Camping & Rugby Oh My!

My rugby team won our first game of the season. I am really having a blast!

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Oddly enough, in all the things I shared last week I missed one other big thing that was on our radar. Thankfully Danielle was there to talk about it: Trailer Season is Back!! I mean with all that was going last week it makes sense that it completely missed my radar. It, also technically qualifies a this-week thing technically, as May 1st wasn’t until Monday which is the date we had set aside to go pick up the trailer from storage, and head up to Auburn and to get the trailer landed in our site. With it being a Monday, the plan only ever was to get the trailer situated, some light clean-up and readying done and then be back home in time for dinner with Emelia. And with a cool, wet forecast to the day, it was pretty easy to not want to do much more.

And, of course with us being right by the G2G Rail Trail, Danielle gave me the opportunity to get my daily ride in on my favourite place to ride—the first of the season. The only down side was, it wasn’t on my bike as one of the casualties of the Paris 2 Ancaster bike race from last week was the front disc brakes which needed a replacement and that part would take a couple of days to come in. So, on Danielle’s old mountain bike I slogged, happily down to Blyth on the trail and back, happy to have my favourite option to me, once again 6 minutes by bike from our trailer. Sure the bike was a lot slower and heavier than I was used to and sure the heavy cross winds weren’t doing me any favours, but I could not be any happier!

We got the trailer all situated, and did a little site maintenance and then before we knew it, it was time to pack up the truck and head back to London to see how Emelia was holding up. After battling a sore throat, runny nose and exhaustion for a few days, we finally convinced Emelia that she should stay home from school and get some much-needed rest as she was sick (bit not, Covid sick). We home by early afternoon, happy knowing that the trailer was now landed and camping season, now officially on again. And, Emelia was doing marginally better. Now, the only thing left to do was to plan every single opportunity we have to fly the coup and spend time at the trailer.

With me having Saturday off and being done at 7pm on Friday this weekend, we decided to make our first overnight trip at Auburn. The only wrinkle was Emelia had to work Saturday. We already knew that Emelia was not wanting to come to the trailer every single trip this summer, so with her schedule we used this as the first time to test how she would make out staying home on her own and how she would manage getting herself to work. It was weird for sure, but I will admit that is more about me accepting that she is growing up and technically on the verge of being an adult. But, by all counts the test was a roaring success—she was fine, she got herself to work and there were no issues. And for her parents they got over the weirdness and managed to enjoy the night at the trailer. And her parents also got our for another ride on the G2G—one of them back on his beloved GT Gravel Bike!

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Another full week for our family. As always it seems our updates with Emelia are tied to sports. As we have chatted about over the last few weeks Emelia has taken on a new sport in rugby. Starting this season she knew absolutely nothing about the sport. But as always with Emelia she is laser focused to prove herself. And man has she. She is a starter in her first year and is in a strong role in the front line. She is really taking a strong role in her team and is just loving being at practice and the games. She is meeting new people and getting closer to girls she is already friends with. Funny enough the strongest players they have on the team this year are all competitive cheerleaders, their strength, flexibility and fearless nature has really transferred to rugby.

The big highlight for Emelia’s team this week however was not just gelling as a team but that they were able to pull out their first win. The first game was really close and they held the second game with the top team to a respectable score. But they finally had their first win and by a large margin! This is all great news going into this week. They have a game tomorrow and a big city wide tournament on Tuesday. Emelia cannot wait.

Next week we move into Emelia sport #3! Softball practices start tomorrow and Thursday with their first game the following week. Emelia is happy to know that a bunch of her teammates from last season are back on her team again and she cannot wait to get back out there. Needless to say she is keeping us on our toes! Our big concern for Emelia taking on so much is that it would be too much, she is soon to be in three sports, working, has a very active social life plus school. Well somehow she is balancing it all. She spent all day today with her big group of friends, worked yesterday and brought home her mid-term report card this week and she is still keeping a straight A average in all classes. Man we are proud of this kid!

With sports in full swing John and I were very excited to get things back for our summer home. On Monday we were able to take the day off work together and unload the trailer at our seasonal site. In a matter of hours we were landed and fully set up inside. It felt amazing to be back to our happy place! This weekend John and I headed up Friday once he was done work and spent the night and next day back up getting things fixed up, set up and even squeezed in a 25 km bike ride on the G2G! It was a perfect end to a very busy week.

This coming week will prove to be another busy one, with one rugby game, a rugby tournament, two softball practices and hopefully her cheer team placements it will be a week that will keep us on our toes.

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