New year, new you… Same ole COVID.

It was hard to not see friends and family again this New Years. Really hoping next year we can celebrate!

He said

While Christmas blew by in a flash, the four straight days I had off with Danielle & Emelia was much more chill. We spent a lot of time trying to work our way through Modern Family on Netflix before it disappeared at the end of the month. We got in lots of visits with Mom & Dad and we entertained plenty of sleep-ins on those days. It was the perfect mix of all that we needed to end what was an otherwise quite busy holiday season. Danielle & Emelia continued with the week off while I was back to work from Wednesday to Friday where we landed at the end of the year.

As the week wore on and the infection rate of the new Omicron variant of COVID rising, the news of more restrictions and delays in school openings kept coming out. As it stands right now Emelia won’t be going back to school until Wednesday at the earliest. University is delayed a week and further restrictions keep coming for Cheer. In fact we’re all doubtful that Emelia’s Cheer competition will even happen at the end of the month. They did practice today but in a very restricted and low momentum way. These next few weeks will be interesting to say the least, and I would be surprised if a lot of it starts to feel like March two years ago, unfortunately. Only time will tell I guess?

My goal of keeping the outdoor bike rides going for as long as possible just keeps getting dealt add-ons like you wouldn’t believe. Where last week I was super excited to have gotten in one ride on Christmas Day, and then a half ride on Boxing Day. After I fixed my flat tire I was back out for another full-run ride—albeit a snowy one where on several of the snow-covered sections I second guessed my judgment on Tuesday the 28th. But, then on New Year’s Day I was able to get in a balmy bike rip in 6ºC weather that was an absolute delight. And something I never thought I’d say: I got in a bike ride in January. And thus, the goal for this year’s biking is to get in at least one outdoor ride in every single month.

In true Southwestern Ontario weather while I was able to get in a bike ride yesterday morning, by dinner time we were getting blasted with a winter storm. By, the time I got up this morning for work it was clear the bike rides would be inside for the next little while and that I would be clearing about 4 inches of snow off the truck before I went in to work. The next couple of months will be hard as we get hunkered down in cold and snow, but we can start the countdown now for the return of trailer and outdoor biking season. And hopefully even get in at least one ride in February and March—the two most challenging months to do so!

She said

This year was one of extreme challenges and triumphs. It was a very challenging year for Emelia but at the same time she has overcome so much and come out the other side stronger and more resilient. We could not be more proud of her. She is excelling at school not only academically but socially. She is pushing herself far out of her comfort zone. This is a huge deal considering where she was in the spring and summer. Way to go baby girl!

This year was for big changes for me, after 15 months at my current company I took a huge leap of faith and made a big career change at almost 50 years old. I start this week at Western University in a whole different field and I am nervous and excited.

As the year wound up the pandemic was another dumpster fire. The numbers were and continue to be out of control. With the numbers we opted for a very quiet New Years with just the three of us. With this insanely contagious variant we didn’t feel it was responsible to expand our bubble beyond us. We have tightened up our contacts as much as possible, Emelia as been able to see the twins only on a limited capacity and John and I have stuck to just errands and work to limit out contact as much as possible. We know our bubble will burst very soon with school returning sadly. We know that we all need to figure a way to balance this virus and our physical and mental health.

We keep holding on to hope that this is the last biggest wave but what this pandemic has taught us is that nothing is certain. We have done as best we can our part but not going to lie its getting very old. Emelia keeps seeing social media posts of her friends being around other people and for a teenage girl it is hard. She has been amazing through the whole holiday but it hasn’t been easy. Her birthday is coming up and we hope that even if we have to delay celebrating with her friends for a bit we can make her 15th birthday one to remember, whenever we can.

All in all we are going into the new year with some hope that we can see the light at the end of this very long tunnel we just have to make it through this latest storm.

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