Three sleeps until Christmas!

IMG_5751Christmas is in three days. I am so excited. I want a karaoke machine from Santa. I love Christmas! I am seeing my cousins on Christmas Eve!

IMG_5771He said

After the very eventful dance card we had last week, this week was a nice reprieve. We finished up Emelia’s room makeover last weekend. And our room is not that far behind with only the artwork and curtains left to finish it off.

We found the fabric for the curtains online at a place in Toronto that specializes in vintage looking fabric prints. We discovered them through the friend of Danielle’s who is going to sew the curtains for us. I am still wrestling with the hardware we’re going to use to mount the curtain rods. I found the perfect hardware save for one very large issue: they can only be found – so far – in the UK. With them already being a little pricey because of their very specific purpose, they would cost an arm and a leg to get them here. So, for that, I am still searching…

IMG_5770Once we get the curtains up, it will be very easy then for us to settle on art for the walls. We have two spots where we’d like to put some art up, but are back and forth on what we want there. On one hand I’d like to put up a piece by our musician and artist friend Julie Fader, but on the other we’re also liking the notion of finding a photo we have in our collection of places we’re been. I think we need to have the curtains up before we can really decide on this one.

Work this week was a blazing six day stretch that went by very fast with how busy we were. I am really loving the challenges of the new job – every day presents something new, exciting and it is always interesting. I am really excited to see where the next six months take me. If the first few months are any indication, with my team almost doubling in size, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

IMG_5748Wednesday, this week we got out to see Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Café Christmas with musical guests (and fiends of ours) The Good Lovelies. Mom, Dad, Greg, Testza, and Danielle & I went together, thanks to Uncle Matthew and Uncle Shawn watching Vaughan and Emelia at our place. It was a nice festive break in our week, and it always feels a lot more like Christmas once we’ve taken in the show. It’s our fourth year going, and it was a great show!

As for Emelia, you can tell she has caught the Christmas fever. It’s getting increasingly more difficult to convince her to get to bed on time, and she’s also at times, showcasing her naughty list behaviour. But, we also know just how overwhelming this season can be, so she gets a little more latitude than we might normally afford her. She’s pretty darned excited about it all, and it’s hard for me not to get that way too. I absolutely love this time of year – especially now with her! The most interesting part is seeing her process her belief and faith in the season as she starts to mature and work through also her rational thoughts in it all. I love it!

IMG_5749Tomorrow is a stretch of three straight days off for me with Danielle, Emelia and I which is very much welcome having worked straight through last weekend. Emelia and I are going to have a day all to ourselves – mostly to focus on putting together our Christmas gift to Mommy. But, maybe we’ll find some fun things to do out of the house too!

And on that note, I am going to go fix myself a Hot Apple Jerry, and relax on the couch to a record or two…


She said

IMG_5741This week’s post will be sweet and to the point. Mainly that I would just like a quiet end of the weekend with John. With John’s new job and the Christmas season it means he is often working the opposite of me so our time together this time of the year is that more precious.

As John said this week was a much slower pace and thank goodness because with the season and the changing weather coupled in with the late nights of the week before illness caught up with me. For the last week plus I have been fighting a nasty cough that has made sleep at night really difficult and last night it was the first night in about 2 weeks that I finally got a decent uninterrupted 8 hours. It was exactly what I needed to take on the excitement of the upcoming week.

IMG_0100What this week meant was final preparations for Christmas. I am happy to say that everything for me is done, I have all the presents bought, John and I spent a night this week wrapping everything and we have even done a test run of Emelia’s stocking to make sure everything fits. We are ready for the big day! This weekend I got the last of things bought for John’s present from Emelia, she is so excited to give him her present and proudly helped me today wrap it all.

So with the Christmas cards in the mail, the food bought for the holidays and presents wrapped and ready to go all we can do is wait for the big day. We have a fun filled family week ahead and I could not be more excited.

So until next week, this time next week we will have had three Christmas dinners, a butt load of presents for Emelia and one happy and spoiled little girl. Life could not be any better!

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