It’s going to be a good week!

We’re down to 1 practice left before our first Competition, but we’re getting close to ready!

He said

On Monday, we finally said an official and final goodbye to the 2023 camping season as Danielle & I had the day off work so we got up to Auburn to tow out the trailer and bring it back to it’s winter storage locale. When we packed up the trailer a couple of weeks ago, we couldn’t bring it back then as the winterizing that we booked through the trailer park, wasn’t going to be happening until the week after we had to clear out the trailer. Then, our crazy schedules coupled with Auburn having a special event last weekends meant the first time we could actually get in to get it was this Monday. Thankfully – facetiously speaking – the day was cold and wet and didn’t really leave the same season ending melancholy we might feel. And aside from getting a little more muddy than we’d like we were in and out with the trailer in just over an hour—back in town with plenty of time to pick up Emelia from school.

Tuesday was Halloween and with Emelia being 16 now the night has big turn in terms of what that means to us. Gone are the days of getting dressed up and canvasing the neighbourhood for candy, and here in their place is hanging out with besties and watching scary movies. As, much as we miss those youthful memories I don’t miss the whirlwind those evenings were. Danielle got to have an easy evening seeing other people’s kids from the ‘hood and give out candy. I, on the other hand, was at work. But, all told, it was a nice, easy-going evening and we actually had the most kids we have ever had which was a nice change. Emelia did have plans for Halloween for sure, but they were based in dances, parties and being a sociable teen. And they were on the weekend.

With every Halloween for the last 15 years the tradition of shaving my face clean on October 31st for a fresh start to Movember continued. During Covid for fun & laziness I ended up growing a beard and actually quite liked how I looked with it so it just stuck. It’s actually part of how people identify me. So, for the last three years the ‘clean slate’ look comes as more of a shock to people. I have been told: I look twenty years younger; that I look more serious, or, a dead ringer for my Dad, and lastly… better—whatever that means… lol. But, my campaign is now live and it has had a pretty face-paced start much to my delight. As of tonight I am sitting at $535 raised for this year, $1,313 raised last year, and $11,073 raised in the fifteen years I have been participating in Movember which baffles my mind! If you’re reading this and want to donate, please click this link and jump on board. This year, with his blessing, my campaign is dedicated to my brother Greg. He’s in the thick of a battle that can’t be cured but that he can certainly can swing for the fences for and get every next minute he can!

Lastly, on Friday I landed on the start of a glorious week off work. I was in the fortunate position of having vacation days that needed to be used up before the end of the year or I would lose them. Working in retail, the more into November we get – and closer to — to the marathon known has holiday shopping season with kicks off Black Friday, I managed to get this upcoming week off. Normally that would mean making a beeline to the trailer, but spending a week inside a storage shed in south London rural land was not really enticing. When it means is I am around a lot more this week to help out with and take in a lot of the family type stuff that Danielle navigates solo. But it also means I have more time to schedule my bike rides when I want, but also time to get some things done around here, as well as get some time to visit with Greg and see Mom & Dad. It’s going to be a good week!

She said

It has been a week! I am not going into great detail but it was a hard for one of Emelia’s friends this week. And how Emelia responded and went above and beyond to support her friend in extreme need has made her Dad and I so incredibly proud. Emelia by nature is an extremely loyal friend, she goes to bat for her friends and for those who have her back and believe in her she will give back to them ten fold! It was a trying and mentally exhausting week for the entire family but we feel that things are only going up for her friend and her family.

Enough about that for now. This week all around was trying. There was a lot going at my work, lots of challenges and changes. We are really hoping for everything settles soon. Everyone at work has been working so hard though all the changes and I work for an amazing team. The work days have been long but rewarding none the less. The big work for my team coming up is the next drive for recruitment with our big fall open house later this month. There is a lot of planning while we are short staffed but somehow it will all come together.

This week has been a big and busy one for Emelia. Last week she wrapped up her drivers in car lessons which meant that this week I could finally book her G2 drivers test, had to believe that if all goes well she will able to drive without us in the car at the end of this month. We know what the London driver’s test path so over the next few weeks we will get her out in my car to practice the route and make sure she is comfortable. She is a good driver so I am sure the test will go smoothly. She is excited and nervous, but more excited.

For the rest of the week Emelia was busy between, school, work, friends, parties, dances and extra cheer practices. Emelia has been burning it at both ends, she has joined wrestling again which means before school practices, she has been busy with her friends and work most nights as well. But the big drive right now for Emelia is cheer. On MondayEmelia’s team had a make-up practice this week to replacing missing Tuesday due to Halloween. We were able to see the team attempt another few full outs. Things are far from perfect but it is incredible how far they have come in just a few weeks. The extra and extended practices are really helping. The girls are working so incredibly hard and it is really showing. Emelia’s two stunt groups are really clicking and things are looking strong. The reason they are putting in all these extra hours is due to a their first competition in less than a week. A few weeks ago Emelia was so nervous about how this comp would go, they were far from ready. She was having flashbacks to the mess of the first comps last year. But with a real drive of not only the kids but the coaches this team has really started to turn things around. We went again today to see another few full outs and yes there are a few stunts that are not hitting but they are sooooo incredibly close.

The countdown is really on, we are really pushing that Emelia tries to take it easy this week, after another weekend that was socially filled on both Friday night and Saturday this girl needs to slow down a bit!

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