Springing forward, losing sleep…


On Friday I went to see the Lego movie with my Daddy. And today I went to my friends Anna and Grace’s birthday party. I had fun. I got Grace a headband, necklace & lip balm. I got Anna a unicorn Beanie Boo Ball and lipstick.

He said

IMG_6492Where last week there was a lot of talk and planning towards fairer weather outings in Wolfie, this week the cold weather continued to bandy us about like we were its play toys. I am actually starting to doubt that warm weather is a thing or that it will happen this year…

That said there was a lot more Wolfie planning this week. First and foremost, for the two, key vacations this week I had my time-off requests approved at work. Which means our annual trip to Wolfe Island for the weekend music festival that has blossomed into a week-long camping trip in the last couple of years is in tact. As we mentioned last week, we picked one, full week at Sandbanks Provincial Park which will be a nice respite in the dog days of summer for us. We’ve heard so many great things about the park and judging by how quickly the entire park gets booked up, it’s going to be a great time. Last year at this time we were breaking in Wolfie for her very first trip with our family, this year we should be seasoned trailer trash by that time—I already can’t wait for that week in paradise!

IMG_6444The second week away, is going to be one spent in our nation’s capital to partake of some Canadian patriotism during the week that Canada Day falls. We’re going to visit our friends Jim Bryson and his family, and see his studio. But we’re also going to get Emelia some experience seeing the political capital of her country too. That week off was also approved, so we can start planning a little more seriously—the biggest objective is nailing down the location for Wolfie to dock at… We’ll start to sort that out this week. We’ll have to see if there is a gluten free fry truck in the Ottawa Valley!

With all this talk of camping we’ve also begun figuring out the things we need for Wolfie this year—the biggest of which is the awning. We’ve found a place that specializes in making awnings in the style and that fit vintage trailers the likes of our Trillium. Given the lead time to make and ship the awning, this is the week we need to finalize that order. We all settled this weekend on the size and more importantly the pattern of the material, so all that is left is to drop the chunk of change it requires to make the order. That is on our radar for tomorrow.

IMG_6459This week Emelia is on her March Break. And she actually led into that with a PD day on Friday off school which I luckily had off work too. So, Emelia and I got to have a day together to do what we wanted. Unfortunately for Emelia some of that stuff was errands, like heading to the place where we bought our dishwasher to pick up parts for it that had broken. But to make up for that she and I went to the Rainbow movie theatre to see the Lego movie that both she and I have wanted to see for some time.

The movie was very good and we both enjoyed it, but the best part was running into our friend Leanne and her kids Hannah and Cameron who Emelia has many the playdates with. The movie turned into an impromptu hang out where we shared a row of the theatre and some Nibs.

Today we had a birthday with Emelia’s two, best friends/twins, in Anna and Grace. Danielle has become very good friends with their mother Susan, and we all have really being that they live just around the corner. They’ve had a skating rink in their backyard this winter, and so part of the party was putting on the skates and taking some turns around the yard rink. You didm’t have to ask me twice if I wanted to go for a skate with Emelia and the other kids. We had a blast, but judging by the hollow holes that kept cracking through in the ice, this might have been the last skate of this winter.

IMG_6478The best part of the day was letting the kids run around in their house while we sat around the dining room table and visited with all the parents of the school kids that Emelia has befriended. There was a lot of laughs, some snacks, and even a glass or three of grownup beverages.

Tomorrow starts Emelia’s March Break and luckily like today I am off work. We’re going out to Fanshawe Pioneer Village to see Poppa and all the activities they have lined up for the kids. It will be another day together for just Emelia and I. One of the down sides to the job in retail hours of a mall is that I don’t get consistent weekends as they used to exist for us. But the upside is that I do get days off during the week that afford Emelia and I the one-on-one time which more than makes up for living to the hours of a mall.

Lastly, we moved the clocks forward this week, and while that means we’ve in essence lost an hour of sleep, it also means that when we wake up in the morning, the sun has woken up too. It also means that the sun goes to bed an hour later too. It was up after 7pm tonight which is a very good sign! Means, maybe Spring just might happen! At least that’s what I’m clinging to with an hour less sleep tonight…


IMG_6479She said

The week for the most part for the first half was pretty uneventful. More long days with blistering cold. It meant more long days inside with the children, and we are all more than done with the cold weather. The children are getting so spazzy that we are all counting down the days until we can finally break free from the house without layers and layers of clothes.

The week started out uneventful, the day to day grind, nights going to the gym and planning our summer plans dreaming of campfires and camping. Things changed Wednesday night. The weather was cold but bearable and Emelia and the kids really wanted to play after school. So we bundled up and headed outside after school to play in the school playground. As a side story in general to go with this story, not only the school but all sidewalks are in horrible conditions this year, there is ice everywhere. No one seems to maintain their property it had made walking back and forth to school more than a nightmare. It is infuriating.

IMG_6482Back to the events of Wednesday. Emelia, the two oldest daycare kids and some school friends were playing in the school yard. They found a sizeable patch of ice and were ‘skating’ until Emelia lost her footing and slammed hard face first right on her face. She’s screaming and all I could see was one part of her glasses one way and her, the other way. They were broken. After a few frantic calls later and the rescue of Poppa we had Emelia’s updated prescription in hand and were off to the mall to find a one hour eye glass shop. A couple hundred dollars later and we left exhausted but with new glasses for Emelia. Not the way we had planned it. We had intentions of getting her new glasses this weekend but not at the place we had to get them from at double the price we typically pay. Certainly was not in our original plans. But the glasses are sweet and considering where the ice was located in the playground we are more than happy she wasn’t hurt worse that a cut by her eye.


The weather in the later half of the week was finally starting to feel less like winter hell and more like well winter. But with temperatures finally near freezing it meant after an insanely long few weeks we finally got out of the house. Thursday evening after school was let out we played outside for over an hour at the school with a few of her classmates. After almost 5 months of barely being outside we were just so happy to play out in the fresh air, yes it was cold but you could be out that long without feeling freezing and this year we will take it.

The weather this coming week looks like we can finally get the heck out of the house. I cannot wait until we are complaining about the heat of the summer compared to the never ending winter.

IMG_6506To will winter away I took on the huge project that looms a couple times a year, organizing Emelia’s clothes from the prior years to move to new homes. So over the last couple nights while watching episodes of House of Cards I have tackled the huge project. With Emelia’s recent growth spurts over the last couple of months we moved out massive amount of last years and the prior years clothes. With our colder than normal weather last summer there was so much that had not even been worn before she outgrew it. But she has a solid amount of clothes that will still fit her this year so we are more than ready for the warmer weather to finally show up.

But for now all we can do is dream of summer camping trips and plan and organize that part of our lives until we can finally take Wolfie out of storage at the end of the month. The project after that will be taking on revamping and reorganizing the inside to make the most out of the storage space in our little egg.

Well that was the week that was, next week Emelia gets to have some fun play with the kids and I want to enjoy as much time with her while trying to find some fun things for her to do on her break.

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