Happy to be done exams

I am happy I am done my exams from my first semester. I think I did really well on all my courses.

He said

After last weekend’s milestone weekend that saw Emelia go from sixteen to seventeen, and celebrate that with all of her friends, this week was decidedly much slower and low-key which was perfect. Emelia’s week was focused on semester-end exams, projects and evaluations at school. This meant she went to school each day for 8;30am, and one period which was the exam or evaluation and then when that was done she was done school for the day. She was home most days by 11:00am. Being that this semester was her lighter load, it was not a high stress week for her at all. This semester will be much more work and she starts that this week.

This week, the weather flipped back to the world of unseasonably warm which meant the snow melted and much to my delight, I was able to get back outside for bike rides! Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and today I was able to get in rides outside. It meant that I got in a total of 5 rides in January and given the wintry blast we got that month, I am more than content with! But it also means I have already gotten in three rides in for the month of February which means two months down, ten to go on my goal of every month. Given that all the groundhogs predicted an early Spring, and the weather in the next week looks really good, there will be a lot more riding in February—and I will beat January in sort order!

Aside from that this week was focused on help Dad & Mom out a bit more. Dad came down with a bit of an infection and was running enough of a fever he was taken over to University Hospital on Tuesday and after they saw what was going on they got him on an IV and admitted him to monitor his symptoms and see that it improved. He was doing much better in the next couple of days but it meant a lot of running between Mom at the residence and Dad at the Hospital to make sure they were both okay, and had stuff that they needed. There was some hope that Dad might get released onSaturday but that came and passed and with his latest update it looks like some time early this week. I am off work tomorrow so hopefully we’ll know more by then and I’ll find out when I drop by to see him. I know Mom would like to have him back at the residence with her.

At Cheer, Sov has started to really hone their routine to get ready for their next competition which comes this weekend. They have taken the feedback and made the adjustments and are trying to dial it all in. It is the Ontario Championships and it will in Kitchener and Emelia’s team competes on Saturday and Sunday around 1:00pm. It will be the first competition this season that we’re going to stay over in a hotel and avoid driving down back. Up until this one all the other comps have been single day and their performance time has been such that we can drive down and back the same day. While Kitchener is close enough that we could get away with doing that, it will be nice to finally get the competition weekend/hotel feel back for Emelia. Here’s to hoping they have their best showing yet!

She said

Emelia hit a new milestone, her first real school exams since starting high school. Staring with her lighter load semester meant she had an easier start to dealing with final exams. Most of Emelia’s classes this semester were mostly project based so she got a real balance of learning how to manage team projects as well as exams. She spent much of last week prepping and taking detailed notes to get ready for her exams. Emelia was at school each morning and came home every night feeling she had really done well. On Emelia’s last day for the term after her exam she went over to see her guidance councillor to make sure she had all the right classes in place for her last year in high school. Her teacher looked at her interests, the program she wants to take at University and really built a strong class schedule that should really set Emelia up for success once she moved to King’s.

Once she was done her schooling she was quickly shifting to spending all her time with her friends. As we have said recently Emelia’s friends group has really blown up. Her core friends of the twins has now blown up to close to a dozen girls. What this means is that she is rarely home, or if she is home we have a herd of teenagers here, but this also means a lot of birthday celebrations. On Friday was the next in the round of birthday parties for her best friends. Shailee turned 17 on Friday and Emelia and a group of the girls all got together to celebrate together. From all accounts they had the best times, lots of times giggling to all hours, talking about all the things that matter most to teenagers. We love this group of girls so much and are happy that we get to see Emelia thrive.

This morning after Emelia being gone most of the weekend I picked her up at Bree’s place so she could rest a bit before cheer practice today. The girls only have today’s and Tuesday to make sure the routine is crisp and ready for Ontario Championship next weekend. The girls have had to overcome so much this season that we are really hoping that all their hard work pays off with a medal this competition. No matter what happens we are proud of how this group supports each other and how they never give up! Got get em Sov!

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