Going opposite directions…

I got to have Grace with me at the trailer – we had a lot of fun!

He said

A lot of our last week was all about going opposite directions… When Danielle & Emelia were at the trailer, I was at home. And, then when I was at the trailer, Danielle & Emelia were at home. Then, I came home midweek and we were actually all in the same place for a couple of days. But, when the weekend rolled around and I had to work it, you guessed it, Danielle & Emelia made a beeline for the trailer and we were in opposite spaces again. And as the trend continues this week, I have a couple of days off mid week, so you can guess where I will be! The good news is, this weekend, we will all be there together again for Saturday night and Sunday!

With all the quiet time at the trailer and the great summer-like weather we’re already having, I have been getting an assload of rides in on my new bike! I have been able to christen it on the G2G Rail Trail as I mentioned last week, but I have also gotten in some stunning sunrise rides here at home on the TVP, too. In fact, I have in the short time since getting it have already put  350 kms on  the bike! And I can say, I absolutely love it! It is so light and I am riding so much faster on it, but it is also so much better from a geometry standpoint for my body. I know it was cheap, and Danielle didn’t enjoy that it was the third bike in three years, but I honestly feel like this GT will give me the same sort of the longevity that my last one did (25 years) or even longer because I pray this one does not get stolen.

And in keeping with the the theme of going opposite ways, I worked again all weekend, so I was here at home and Danielle & Emelia were off to the trailer for the weekend. My shifts were a couple of opens so with the warmer, beautiful weather I got in a couple of absolutely stunning sunrise rides both days starting just ahead of 6:00am on the TVP. It felt so good to see and get some sun to start my day, along with the fresh air and exercise-brewed endorphins to kick off my days. Made up for being in the opposite place from the two that matter most to me! Both evenings with the weather so perfect I was able to BBQ my dinners, and watch a little of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The other big news was that this week, Emelia got to have her first softball game in her latest athletic endeavour. While I had to close that night, Danielle was able to be at the game and sent along pictures and a recap of how it went. Word is she was laughing and having all sorts of fun with her besties, the twins. And, she actually got on base! Though when I asked her about it when I got home from work, the report was it wasn’t because she didn’t hit the ball, the ball hit her… in the foot. But, the most important thing is she is having a blast and with her friends, and that is all we could ask. What more could we want for her?

She said

As I feel I say every week, what a busy week. Now I feel that the next few months will be like this for all the right reasons. Emelia has taken on another sport and is loving it. Is she a natural? Nope. Is she having a blast? Yes! She went to the first game a bit nervous but so excited. She is playing not only with her life-long best friends she is also has a few girls from school and girls she has met through Anna and Grace and their hockey team. For the entire game she as smiling, chatting away with her teammates and taking it all in. Normally, when Emelia is new at something and feeling like she might embarrass herself her anxiety can kick in. This time she was laughing and smiling as she jestured to me that she had no clue what was going on. She even laughing at one point when they tried her at second base that they were crazy for putting her there because she had no idea what to do.

In the end she did get on base (after getting hit with the ball so it was an automatic walk) and got in for one run. The team lost but it didn’t matter to the girls, they had a great time.

The rest of the week was just getting our normal life in order. John was up at the trailer so Emelia and I took care of things around here. By the end of the week we were packing up and heading up to the trailer to not only meet up with Steph, Justin and Olivia our other friends Holly, Ted and their kids were up for part of the weekend. Once we arrived Emelia found out that the other kids were heading home on Saturday so I offered to have her friends Anna and Grace up for Saturday and Sunday so she could have someone to hang out other than us ‘boring’ grown-ups.

Saturday morning Emelia and I headed back to London to grab Grace (Anna wasn’t available) and brought the girls back to the trailer. The girls had an absolute blast. They were able to do some kayaking in our new to us inflatable kayak (thank you again Chris and Crista), the went for bike rides, ‘fished’ in the river, hiked in the forest, played at the park, went to the bouncy pillow and basically had an amazing time. They giggled until late and I am sure made some amazing memories. Emelia was so happy having Grace up, we have already invited some other friends of Emelia’s and some mutual friends of Olivia and Emelia for some sleepovers. It is starting off to be a great summer!

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