. And there is so much more to come! We have already planned our trip so see Todd, Charlie and Marshall again and we even have plans to see even more family during the holidays. Christmas is all about family and this year will be one that is full of time with those we love and love us!

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