Happy Mother’s Day

I got the best news this week! I made Sovereignty (Level 3, Senior) for Season 11 of Cheer!!

He said

We’re handing the keyboard duties to your truly this week as today is Mother’s Day and that is our tradition, ‘round here—giving Danielle the day off.

But let’s first start off with the truly huge news that we were all waiting for this week. Season 11 placements for Cheer were to be announced by Friday. Assessments were done weeks ago, Emelia was happy with what she did but, as always, nervous about where she might land. Last year she had hoped to move forward, but it was quite a bit of disappointment when she found out she was staying put. But, in the end it was the right decision for her development and she really focused on working her ass off this season with the hopes of moving on. The possible outcomes were that she again stay put on Allegiance (Level 2) and take on a more leader role as the most senior on a junior team. She could also move to Level 3 Junior on Nobility would be levelling up. Or – what she was really hoping for – she could level up to Sovereignty (Level 3) and be on a Senior team.

If they kept her for a fourth season on Allegiance she was seriously considering declining and ‘retiring’ from Cheer. The other two options on the table were definitely what she was hoping for, and what she really wanted was to be on Sovereignty and with more girls her age and older. But the other piece to that puzzle was that the two girls Emelia became closest with – Ashlyn and Emma – were aging out of Allegiance, and their only option realistically would be Sovereignty too. So there was a good chance, if all things worked out the way they all wanted, they would be reunited on the same team again! So, with the assessments long out of the way, it was just a waiting game to see what Friday brought us. Uncharacteristically, Thursday after Danielle was done work we had the email a day early. And while I know if you’ve gotten this far, you have already read Emelia’s part above, so you know, but suffice it to say we had a girl who found out at her softball practice  and she was over the moon happy. And her entire softball team cheered for her when she got the news!

And the best part is there is six other girls from her team this year that moved up with her. And, of course in that group was Ashlyn and Emma.

And now about Danielle and Mother’s Day… A story that I will never tire of telling about the moment Danielle became a mother: She thought for sure Emelia was going to be a boy—even though she desperately wanted a girl. But like she always does, she tried to prepare for the alternate outcome just in case. And let’s be honest, she would loved whatever showed up, with every fibre of her being. But, I was insistent it was going to be a girl. In fact I may have even guaranteed it. But, the truth is, I had no idea—I just hoped for what she wanted to be true, to come true. And, honestly being 1 of 4 boys, I wanted a girl too. I’ll never, ever, ever forget the look on her face when they announced it’s a girl. It is probably the best moment of my life. I remember how she looked when she realized. And I remember how she looked when she held Emelia the first time.

Danielle, you made us an amazing daughter who continually blows us away. But maybe what you (incorrectly) doubt at times, is Emelia got an even more amazing mother. Happy Mother’s Day, Danielle. Thank you for everything you have given the world—most especially, Emelia! ❤️

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