🦃 Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

I fun this weekend with everyone at the trailer!

He said

Well as much as I hate to type it, the camping season is to a close. Thanksgiving weekend is always the punctuation point that makes it more real. Now, mind Auburn did give us another weekend of camping if we wanted to use it, but we’ve decided that next weekend we will button up camp and bring Wolfie III home to be stowed away for the winter. It just makes sense and as much as we don’t want the camp season to be done, it makes us appreciate it all the more when it returns in the spring.

I had to work Friday and Sunday this holiday weekend, but we all had Monday off so the plan was jettison from London as soon as I was done work, to get up to the trailer and have a movie night. The forecast for Friday through the night and most of Saturday was rain, but we weren’t going to let that deter us from squeezing in as many hours as we could. And surprisingly the rain cleared out after 10:00am and gave us almost until 4:00pm before it started back up again. It afforded me the ability to do a bike ride on the G2G and Danielle & Emelia to go for an extended walk. We spent a bit of the afternoon sorting through the trailer to get ready for packing before we headed back to London for the night (and when the rain returned).

Yesterday through the day Danielle & Emelia and the Sherwoods made their way up to the trailer. The plan was to spend the day preparing a Thanksgiving meal in the afternoon so that as soon as I was done work I could meet them there to have dinner together. In the afternoon, I was treated to photos in our group text thread of the chickens being roasted on the charcoal grill. I was definitely ready to get butt up there come 5:30pm. By 7:00pm we were sitting down in the Sherwood’s trailer having our meal while I regaled them stories of my Teeter Boy youth to Emelia’s request. We had an amazing meal and then moved to the fire pit to enjoy the company and some libations.

Today after I got another rip in on the G2G trail, we spent a good portion of the day starting the buttoning up of the trailer to get it ready for next weekend and brung it back to London. It was nice to get the stuff done that we did. It means our trip up there next weekend won’t be all business. We will have time to enjoy that very last moments of this camping season. It was so great to be up there this weekend and be able to squeeze in as much time at the trailer around my work schedule as we did!

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This is always a celebration of thanks and at the same time a sad weekend for us. We are thankful for so much this year, especially after the year or so we have had. We are grateful for Emelia’s happiness and health. Grateful how she is settling in to high school and finding new friendships. We are grateful for our own health and good fortune. We are grateful for our families and grateful for our friends. This weekend although choppy for our schedule we got to spend as much time as we could at our happy place.

The trailer again this summer gave us an escape from our daily stresses it was also the place that gave us connection with our family and friends. With a growing teenager we are beyond grateful for every summer we get to spend as a family. This summer was a hard one for Emelia but we are happy that she is coming out at the end of this season with a strong sense of self, new confidence and happiness.

This week at work was another very stressful one so I was more than ready to head up to the trailer for one last campfire with the Sherwoods and our family. Emelia, John and I had Friday night and Saturday for just us which was amazing. We picked away at more of the end of season pack up and prep before heading home Saturday late afternoon to be home for the night.

John had to head to work Sunday morning and Emelia and I were back up at camp by noon. The day started out rainy but the girls hung out and the grownups caught up and slowly prepped for our Thanksgiving dinner. By the time we were cooking supper the weather had cleared up and we had an amazing night that ended – as they always do at the trailer – with laughs by the fire.

Supper was amazing and the company was even better.

Today we packed up even more and are close to be ready to pack the trailer up for the season. It is always a sad day to pack up for the year but we had another great year and cannot wait until next season. The countdown is already on to May 2022!

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