Busy with life…

What a week, I got Covid again but happy that it didn’t last long and now I am back at school, training and with my friends again!

He said

By this weekend, it had been over a month since we had been at the trailer. Actually over six weeks since we had been there for a week for our vacation in August. Labour Day weekend, I worked the whole weekend which made that weekend a no-go. The weekend after, I was only off for on the Saturday and Emelia had a busy dance card that weekend so we decided to stay home again. The weekend of our Anniversary we have every intent of going up for the weekend, but with my brother Greg needing some emergency hip surgery we stayed in London so we could help them out with the girls. Then, the following weekend was the new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro launch at the store so I was there all weekend. Add that Emelia came down with Covid this week (more on that later), and before we knew it, we were at this weekend, and it has been six weeks since we’d been at the trailer!

So, when this weekend rolled around and I had Saturday off and knowing that we needed to drop off our deposit for next season, we decided to make a day trip up to the trailer to see how it is, to do some cleaning up, drop off the deposit, and of course, get a ride on the G2G Rail Trail together. The plan was to get up reasonably early pack the bikes in the truck and head up in the morning. That way we could get everything done and be back home in the middle of the afternoon. We found that we actually had way less tidying up than we thought which made the trip up there more fun than work—even when you factor in the bike ride. The weather all day was absolutely gorgeous. Even though it has been cooler lately, there is a warm snap on its way in and we got in the ride in short-sleeves and it was glorious!

Earlier this week, Emelia had started complaining of back pain. Being in Competitive Cheer we chalked it up to the normal aches and pains she has at the start of Comp prep season. She went to Cheer on Tuesday night and came out with the same sore back. When, we got home, she got showered and went straight to bed—none of this of the ordinary as she is a girl on the go-go-go. But, by Wednesday morning she awoke with more symptoms and had reportedly had a terrible sleep. Her throat was sore and she was coughing so Danielle did a test and sure enough, immediately two lines and her second run-in with Covid. She spent the next 3 days masked and in her bedroom. She slept a lot… like a real lot! Thankfully both Danielle & I managed to avoid it and test negative. But Friday she was feeling reasonably better, and by Saturday afternoon she was testing negative. And we remained unscathed.

With Greg. needing the hip surgery and his recovery being what it is, we have decided to postpone our Thanksgiving gathering next weekend for a time that makes more sense. I managed to get the weekend off, so we’ve asked that Emelia request Saturday & Sunday off work so we can have a much-needed weekend together at the trailer. It will be the last weekend before we have to pack up the trailer, winterize it and get it ready to pull out for storage, so I’m really hopeful we can have the time together given all that has been going on. We have also extended the invitation to anyone in the family that would like to come up to spend time at the trailer to feel more than welcome to. The more, the merrier, as this is the best time of year to be up there.

Lastly, biking… With this morning’s ride and it being October, I have gotten one step closer to my big cycling goal this year of getting in at least one, thirty minute outdoor cycling workout every single month of this year. Last year February’s uncharacteristically persistent shitty winter prevented me from getting all twelve months and I was limited rides only inside. This February to the contrary, I slammed out thirteen rides. With this morning’s first ride for October, I have hit ten out of ten months. With only two months left, in the year I am feeling pretty confident right now. Add that this year I have already ridden 6,397 kms, and I have ridden 189 consecutive days for a total of 212 outdoor cycling workouts, I am pretty proud of my consistency. But, when add in that Danielle and I did 56 rides together this year as well, it’s just more to super delighted with!

She said

Well this week turned out to be a complete crap show! As John mentioned already the big news was Emelia contracting Covid for the second time. But the week was already a bit sideways starting Monday mid-day. There are a ton of viruses going around at work and the schools. Monday morning I came in to a message the my boss was going to be off for the day because she got slammed with a virus over the weekend, by noon I started feeling like crap. I opted to leave and work from home. What ended up happening was me crashing hard as soon as I got home and started to flex my work day. Then we come to Tuesday still not feeling well, messaged my boss and she insisted under no circumstances was I to work from home but rather log off and sleep. She instructed all our staff to not bug me at all and let me get better. By the end of the day I was feeling a lot better.

Tuesday we took Emelia to Cheer, for the last few days before Tuesday she was really complaining about a lot of back pain, more than normal pain. I told her we would get her into massage and the chiropractor for an assessment. She went to Cheer and had a great practice, she came out exhausted and sore. We got home, she had a fast shower and crashed hard right away. Again this isn’t that abnormal so we didn’t think much of it and we all went to bed. Wednesday morning I got up like normal and started my workout. Around 6:30 Emelia came downstairs to tell me she felt horrible. Asked her what her symptoms were, sore throat, fever, horrible body aches and a cough. Off we went right away to test her and me for Covid. My low grade virus wasn’t Covid but Emelia’s was. Her test turned instantly positive before the control line showed up. So off to bed she went and we pulled out all the precautions. Masks, sanitizers, and then all the meds. Emelia was running a fever so I gave her Advil and lots of liquids. I told work and then ran in quickly to stock up on items so I could work from home for a few days. Covid hit Emelia fast and hard, she felt a million times worse this time vs the first time she had it. Wednesday was rough. But as fast as it came on it moved out. By Friday the Covid test was the faintest of lines and by Saturday morning she was 100% and testing negative.

With all of us clear of Covid John and I were comfortable leaving Emelia home while we made a quick trip up to the trailer. It had been 6 weeks since we had been there. Life and our family life has been upside down for a while and the last few weeks have been pushed into overdrive. Our focus for this summer was very different and our extended family needed us home and we wanted to be here. The trip up the trailer was meant to be a quick brain clearing trip on the G2G but also a chance to start prepping for the end of the season. I had feared we had so much on the to do list that I really wanted to get up there before we were overwhelmed with a long to do list. Well since we did such a big purge last summer at the end of the season we are honestly in very good shape. We have already prepped and winterized the shed and packed up all that we need to in there for the off-season. Next weekend we will focus on time as a family and prepping for the pack up.

Our original plan for Thanksgiving changed from what we thought we would be doing next week. The plan this year wasn’t to be at the trailer but rather spend the weekend at Testza and Greg’s place so Greg could be there with the entire family. But with all the viruses going around and another surgery on the horizon the decision was made that we would pause our Thanksgiving with the Teeter side of the family until once Greg has recovered. This means that we will head up next weekend for a few days. We are hoping that the three of us along with the extended family who can join us will make next weekend a way to reflect on what we are grateful for and spend time with family. Here’s for hoping that this coming week is uneventful and only the normal level of Teeter family busy!

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