Happy Labour Day!

My friends and I have had the best summer ever! We checked everything off our epic summer to remember bucket list!

He said

This week was all about falling back into regular routine. Where last week we were sharing about spending a glorious week at the trailer (for the most part) without daily alarms, this week there definitely was alarms. And some of them were much earlier than we wanted… But that said it was still a pretty great week. For me it was a work week that took me straight through the Labour Day, long weekend. It was very clear this week that the Western students were slowly filtering back into the city on my bike rides that go through a good chunk of Western’s campus. But, also it was evident as our store got increasingly busier as the week marched on. Students are back in a big way and impatiently trying to get everything they need for the school year—a lot of it last minute too.

Emelia had a week chock full of events as though it was her last week of summer, because well… it was her last week of summer. School starts in earnest as of Wednesday, so this week was about crossing off those last few things with her friends and their Epic Summer Checklist. We think she might have slept in her bed all of one time this week as it seemed like there were sleepovers, parties and things to do all week long. She is living her best life and I can’t blame her for wanting to make the most of it while she still has the ability to. She’s worked a lot this summer and really amassed quite the savings account, and has shown a lot of ability to take on increased responsibility with us all while being open and honest about life. I am not surprised but totally impressed by the woman she is becoming.

Being back to the regular work week meant my daily bike rides were on the TVP and often earlier than I boasted of last week at the trailer. But the other interesting development this week has been the shift in time of sunrise and sunset, and then the temperatures slowly moving down instead of up the thermometer. A couple of early rides this week saw the necessity of head and tail lights, as well as long sleeve kit which was a bit of a shock to the system. While Fall is my favourite season to ride, it always seems a bit surprising when it starts to show its face. Thankfully the this weekend and week has much more warmer temps in the forecast so a little more summer is yet to be had!

Lastly this week, we move into Emelia’s Grade 11 year—while her course schedule has been a little bit of a dumpster fire as the school board takes on a completely new scheduling system, the word was as of tonight when Emelia headed off to work that she finally has her schedule all sorted out and the course load she’s happy with! Wednesday is the first day of school and the friends group while squeezing every last bit of what they can out of the summer break, they all seem excited to be back at it, together.

She said

This week was back to the grind for John and I for work. For my work there has been an insane amount of changes in our team which has meant a lot of extra work, a lot of extra stress but our team at work has really come together to make things go as smoothly as we can. With the school year about to start things on campus are shifting to get ready for the students to arrive and to not only prep for the coming year but also recruitment for the next school year. Being in our division it is always in cycle for a busy time. And for my group it is no different, it has meant some longer hours and stressful days. But I love it still so much!

After long hours at work we are always on the go for Emelia’s insanely busy social life. Her group of friends at school has really blown up, the core girls are still there but the group has grown to a big core group that is always together in one way or the other. Emelia has become the little social director planning out where they will land next. Last night was her first night asleep in her own bed all week. I would say the last week of the summer has been epic for sure. Between work this weekend and plans with friends Emelia has been go go go. And tonight is no different, they are going out with a bang, the big group of girls are all off tonight for one last summer ending party and tomorrow will hang out pool side tomorrow. As stressful it has been letting her go into the scary big world we are so happy to see her finally have a real teenager existence. Parties, friends, more friends and making the best memories. Tonight we are being mom and dad taxi again taking the gaggle of teenagers to their summer ending party! It’s tiring but honestly we wouldn’t change it for anything, it is so funny listening to the girls babble on when they forget a parent is in the car! I have learnt about all the crushes, the break up and all the teen gossip in these rides.

Today we were able to do something I have never ever thought I would be able to do. John and I got up after having a bit of a sleep in and got up and going for my first half century ride. For years John has been able to longer rides which I have not been able to join him. The nerve damage and pain in my hip has prevented me from riding for any real length and pretty slow going. But when we chose to get me an e-bike after Stephanie and Justin fell in love with theirs it changed everything. The bike allows me to go way longer and way faster than I have been able to do in 17 years. Today we did a massive loop from one end of the city and back totalling over 50kms! It was amazing.

After getting cleaned up we headed over to visit with Greg, Testza and the kids. Emelia had a blast with the girls and we were able to help them check a few things off a to do list that took a few extra sets of hands. We love this time with the families and seeing the girls grow closer every time. The little girls just love Emelia so much and we love them.

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