Busy… But have we ever been THIS busy??

I had a really busy week. Got my driver’s license, had a Cheer Comp and a Wrestling Meet!

He said

I know we go on quite a bit about busy weeks and weekends but I really think this might be the one. There was a lot going on and it seemed like at every turn we were headed on or focused on the next thing. Of, course early in the week there was Cheer practices in preparation for the girls’ second competition of the season in Cheer for the Cure in Oshawa on Saturday. But also there was plenty of wrestling practices (3 to be precise) to also shuttle Emelia to in preparation for the Lucas Wrestling team’s first wrestling meet today. And, on top of all of that Emelia also worked 2 nights this week as well. And then over and above all of that, Danielle & I worked our full weeks too. When you add in trying to get over to see my brother Greg in the hospital a couple of times, it was a busy week for sure.

But, we wouldn’t have it any other way. These are all things that mean something to us. A great deal, in fact.

Also this week, we crossed over from November into December which meant the end of my 2023 Movember campaign. Just past mid month I was happy that I had again reached $1,000 raised putting me into the Platinum Club. What I was not prepared for in the last week was the influx of down to the wire donations that vaulted me forward and eventually put me to my highest ever total funds raised at $1,595—the closest was $1,540 in 2020. I am also equally proud of this stat which is in the 15 years I have been participating, I have raised $12,133 in total for Movember. With the campaign hitting so close to home this year, being dedicated to my brother Greg’s battle, I am so thankful all the awareness and funds my friends have donated!

Now let’s talk about Emelia and her eventful weekend. But first I want to send a thank you to Emma – Emelia’s teammate up until this season before she had to quit Cheer due to spinal problems. Emma came along with us for the trip and to be Emelia and the team’s cheerleader. She was so great for Emelia’s nerves last year and big help on comp day and took away a lot of the anxiety. To have her in two with us for the day was a huge relief and great to see Emelia having more fun than worry or stress. We love having her along – mostly because of the length of time she has been in Cheer she knows the sport and can explain it to Danielle & I. But, also cause she’s such a great friend for Emelia.

So the comp… Coming up to the week the team was in pretty great shape—the adjustments they had made since last comp we’re starting to settle in. When it came time for their performance they did what looked like closest the cleanest version of the routine we had seen. There was no falls, all the stunts went off and the pyramid seems okay. We knew they wouldn’t get first as there were some better performances. But, we did expect them to potentially get 3rd or maybe even 2nd. But, just ahead of the Awards there was a conversation that spread through the team that there was a possibility of one of their stunts being classified as above their level and if so a significant deduction. In the end it turns out that may have been the case as they placed 4th out of 5. And buy the look on mosts of the gym’s coaching staff faces, a total shock. Emelia was disappointed to say the least, but after getting over that, she managed to get a much better perspective by the time we headed home last night.

Today, was the next in the list of nexts this week… Emelia’s Wrestling Meet for Lucas. As it turned out this wasn’t just a High School Meet—it was also one that included Wrestling Clubs and High Schools from all over Ontario. That cause Emelia a whole bunch of new added worry. But, as we pointed out she was new to the sport and the only thing we really wanted to see her do was to have fun and do it as long as she was enjoying. And as long as the answer was “yes” to both of those goals, then she was doing it right. Now, as I wasn’t there because I worked today, I will leave the event recap to Danielle. But, suffice it to say after having a very busy girl this week and weekend in competitions, she tired, sore and ready for bed tonight.

She said

Another insanely busy and stressful week. As John has already talked about Emelia had a very full social, work, training and sports schedule. But to add to that insanity she had her road test for her driver’s licence. Emelia was sooooo nervous. She and I had gone out a few times in my car to really review everything, she practiced parallel parking, parking on a hill, backing into a parking spot and making sure she knew all the necessary functions in my car. After a few reviews even until the day of the test she felt a lot more confident but still very nervous. And then she was off. The entire test lasted maximum 15 minutes. John and I both waited nervously at the testing centre. After the test was done we saw Emelia coming back to the centre with her phone in her hand messaging her friend group with a smile from ear to ear!!!! She passed and we could not be prouder! And of course the night her friends were all over the idea of going out together for their first parent-free drive.

With that stress out of the way, we could shift her focus to the first big event of the weekend. After last competition the coaches had taken all the judges feedback and make changes right away to up their score. For the last few weeks the girls have been working their asses off to perfect the changes and were ready to hit the floor. The girls were all nervous but ready. We had the built in support for Emelia in Emma. Emma is Emelia’s cheer bestie. Emma had to be pulled from cheer before the season was on its way due to lingering back issues. Medically she was finally pulled but still misses not only the sport but her friends. We were beyond thrilled when we found out Emma could come with us for the weekend. She is an incredibly supportive friend for Emelia. She knows how to support her and calm her before and after comps. They have such a special friendship that transcends sports.

We had a very early start of the day deciding that we wanted to sleep at home vs a hotel. The girls were up with the sun getting ready. Emelia was relaxed and focused. By 9:00 we were on the road heading to Oshawa. It is a long drive with not so predictable traffic so we wanted to be there very early to start the day. We were able to get there early enough to meet up with some of Emelia’s other teammates in their hotel before walking to the venue. The placed was full of energy and the girls loved watching some of the other teams before Emelia had to meet up with her team. We spent the next 90 minutes or so watching the other teams and getting the break down of scores and analysis from Emma. I love having her with me because she knows the sport at a core level. And then before we knew it it was time for the girls to hit the floor. The routine was fast paced and full of energy. The girls had a great run from what we thought only a bit of an issue in one small part of the pyramid. But overall it looked like a great run. Emelia came off the floor proud of her teams run and then we waited and waited and waited for awards.

Just as awards were about to start Emma told us the girls found out there was a possible issues with one of the stunts, it came down to the head position of the flyer in the inversion being too low before they moved her up to the next stage of the stunt. We’re not sure if that’s what it was, but this position made the execution a level 5 skill and Emelia’s team is level 3. After looking it up, that alone was at least a 4 point deduction. So with a tight competition group this would mean likely they would not medal. It is heartbreaking because something so subtle could be so much. The girls had an amazing run. All in all the girls supported each other because something so tiny could have been anyone. And what we know about the girls coaches is they listen very closely to the feedback from the judges and make instant changes and they will focus on where the girls need to change to up their scores. In the end they are a team, and they will come together as a team and support each other to make sure next comp they kill it. We are all so proud of all of them.

If this wasn’t enough to make this weekend busy we had another major tournament to go to all day today. Emelia did a very short wrestling season in grade 9 that only lasted a few weeks before being cancelled due to Covid. So essentially this year is her first real try at wrestling as a sport. She has been burning it at both ends between cheer and wrestling practices. And today was the first test. When she realized her first tournament was not just a local school match she was really getting nervous. The closer this event got the bigger it got, it was high schools and wrestling clubs from all over Southwestern Ontario. We had to be at the University at 8:00 and it was an all day event with 5 mats going all day long. It was choas and the level of these athletes was more than a bit intimidating. Emelia for some reason as well was moved into a weight class that she isn’t in making her the lightest by far in her division. She was out sized for sure. In the end she did really well, she held her own, pushing the matches to the very end. We are so proud of her, she came out with a bronze medal and learnt so much from today to prepare for her next meet on Tuesday.

It was a really heavy, busy and exhausting weekend! We are so proud of Emelia how she has managed all the chaos and is always willing to take on more, cheer on her friends and always push herself out of her comfort zone! Way to go Boo, you make us so proud!

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