WOSSA Bound!

I had a very busy week! After a lot of training all season I met my goal for wrestling, I qualified for WOSSA! No matter how it goes I am so proud I made it.

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In true, Emelia-fashion, the second that last week’s Cheer comp wrapped up, the focus then shifted back to Wrestling as Friday Emelia had a TVRA meet which was the qualifier for WOSAA. In the Meet, Emelia needed to finish in the top five of her weight category to qualify for WOSSA this Thursday. Emelia had her sites set on at least making it to their as a measure of success in this, her first full season for Lucas Wrestling. Last, year she bowed out from competing because she was worried about getting injured and that taking away her Cheer season. This, year she threw caution into the wind and gave it a serious go. And, she found, she actually really enjoyed it.

She’s really come a long way this season and her coach has taken a shine to her, as he is the one that convinced her to try Rugby last season and was her wrestling coach in Grade 9 before omicron shut down the wrestling season. All she really wanted for this season to feel successful was to qualify for WOSSA and to be able to compete at that level. She’s learned a lot this season, but the one thing she’s still trying to navigate is that killer instinct. It’s in her nature to want everyone to do well and look out for others, which is a loggerheads with how you compete in and win in Wrestling. She’s had some tearful moments this season, and she’s had some moments of joy—it has been a pleasure to see her grow through this.

So, the Meet was Friday and that was the focus for this week, aside from Cheer on Tuesday and Sunday as they ready for their next Competition this upcoming weekend. But, Friday it was Wrestling! Unfortunately both Danielle & I had to work so we weren’t able to go cheer her on, but honestly I think she would have preferred it that way. We had to rely on text messages from Emelia to update us on how she was doing on her day. The first message came around noon where she let us know that she lost her first match, but had won her next two and only had one more to go. But, the best news she had won both her matches on pins. So, with two wins and only one match left we knew the worst she could do, would be two and two, which should put her inside of top five in her category. By the time that Danielle got the message that her final match was done and she was ready to be picked up, Emelia knew that she had finished third (bronze) and had qualified for WOSSA!

So with that in mind this week will culminate in the most Emelia-like week ever as Thursday she will be competing in WOSSA for Wrestling. And, then Saturday, we’re off to Brampton for the next Competition in Emelia’s season, OCF Ontario Cheer Championships on Saturday and Sunday. At the end of this next week, we will likely have a very tired and sore girl, but we will also have a supper proud one hopefully. Regardless of what her results are, we’re just so blown away the last couple of years of how she has really opened her wings and tried new things! As well as put herself—all of herself—into those things!

She said

Another busy week in the Teeter Household. Emelia who never seems to stop had an other packed week She was back at school Monday and has really been focusing on her courses and so far seems to really like them (well less math). She had lots of early and late wrestling practices this week, plus work, plus cheer practices. It made for a very busy week. On Tuesday we went in for the parent score review from the last competition. The coaches were so proud of how they all did and how they bounced back from a very rough first day to kill it on the second day. They are not making massive changes since we have a competition so close to this one but the big changes will come to up the levels to prepare for Nationals in April.

With cheer out of the way for at least a bit Emelia’s laser focus has been wrestling. She as always puts so much pressure on herself to do everything perfect, wrestling has been a real life lesson in delayed gratification. Been a whole year telling her that this is her real first full year in wrestling and she is going against girls who are bigger and more experienced. Mr Harvey her coach has been incredible with her, building her confidence and under his instruction she is really making a turn and winning matches. This year all she wanted was to qualify for WOSSA, if she did she felt she had a successful year, she doesn’t expect to move past this next round but making it this far has been a real win for her. She came out proud but hurting on Friday, it was 4 matches in very short order and her body was feeling all of those matches.

Friday night Emelia and one of her besties Bree were out for the night with a group of friends from school. It still blows my mind when she comes home that she is full on taking the ears off of all the girls and boys at the party. A bunch of the boys from the wrestling team were at this party and they were loving comparing war wounds and get excited about WOSSA the next week.

Saturday morning Emelia woke full on battling a cold. After sleeping most of the day Saturday she woke Sunday still sore but the cold had started to clear up. We gave the heads up to her cheer coaches that Emelia wasn’t feeling 100% and they agreed that she could focus on stunting practice and pass on jumps and tumbling. By the end of practice after a hot shower she was starting to feel much more like herself. She passed on going to her team lunch so she could relax a bit more because Sunday night was her big event for the weekend, her galentine’s night with her best friends. Emelia thankfully was over the cold pretty quickly so she was able to go with her girls. By all accounts the night was a blast, the girls were up laughing until the wee hours. Emelia and the twins talked my ear off the entire way home about how much fun they had.

This week is going to be just as busy, Emelia has wrestling practice, cheer practice, WOSSA oh and we have another cheer competition next weekend. This should be the last big push for a bit, unless Emelia qualifies for OFSSA her wrestling season will be over and we have a gap in cheer competitions until April. It will feel like a vacation!

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