Changing seasons, changing routines…

My coaches are making changes in the routine. They are looking great! I cannot wait until Nationals.

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With the results of Ontario’s out of the way, Emelia’s cheer squad got right down to business making even more adjustments to their routine at Tuesday night, which Danielle and could go watch and tell me about. It seems they want to do better than they have this season and have results closer to what they are capable of, rather than the disappointment that has been the theme this far. The last competition of the season is the Canadian Nationals in April in Niagara Falls and there is nothing we’d love more than to see them go out on a high note and end the year with a medal at Nationals. They’re in tough because there a couple of their competing gyms that have had such strong and flawless years. But, we also know they bring the most difficulty in their routine and when they hit, and hit zero, their team is a force to be reckoned with.

Last week was solely focused on sharing about Emelia’s Cheer Comp and I know y’all were chomping at the bit to hear about how biking is going and here I went and skipped telling you about it. The unseasonably warm weather continued into last week such that I was able to get in even more rides. And yes, as a matter of fact, I did pack my bike and get in a ride down in Waterloo last weekend while we were there for Ontario’s. So far in February I have gotten out for 13 rides which not only blows up the 0 I got out for last year in February, it also beats the 11 that I did in the month of January too! When I started this year the only goal was to get in 1 ride in the month which can be challenging because of short it is and how often it’s laden with the last miserable grasps of winter. So to have 13 under my belt, February out of the way on my yearly goal, and the slim possibility to get in maybe one more ride in on the last day of the month (Tuesday — forecasted 3ºC), I am beyond delighted with how the cycling year is going.

And all this talk about ending February reminds me that we’re getting closer and closer to the start of the camping season. As of Wednesday, we’re under 2 months to go before we drop the trailer back off at Auburn and focus hard on getting away to the trailer every chance we get. It’s crazy to think that we are that close given the ice and snow storm we had the latter half of this past week, but the reality is setting in as we see that the sun is setting on the other side of 6pm now as opposed to before 5pm like we’ve seen for the last couple of months. Add that in 2 week’s time we move the clocks and will have an hour’s later sunset, it’s all things progressing in the right direction. Before we know it, we’ll be back to regular rides in the G2G Trail and sitting by the camp fires at night!

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This week’s focus for Emelia and the Allegiance Cheer Team has solidly been on the performance and the changes to the routine. Once we had our parent feedback chat session after the last competition, the coaches said that much of the routine would not be changing but that some would. They didn’t waste any time and got right at making tweaks based on the judges feedback.

The biggest change is the opening. They have altered the stunt groups and reformatted the opening. I have only been able to see it in a mock up speed but the changes look great and I am sure are going to wow the judges and max out our marks. The opening is creative and the height the tosses are getting is amazing! We are hoping that all these tweaks and working on fine tooth timing will up their scores again and put them in contention for the final competition of the year. I am proud how the girls are working together and how hard they work as athletes. We cannot wait to see them hit the floor in less than 2 months at Nationals.

The other big event of this week was the weather. As the week progressed there was more and more talk about a potential ice storm hitting the province. We prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. Now we did get a fair bit of ice and crap weather enough to close schools and even close the University on Thursday morning. But otherwise at least for our area we didn’t get slammed as bad as they expected. I am not going to lie we are at that point in the winter that we are done, we want warmer weather and we are counting down to camping season.

This camping season will be a different one for us this year. Emelia is 16, she has a job and a bigger social life. She won’t be at the trailer as much this summer which we are sad about but know she is finding her own life and for that we could not be happier. We are already planning trips up with some friends so hopefully in that she wants to hang out with her parents a bit.

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