Happy Halloween!

The countdown is on for my first cheer competition of the season—3 weeks to go! I cannot wait!

He said

With trips to the trailer out of the mix, this week was much more low key. Sure we started the week with Halloween, but for the most part that was the most eventful part of the week. And with Emelia getting to the age where less and less of her friends are interested in Trick-Or-Treating, and even she isn’t so sure she wants to, it meant the night was spent low-key at home. Well… I had to work the close, but by the time I got home, really all that was left was to check over the leftover candy to see what I could nibble on.

Tuesday was a day off work for me which ended up being quite a busy day for me. Of course bike ride was part of the equation, and on my days off I like to get in longer rides, weather permitting which it was. So, after I got in the run to Byron & back, I had my haircut scheduled. Then it was to work as we had our yearly winter flu vaccine clinic. Then, from there it was off to the Pioneer Village to pick up Dad’s axes that he had left there, that he was gifting to us and the trailer. After that it was off to pick up Emelia from school and then it was off to Costco to help Danielle by getting some of our weekly supplies. After that, it was off to Mom & Dad’s to pick up some returns they needed dropped off at Purolator and UPS. Before I knew it, it was 6pm and Danielle and I were trying to figure out dinner which she was taking Emelia to Cheer.

This week, with the weather being more up in the air, the rides now tend to be a in the moment decision as to whether they will be inside or outside. Thankfully, this week was unseasonably warm so I enjoyed more outside rides then inside. However, two years less a day from my last wet leaf pile induced wipeout, I experienced the exact same outcome on Thursday morning. Ended up hitting a wet patch of leaves on the TVP, and before I could correct, found myself sideways sliding on the tarmac. Thankfully the bike was undamaged aside from scratches on my pedal—my legs really bore the brunt of the wipeout. And the very next day I was able to get right back at it.

The only other real event this week in a relatively uneventful week was another Saturday off. We spent it sleeping in. Of course I got the longer bike ride in again, and without a spill! But after that we decided that with the day off, we’d spend a little time hunting at Plato’s Closet for some second hand finds which Emelia & I made out okay with. After we picked up the truck from getting serviced and then we picked some supplied Mom & Dad needed and dropped them off and had a visit. We ended the night with pizza at home and watching the Leafs game. While it was a busy Saturday, it was perfect as far as I am concerned.

The last, last thing to talk about this week is that my 15th #Movember campaign began this week. With any luck and your support, I just might crossover $10,000 raised in my time participating in it. If you want to contribute to my campaign this year, please click here!

And thanks for all of those have helped all, along the way! It means a lot!

She said

This week was a bit more low key for us compared to our normal weeks, other that Tuesday which was go-go-go all day into the night. We started the week out with Halloween, Emelia had hoped that some of her friends would want to do a horror movie night but they have all hit the age that they are content vegging out at home and just handing out candy. So our days of trick or treating have sadly come to an end.

Tuesday for us was a very busy day, John was going all day from start to finish and I was going from the second I got home after a long day at work until after we got home from cheer practice. The day was productive but busy for sure.

The rest of the week was getting things adjusted and settled in for another round of home/remote learning. The schools were set to close on Friday until a date unknown due to a labour strike by the CUPE members for the school board. We are 100% behind the staff that are striking. The people on strike right now are the lowest paid employees in the school board and are essential to the schools running. Those on strike right now are the Educational Assistants, ECEs, administrative staff and custodial staff. The schools do not run without these essential staff. The provincial government have handed this entire situation with no ethics and they are loosing support from the public at a rapid rate. What we are hoping for everyone involved that this strike is short lived so the staff can get the contract they need and the kids can get back to school.

Today we got everything in order to ensure Emelia has what she needs to succeed over the next few weeks. She is staying connected with her friends and classmates while they all navigate the next few days/weeks while they learn from home.

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